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  1. I'm in the mood to not be doing what I should be doing. So if you want a free drawing of a character, now's your chance.

    All I ask is please leave a description of your character - may or may not include images, even if it's just (THIS is the chin!) ha. Description should be physical including facial expression and action if you want.

    The finished product will probably be graphite and style... you'll find out when you see it. Although, I should say the title is misleading, I don't really have a doodly style.
  2. Did you draw your avatar? *ogles*

    Either way, free art is always awesome! Do you have a particular form you'd like me to fill out, or should I just make something up?
  3. Yes, I did :)
    No, no form, just written appearance including mannerisms if you'd like, and references, if any.
  4. Ah. So hard to only pick a single character I want to see visualized. X.x Oh, well! I managed it eventually. :D I hope this is good and provides enough information! Let me know if you would like me to add anything, and don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any.

    Name: Kerian

    appears 29

    Kerian is a highly complex character, consider he is actually much older than he looks. I have a long list of adjectives to describe his personality, plus plenty of background information, but I'll try to stick to the stuff that is strictly relevant for a picture. Kerian is generally calm and somewhat contemplative. He generally sports a half or full smile, unless he's feeling particularly intense. His face seems naturally open and honest, as it is not in his nature to be deceptive. He's, at heart, an artist. In this particular portrait I would like him to be relaxed, comfortable, casual, and maybe a touch amused.

    Physique: Kerian is a fairly neutrally Caucasian man, in terms of ethnicity. He is light blonde haired and pale skinned, with nothing that particularly stands out. He is handsome more because his face works well with itself than because he is particularly stunning. His hair is slightly wavy, just enough to add a trace of interest to mostly straight locks, and not enough that most people would actually describe it as "wavy". It rests comfortably close to his head, and is just long enough to brush or barely cover the tops of his ears. His eyes are a light bluish grey with a dark ring around the edges.

    Slightly more technical description. Kerian's face shape would likely be described as either an inverted triangle or a diamond, as he has a slightly longer chin with a narrower jaw, and a slightly broader forehead. All the same, his chin and jaw are still somewhat rounded, not just straight lines. His lips would be slightly wider, with the lower lip thinner than the upper lip, and a fairly well shaped cupid's-bow, for a man. His eyes are deepset, rounded, and slightly upturned, with the outer corner just a bit higher than the inside corner. His brows are fairly high over his eyes, and curved. His nose is fairly Greek, with a high, narrow bridge and a straight line to the tip of his nose. His body shape is lean and strong, but probably wouldn't be described as athletic, as he doesn't really have the muscle tone. His shoulders are not particularly broad, but are not notably narrow either. For his height, which is just shy of 6', his legs are fairly long.

    Reference Photos (open)
    None of these are obligatory to reference, and please use your own discretion as an artist to make decisions. This is simply to save you the work of having to look some up yourself if you want/need them.

    Face #1 and Face #2 His face length would be somewhere in between these two.


    Eye shape and color


    Body type

    Hair style and color

    If you would like more or other reference images, don't hesitate to let me know and I'll go hunting.

    Clothing: Kerian would be wearing a plain, clean grey t-shirt with a lower curved neck, and dark grey or black slacks with no belt. His shoes wouldn't have laces, and he wouldn't wear any accessories.

    I don't know whether you are doing a full body, or just a face. I'm happy with anything you give me. Just in case you want to do the whole body, here's this. Kerian would be in a very casual, relaxed position, but one that also looks confident and comfortable. Likely he would be leaning or lounging against a nearby surface. Laying down, sitting, and standing. He would probably look unconsciously somewhat sexy, but not purposefully alluring.
  5. I'll get right on it!
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  6. @Peregrine

    So, I believe I'm finished, let me know if anything is off. I did one set and then wasn't very satisfied so I started over. Nonetheless, I've uploaded both attempts.

    fullcolor.jpg headshot bw.jpg headshot color.jpg kerian2.jpg
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  7. Ohmygoodness! *crumbles with joy* Those are gorgeous! I can't even tell which one you weren't satisfied with. :D

    I am perfectly content to simply run away with these, but if you have the free time and motivation I'd love to see the one of him sitting with him looking straight ahead, instead of in 3/4 profile. If that isn't an easy redraw, however, don't worry about it! I'm more than happy with what I've just been given. :heart:
  8. I'm happy to try it again and I'm glad you like them.
  9. I don't like them, I love them. :P
  10. Wow??? I'm so jumping on this bandwagon if you'll have me. Let me know if you need any finer details!

