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  1. Alright, I hear this on the radio all the time and w wanted to try it out myself. It's probably best to give an example...

    ME: I wear my sunglasses at night
    So I can, So I can
    Watch you weave then breathe your story...

    YOU: Lines, tell them read between it
    Tripping while I'm slipping, busy fighting off these demons
    Listen while I'm spitting boy, you probably won't believe it
    But life is so terrific, tell them pinch me if...

    ME: I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
    Just like the ones I used to know
    Where those tree-tops glisten
    And children listen
    To hear sleighbells in the...
  2. you rest
    White is cold and always yearning burdened by a royal test
    Black the beast descends from...
  3. ...shadows
    We are silent, we have nerve
    Like to think out loud
    We just don't think out...
  4. ...from shadows,
    We'll descend upon the world.
    Take back what you stole.
    From shadows,
    We'll reclaim our...
  5. ...souls.

    A dark and twisted fate has escaped with our hearts
    The minds eye sings a lullaby for...
  6. .. Kingdom!
    Riding through thunder and lightning once again
    We slayed the beast we brought an end
    Now we have left the kingdom of the...
  7. Hooters!

    Riding dirty on our scooters
    We swerve and laugh in search of...
  8. ...a whiskey and beer.

    You ask my why I am writing this poem,

    Some call it a tavern, but I call it home.

    Fuck you I'm drunk!

    Fuck you I'm drunk!

    Pour my beer down the sink....
  9. ... You crazy wench I'll have you yet!

    You're no virgin of that Ill bet!

    So dance a jig and raise your dress

    I'm hammered as hell and a wanking mess

    But fear not young strumpet, do not stress

    This is when I work my best

    Now take my hand and follow me

    And we'll be off....
  10. see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz

    we hear he is a whiz of a wiz if ever a wiz there was

    if ever, oh ever a wiz there was, the Wizard of Oz is one because

    because, because, because, because...
  11. ...some guys from school
    Had a band and we tried real hard
    Jimmy quit and Joey got married
    I shoulda known, we'd never get far...
  12. ...but

    That one guitar, felt good in his hands
    Didn't take long, to understand
    Just one guitar, slung way down low
    Was one way ticket, only one way to go
    So he started rockin'
    Ain't never gonna stop
    Gotta keep on rockin'
    Someday he's gonna make it to the top

  13. ...
    Undo these chains, my friend
    I'll show you the rage I've hidden
    Perish the Sacrament
    Swallow, but nothing's forgiven
    You and I can't decide which of us was taken for granted
    Make amends, some of us are destined to be outlived...
  14. ...Do you really want to live forever,
    Forever, and ever?

    Forever young,
    I want to be forever young.
    Do you really want to live forever...
  15. ...'cause you're so naive yes so,
    How could this be done, to such a smiling sweetheart?
    I die every time I look inside!
    I know, she knows, that I'm not fond of acting, true or false it may be..
  16. ... I'm fond of (n)apping
    When the lights are low
    And the wind is slow
    I rest my head
  17. ...the doors from the front to the back
    you left me a note telling me I should pack
    I walk in the bar and the fellas all cheer
    hey order me up a whiskey and beer
    you ask me why I'm writing this poem
    some call it a tavern, but I call it home
    Fuck you I'm drunk!
    Fuck you I'm drunk!
    pour my beer down ...
  18. feed my body and my soul
    And I'll grow a little bigger
    Maybe that can be my goal
    I was told a million times
    Of all the people in my way
    How I had to keep on trying
    And get better ev'ry day
    But if I crossed a million rivers
    And I rode a million miles...
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