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  1. do you have any bands, artists, or whole genres that are a guilty pleasure for you? What are they and why are they private? Is it because it's not worth the flak you'd take? Is it obscure and you can't be bothered to explain it all the time? Does it have a bad rap that you don't feel like defending to everyone? I gots to know!

    Let's be loud and proud about our guilty music pleasures! Judgement free zone.

    I... I like Nickelback. Far Away hits me right in the feels, and Rockstar is just way too fun not too like, plus Chad Kroeger's voice, omg.

    I also like a couple of rap songs, which is a genre all my friends either hate on, or get super obnoxious about. I like Eminem's Mockingbird, Lose Yourself, and Shake That makes me giggle. I was also introduced to Mackelmore (probably misspelled) recently and I like his sound

    Oh, and Destiny's Child. Bootylicious is a fun song ok?
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  2. I normally listen to Classical, Instrumentals, or OSTs.

    So pretty much anything with lyrics has become a rarity for me.

    Stuff like Disco and some 50's-60's rock will always have a place in my heart.
  3. I usually stick to indie rock, Celtic Punk or DnB. Pretty much everyone knows I enjoy stuff like that. Dubstep might fit in there too.

    And then there's the classical music. Like Beethoven and Mozart and all that jazz. Whenever somebody figures out I listen to a lot of the oldies, they go comically wide-eyed and say something along the lines of "omg never thought you listened to that stuff". I live in the asscrack of nowhere, so around here it's basically just rap, country, rockabilly or something like that. Everyone is so judgemental and conforming to their rules is top priority, so classical music is like asking for a punch in the face.

    Oh, and shitty pop songs. Or just songs that fall in that category, like Scissor Sisters' I Don't Feel Like Dancin'. Loudly singing along to the songs on the radio is totally a guilty pleasure.
  4. I have an occasional thing for shitty pop songs from 2009 and 10. But I don't even like entire bands. I'll pick and choose like 2 songs I like and then forget the rest of the album, so...

    Guilty pleasure: Shrek soundtrack. I don't know why, but I love the songs in the first two Shrek soundtracks..
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  5. I am utterly embarrassed to admit mine, but only to people that know who they are and their normal fan base.
  6. @Minibit The fact you share the love of Nickelback makes me absolutely love you. That was literally my first thought when I read over this thread actually, since I really do like them but rarely share that information with people. They have good songs with great lyrics, and sometimes I can't understand why anyone dislikes them. Ah well, they all just have off taste it seems ;)

    Another confession of music is a love of sappy songs in general, be it romantic or sad, and that's being fueled like hell by my boyfriend's singing those songs. *_*
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  7. I also like Nickleback's first couple of albums. Their recent stuff makes me understand where the hate comes from though.

    My other massive guilty pleasure is Avril Lavigne's first couple of albums, before her music became vapid, shallow whoring to the pop charts. Let It Go is an amazing album, no matter what anyone says, even though I'm pretty sure a lot of the reason I love it is because of nostalgia.

    Also @ElBell, kudos for the Drop in the Ocean sig. Beautiful song.
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  8. @Minibit, @ElBell, @Halo, you guys are now officially my new favoite people. Nickelback is most certainly one of the best bands of all time, and it is AWESOME to finally meet a few fellow fans! Glad to know other people share my guilty pleasure! :D Oh, and Minibit, I've got to agree with you; 'Far Away' breaks my heart, but in the best way possible.
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  9. It's funny - there was a Cracked article in which the Nickelback phenomenon was mentioned a while back. The fact that literally everyone you speak to professes to hate them and yet they're so massively successful, I mean.

    Also @WildFire - certainly wouldn't say they're one of the best bands ever, but they did have some good stuff. All the Right Reasons and Silver Side Up were their golden albums.
  10. Yeah, I guess I'm a bit biased about them being one of the best, mainly because they were one of the first non-pop bands I listened to.
  11. I really like that one Nickelback song. You know the one.

    I don't have any guilty musical pleasures per say, but there are a few artists that I wouldn't immediately mention when asked, simply because they're obscure and I'd rather not talk about them at length.
  12. Eh, I have to make the qualification I always do for these types of conversations. I don't have guilty pleasures because I don't feel guilty for liking things. I do, however, have things that I like that I don't bring up very often because they're either never relevant or I don't care to deal with dumb people trying to mock me for enjoying something they don't like.

    That said, one of the things I don't bring up often is that I listen to a lot of anime soundtracks for anime I like, including the soundtracks for Monster, Kill la Kill, Gurren Lagann, Bakemonogatari, Death Note, and Code Geass. I also listen to a fair amount of Vocaloid music, and a variety of Japanese and Korean music like this, and this, and this.

    I also listen to Cradle of Filth. I have found that among metal fans mentioning this seems to be tantamount to being a pedophile in a prison, ie you gonna get fucked up by the other inmates. This song is my favorite of theirs.

    Oh, and there are some individual songs I like that I know are goofy bullshit, so I rarely ever mention liking them. Some would probably make people go "omfg ur music sux" whereas others would maybe just confused and/or amuse people. Here are some examples.
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  13. I don't feel guilty about it, but I hide it away just because I don't normally listen to it. It just feels out of place to listen to it out in the open and start singing to it. I hate the songs they make, but the songs are catchy. Therefore, my "guilty pleasures" are shitty pop artists, including Ariana Grande. I'm told Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 is a foul-mouthed rapper, but he's another one of my "guilty pleasures" so to speak.
  14. People often get confused when there's a song of the bebop genre on my phone.
    I tend to get "What year is this from?" quite a bit.
  15. I listen to anime ost's a lot. Some of the really weird ones like Azumanga Daioh (SP?) I tend not to listen around other people.
    However I do listen to pop music that everyone complains about like the new Taylor Swift songs and All About That Bass a little more than I'd like to admit. I find them really catchy and I do like them. I also tend to listen to the same songs five billion + times
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  16. I listen to Vocaloid and UTAU shit a lot. Like, a lot. I don't consider it a guilty pleasure because I really don't mind what others think about it (though I understand it) and I don't hide it or anything (I'm mumbling the lyrics to a song pretty much all the time.). But, since a lot of people hate it with a passion, I'll call it a vice I guess.
  17. I love... Taylor Swift... THERE I said it.
  18. I admit it all the time, but I'm a fan of Psyclon Nine, as much as their music is -even in my opinion- utterly horrendous. For some reason I just really like the tunes, and while I'm used to screaming in things like death metal and the like, Psyclon Nine still has its own magnitude of screaming... and it's bad.

    But once again, I just like it, somehow.

  19. Taylor Swift. Also Meghan Trainor and that one Jesse J song that came out recently. I'm sickened by the fact that I bop along to iggy azalea but I do.
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