Musical RP Inspiration - Part 1

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    Here's how the game works, kiddies. I post a song, which I'll randomly pick from any genre or artist. What you, the loyal roleplayer, will do is first create a main character, the one that you would play or that you feel would be the centerpiece of your roleplay (the badass). Second, create a plot (what is your badass going to do?). Third, create a basic background, a basic idea of what your world is like environmentally, politically, and chronologically (where/when/how does your badass live?). In other words, this is a challenge to not only test your creativity and response to stimuli, but also a tool to help form RP concepts. I encourage creativity with your posts (try to twist the music to make a unique plot), which can be of any genre or concept. Be descriptive . Oh, and no copying. I'll hunt you down and eat you alive. ;)


    Character Sheet
    • Name:
    • Race: (It can be human if you want it. Must have the standard, common name and the Latin name)
    • Gender:
    • Appearance: (Picture AND Description)
    • Personality:
    • Powers/Weapons/Skills: (Describe, don't list)
    • Biography: (This is your opportunity to be extensive)
    Plot Sheet
    • Plot: (Self-explanatory)
    Background Sheet
    • Environments: (Around your world, is it mountainous? Swampy? Forested? Detail. If it is just Earth, specify the location and local geography)
    • Major Powers: (In your world, what nations or groups hold the greatest power, if there are any nations to speak of?)
    • Relations: (How do individual cultures react with each other? If a world government, describe it and how it came to be)
    • Time: (When is this RP set?)
    • Personal Relations: (How does your character fit into their surroundings, what is their role?)

    So, without further ado, I present to you (drum roll please)....................


    I extend this challenge to every user on Iwaku (and an extra special invite to the admins. That means you Vay, Diana, and the ever-elusive Rory, who I believe to be now disguised as Blind Hemingway. Blowin' yo cover). A new thread will be posted at the beginning of October, since I don't have a full month right now.

    Link to October thread:
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  2. I love this idea!! Please give me a mo to answer to this one. :D:D:D:D
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  4. First time I've done this. Your thoughts?

    Character Sheet
    • Name: Randall Barksworth
    • Race: Human
    • Gender: Male
    • Appearance: (I don't have a picture....) He's not very pretty to look at. I know this should be an inspiration challenge, but the song just fit so well with a minor character I had written before... I wrote him as: "He had some sort of easy grace to even his still pose, but his lean, lanky form was the only thing that could be called mildly attractive about him. His hands were gnarled and chapped and had odd crisscross marks all over them. His face hadn’t any signs of acne, which was a miracle at his age, but that was made up for with a scar across his right eye, which was milky white, and others slicing up his face, disfiguring his nose and lips. On a more normal note, his ears appeared too large for his head, nose naturally crooked, with pale, bloodless lips and an unfashionably pointy chin. At the very least, his nails and the teeth he displayed when he opened his mouth in a yawn were apparently clean, same with his long, dirty blonde hair, pulled back in a small pony tail at the back of his head." Though it doesn't mention the fact that he's got a strong physique. His still good eye is very beautiful.
    His Left Eye's Color (open)

