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What are your musical roots? What bands did you as a person start thinking 'this shit is good?'

For me it was Linkin Park, before that I was forced upon by christian acts like P.O.D. and it paved my path on to some really dark/awesome shit like Cradle of Filth.
At the root of it all is my brother for me.

He showed me many things. So now I have an eclectic sense of love towards most genres of music.

My favorite when I was really little was this song:

I grew up with country and 80s music. To this day, I still like to listen to some of them cowboys! And of course, some of them 80s bands. I couldn't get into Guns N Roses and some others, but there are songs on my playlist to bring back childhood memories. Depeche Mode was my Dad's favourite [and still is I think] so I loved them, too. They're still pretty much my #1 band. x3

When I hooked up with Karl, he showed me the more modern bands. I got into lots of metal and rock groups. He wasn't the only one, though. Some of my rocker friends introduced me to their faovurite music as well. If it weren't for these people I knew, I'd probably still be stuck in what I was raised with. :|
When I was six, it was backstreet boys.......YOU KNOW, THE 90S? AGE OF EURO-TRASH...BUT NOT REALLY EURO-TRASH....

Then I found some cds at my cousin's and so then it was people like Wu-Tang, 2pac, Outkast, NWA and EEEEEEEEH DPG.

Then there was skating and more punkish stuff, like NOFX, Sum41, Bloodhound Gang and the revival of Bad Religion.

Then there was a period with trash metal, but EEEEEEEEEEEEEH.....

And now it's just whatever is "good music" to my ears, dun care bout genres anymore.

Guns and Roses, Def Leppard, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Europe... But I also really like Wham/George Michael, Madonna and later in the nineties New Kids on the Block and Paula Abdul. XD My music tastes were always a little eclectic, but most of my favs stuck to rock, alternative and pop.
I've always liked the fiddle, minstrel music, Slavic music. I am not so much a fan of bands since most of them are lazy pricks anyways.
started with country until i got my first CD at 13 then it was christian bands that were kinda on the heavy side, then 80's metal. all the while this was strictly controlled by my mother who still forced me to listen to country all the time.

got her back when i installed my cheap ass sound system in my room and got into slayer, slipknot, rammstien and the like.

now i have a nice collection of blues, gangster rap, techno/rave/electronica, classical, jazz and stephen lynch.

i still hate country and can sing almost every song out now word for word.
I didn't really get into music for a long time. Before my sophmore year in highschool I listened to a lot of classical. That and classic rock was the only music I enjoyed. When I was in Highschool, a friend introduced me to My chemical romance. My chemical romance was most of what I listened to for a couple of years, but I started to listen to more an more bands, and that same friend was constantly burning CDs for me to listen too. Now I am more inot stuff like Paramore, Linkin park, (the earlier stuff, the new stuff is crap) All American rejects, (same as above) and stuff like that.
I got my first Iron Maiden TAPE when I was 7, and the rest is history.

And Like Torsty, Also got into a lot of rap. My older brothers friend had some Too Short, RBL posse and NWA. I was a young kid and all the cussing was like so Badass to me then, lmao.
Yeah, Okami, and I gots more musics where that came from. As long as you supply the CDs. :| I'm shit broke.
Some dude left an Iron Maiden cd on my place, now I listen to songs about sacrificing bitches to satan and shit.
thanks oct, you have officially made me feel old by talking about cassette tapes and that age when cussing was cool

*goes and grabs cane and dentures*