    Name: Silex Amoro

    Age: 38

    Gender: Male

    Description: Silex's overall appearance intimidates many people on first impression. He is pale-skinned, impressively tall, and underweight, making his face look particularly gaunt with its sunken cheeks and long, pointed chin. He hasn't aged well either and premature wrinkles line his cold, black eyes. His hair calls plenty of attention to him: it's perfectly straight and reaches a couple inches past his shoulders. It tends to look slightly greasy and thin, but the bold white skunk stripe running down the side (on his right) sticks out like a sore thumb against the otherwise inky black color no matter what he does. He tries to keep it tucked behind his ears and hates it getting in his face. His hands are just as bony and thin as the rest of him, but should never be mistaken for frail; he always moves with deadly precision, not a tremble in sight.

    Personality: Silex is cool-headed, pragmatic, and fiercely defensive of his ideals. He approaches everything scientifically, especially magic, eliminating all possibilities until the clearest answer remains. His motto: "For the pursuit of knowledge." Everything has specific, constant laws governing it, and he aims to find them. Fairness has the highest priority in everything he does: everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and maintaining a polite, calm demeanor at all times is vital. He is not without his weaknesses, however. If Silex discovers that he is being manipulated, he will not take it well. And don't even think about touching his sister.

    Clothing: He always dresses formally. He favors a dark blue suit (something like this) even when working at home.

    Pose/Expression: Something like this? Sitting at a desk, staring down intensely at some notes he's writing in a poorly-lit room with dark, wooden decor. If that's a bit much I'd also be very happy with a standard arms-behind-his-back pose like this.
  11. @Moogle-Girl I'd be happy to draw him. (:
    @Arcadia I think I can take a shot at it, sure.

    That being said, I'm heading into a busy week at this point so the drawings may take more time, but I will get to them, rest assured.
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  12. No worries! Take all the time you need.
  13. Name: Yl'eseth Va'kyria
    Age: 24 in human years.
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Yl'eseth is an Elenhin, an elf from a realm known as the Estridell Nexus, meaning she has gray- blue painted with tribal tattoos to symbolise her name at birth, meaning valiant daughter. Physically, Yl'eseth is lithe, tall and quite endowed, she is a representation of proud Elehin'nin women who focus on battle and adventure rather than homely duty. In regards to her face, she has a flat nose with pink flesh around the nostrils, contrary to her entirely gray-blue frame. Her eyes are a jade green with sparks of blue. Lastly her hair is mid-back length Raven black hair which is either left alone or turned into tribal dreadlocks.

    Pose: Yl'eseth would be posed like she is either about to attack or thinking about something.





    @Jess Incognito
  14. Draw my character Remy Nightfall, he's vampire, looks on his early 30s (late 20s maybe)
    He has long dark wavy hair (till past half his back)
    He has amberish eyes that look light brown when not shimmering or reflecting light
    he's face wouldn't be clean shaved, maybe a weeks stubble with a long goatee or goatee stash combo.
    his body frame would be sorta like the wrestler Roman Reigns, who may also be used for face reference, but try making him look less Samoan and more European Caucasian maybe?
    His skin is pale almost grey with only an hint of pinkish beige regular caucasian skin color
    He'd wear dark jeans with a simple dar leather belt and simple comfortable dark shoes
    For the top part he can be either be:
    long sleeve dark buttons shirt (top 3 or 4 buttons open)
    stylish dark leather long trench coat and topless bellow it
    simple plain black tshirt

    let me know if you're gonna draw him or if you don't have time by now.

  15. Wow. Your artwork is really beautiful. I would love for you to draw one of my characters, but judging by your quality of art, as well as how many people asked, I'm sure you're really busy. ^^; oh well. I always found these things to be interesting. Do you think I should do something like this? And if so, how do I make a thing about it?
  16. If you're still doing this, could you draw my OC Elvira?

    -Light brown hair
    -Caucasian but with a light tan
    -grey eyes
    -a heart tattoo on her left forearm with the word 'Zayn' in it
    - about 21 years old
    -petite height
  17. I got really slow there, but a woman of my word, so here are some more that I've finished. I will still take a look at the others who have posted on this thread as well.

    @Moogle-Girl Silex.jpg

    @Peregrine Kerian.jpg

    @Arcadia Yl'Eseth.jpg
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  18. Oh wow, that's fantastic! Thank you! :D
  19. Are you still doing these?
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