    • Personality: Despite his frightening appearance, he's a pretty laid-back guy. Well, actually, it might have to do with the fact that his appearance warns people off, and he doesn't need to bother being uptight. He's definitely not friendly, but he has a sharp, dangerous curiosity when it comes to people who seem either strong, interesting, or both. He'll grin at people who approach him, and make interesting conversation/banter, but there's always a note of tension beneath it.
    • Powers/Weapons/Skills: Physically extremely strong, has an incredibly fast reaction time. Adept at using knives and guns, though he doesn't keep any on hand and doesn't use them often.
    • Biography: Randall grew up with a drug-trafficking father, but a normal mother. Neither he nor his mother knew his father was involved with illegal trade until a dissatisfied business partner slammed into their living room when he was about six, at which point he already knew he was special athletically, and began destroying their property. This was when both his parents were shot. He was supposed to be at school at the time, but he had been sick and in the house. His mother had managed to stuff him under the bed before she got killed. After the men had left, Randall found himself trapped inside. He managed to break out through the window, but a large piece of glass sliced through his right eye in a stroke of simple bad luck, which was when he lost his right eye sight. He didn't go to the police. He ran. From then on, he lived on the streets, tracking down the people who had killed his parents. This got him into a lot of dangerous, bad situations, and coming near death became the norm for him. Finally, after a ten-year-obsession, he found them, but instead of killing them, he left them a note. The note simply read: "Tag, you're it." Then, he turned himself in to social services and went into foster care, which he never really cared for, and starting going to school just recently. He already knows how to read, write, and speak in a sophisticated manner because his old hideout was right next to a library and he pretended to just be a kid that loved to read so no one would get suspicious. His mathematical and scientific skills, however, are limited (to put it nicely). ((Wow. I didn't know any of this until I started writing it. New character development! Cool! :D))
    Plot Sheet
    • Plot: Randall transfers into a high school as a seventeen year old, meeting two girls whose parents are affiliated with an official mafia gone "aboveground" in its business, though not exactly in its enforcement methods. One of them in particular, Andromeda McAvoy, catches his eye. She doesn't like him at all. Not long after they begin this kind of relationship, she mysteriously disappears, possibly with the help of the mafia. Now, he's looking for her obsessively, forgetting the unfinished business of his parents' killers, who are now panickedly looking for him. What will happen if they run up against Drew's mafia?
    Background Sheet
    • Environments: Very urban setting, with dark, dirty alleyways, and tall, shiny buildings. Lots of concrete and stone and wood. Based off of an earthly, American city, but unspecified.
    • Major Powers: Same as the real world, I guess. It doesn't come up much, since it's not very important at that level.
    • Relations: Much like modern America, there is a lot of subtle racism and sexism, but it has dwindled considerably since older times. Neither theme is much explored in the story.
    • Time: Near future like the 2050's, or something. Not long enough to have a significant difference in technology, but some elements suggesting there have been advances that haven't been made yet.
    • Personal Relations: To put it simply, he's a vagabond. An unwanted child, a rascal, a dangerous kid, a lone wolf, and yet also an influential person in the underground.
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  7. Character Sheet
    • Name: Isaline Badou
    • Race: Forest nymph,
    • Gender: Female
    • Appearance:
    Isaline is rather tall for her specie, standing at 1,74 m when in human form. Her hair is orange like the sunset, going well along with her skin that is almost white. As a forest nymph she's one with nature, her clothes being made out of leaves and vines, little leaves collected and put to her skin, vines moving around her body, almost like a human would carry a belt. Her has circles and symbols painted in gold, much like the human tattoos. ​
    Her nose is a sharp and small one, ending almost without a notice, nothing but a small point showing the end of it. ​
    With crushed strawberries creating the red of her lips, she'd smell and taste like them, yet they carry a poison no one would notice until it was too late. ​
    She's a blue eyed woman with curves moving in at her waist, her chest larger than expected, and long slender legs. ​
    • Personality: Isaline is what one could call a predator. A gorgeus, charming predator that is.
      She's rarely visible angry, always with a smile, a laughter and a gentle touch. What no one could guess though was how much of her entire being is made out of hate and anger. She'll often be seen with a new person by her side, the young female whispering kind and sweet words until they'd fallen under her spell. She's protective and loyal, jealous and possessive. Anyone who would dare to touch what is hers, could often end up with a quick death.
    • Powers/Weapons/Skills:
      *Isaline is a natural killer. She's skilled in ways to use the human body to kill itself, such as how to hit the spinal cord to snap nerves, how to push the nose up to hit the brain.
      *Isaline is intelligent in regards to poisons and poisenous plants.
    • Biography: Isaline was very much raised like a killer. Her parents taught her how to hunt, how to use the nature to her own advantage. She was already as a child thrown out into the forest at night to defend herself against the monsters that lurked in the darkness. A childhood was never given her, much like those in the city. Her parents thought that to raise their daughter to fight would make them rich, to push them up towards the higher classes in the nymph society. What they did not realise was that as the child was pushed to kill, to fight, to learn new ways to murder, her hate for them would increase.
      They had never expected that on her 12th birthday she would run away, live in the forest only without her family. No one had expected her to return on her 18th birthday, looking like another. That was something no one had expected.
      As a result of the neglect she recieved as a young female, her parents were murdered by her hands, handed to the royal family of the nymphs. "I want the humans dead. They are killing our forests" She had told them, after seeing how the flowers would not bloom like they used to, how the fruits had no taste, how the waters were turning dark.The nymphs agreed with her, and then, she was sent out to the humans.
    Plot Sheet
    • Plot:
    The humans are killing nature. They are deluting the waters, killing the trees, making the earth poisenous. They need to be stopped, and it's up to the forest nymphs to stop them.
    How they are going to stop them, is left to Isaline Badou. A Forest nymph. She's sent to infiltrate the human enviroment, to kill her way up to the leaders to have them stop with the killings of the earth, but how will she do that? Will she kill everyone she meets, or will something or someone stop her? Will the waternymphs mix in with their raging temper go to war against the humans, or will they team with the forest? Only time will show, time that no one has to spare. ​
    Background Sheet
    • Environments: The forest the nymphs are living in is west for the main city of London, with smoke starting to kill the trees.
    • Major Powers: As expected, the humans in the country has the power. The nymphs have all stayed to their own respective areas, but they are now teaming up, challenging the british goverment.
    • Relations:
      Humans-Nymphs: This relation is rather awkward for both, as the humans want the nymps to work for them, to help them manipulate the elements to help them in their work, while the nymphs want the humans to stop destroying the nature.
      Nymph-Nymph: This relationship is better, yet the different types of nymphs have been in war earlier and can be noticed in the older generations that refuse to communicate with one another.
    • Time: The first part of the indiustrial revolution in England.
    • Personal Relations: Isaline is a warrior from the forest nymphs strenghts, though she differs from the general warrior. Many of the nymphs from other groups are scared of her, but the olders in her group respects her.
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  9. Liking how people are using the song. Nice!
  10. Well, that's what we were meant to do ;) How we chose to do it though, is interesting with different results.
    I'm now just waiting for the next challenge :3
  11. Oh shit, that's right! October now, huh. Do you guys want to put up a vote on a winner here, or just keep it for funsies?
  12. I think it would be fun to just keep it for funsies.
    Especially as with songs everyone will read the song in different ways
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  13. It's in the Creative Challenges forum right now. It's pretty easy. I can copy/paste the stuff I had here and just add a new song. Five seconds if I'm not lazy. An hour or so if I see a squirrel.
  14. Haha, I'm looking forward to the new one! :D
  15. [​IMG] Character Sheet
    Name: Terra Rose
    Race: Shapeshifter, versipellis
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: pink hair with black dyed ends, covered in claw marks, usually wears a tank top ripped at the bottom so it's cropped, jean shorts, fishnet tights, and thigh-high leather boots
    Personality: acts tough but is actually really sensitive, flirty
    Powers/Weapons/Skills: Terra can shape shift into anything or anyone she wants. The only weapon she has is a dagger she keeps sheathed and in her. One of her special skills is that she can talk her way through anything
    Biography: Terra never used to be very popular or pretty or have such an attitude. She mainly kept to herself and was often picked on. One day, she decided to use her powers for herself and she turned into what she is now. She gained her confidence from people around her and doesn't fear being made fun of anymore. She now is working on being a rock legend and lives with her older brother/bodyguard. She performs in small places, like coffee shops and bars.

    Plot Sheet
    Plot: Terra is working on her rise to being a rock legend. However, while doing so, she's trying to keep her past behind her and make sure no one discovers she's not exactly who she says she is.
    Background Sheet
    Environments: Terra lives on earth in Los Angeles, California
    Major Powers: The main species is human with as few other creatures here and there.
    Relations: The way people react is the same way people today would.
    Time: The time period is in the future
    Personal Relations: Terra is just like any other person trying to make it in life, without giving away too much information about herself
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