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  1. Hello. I've been thinking of a challenge to post, and I thought this would be fun. As the title says, You choose a song, and write a scene of a through the tone and sense of meaning that song provided.

    As an example, I will be using this to write a scene, hope you enjoy.

    "The Newborn-22xx?"

    I begin to wake from my cryo-slumber, having slept for who knows how long. The feeling of conscious slipping in is most odd, like a fog slowly lifting from my eyes, and color from a picture slowly filling in. As I look around, something feels odd. I feel a lot of pressure on my head, like you would as you hung upside-down on the monkey bars. I should not be feeling this way, and I'm starting to panic, "what's wrong", I said. As the tail end of my consciousness fills in, I realize, to my horror, that I'm dangling upside down in the mouth of a huge hole in the ground. This is not good, this is a dream, this can't be actually happening, I just woke up!

    "Subject 100% awake and mobile. Opening processes, engage." These words filled me with pure horror. "NO!". As I said this, the door opened, and proceeded to take my body and slam my head on
    the ceiling of the unit, and I then began to flip out of it, and into the dark hole below.

    I grabbed the lip and held on as tight as I could. I feel liquid streaming down my face, and my fingers are bleeding from the sharp, metallic ridge on the edge of the ceiling rim. I tried to get a sense of my surroundings, to calm down and think straight, to get out of this mess.

    I am in a hole in a ground, going down who knows how far, so I can't just let go. The nearest cliff wall I could reach is too far away, even if I tried to swing there, my bloody hands would cause me to lose valuable grip holds, if I was even able to get the first hold in the first place. I look up, and see the ruins of my ship straddling the opening in the earth, one side precariously so. The hull is completely ripped in half, I can clearly see inside the ship, and my chamber is still attached by it's cords. This is my only out of this, I thought, so I begun climbing.

    I used the dents and scratches in my chamber to climb to the cords. My hands were further cut, but I made it, I began the upward climb to the ship. About halfway through the wire climb, the ragged edge of the ship was crushed under it's huge load of weight, and fell some into the hole. It was saved only by a piece of infrastructure barely grasping on the edge and sticking. After Being swung through the air, and doubled my speed, and made it to the ship.

    The inside was torn to shreds, and tilted at a 45 degree angle, so I found any grips I could, and held on. I heard the ship groaning, and the supports were beginning to give way, no time for a brake, need to go now! Just as I got to the cockpit, the ship chose to give way, and as it was falling into the hole, I jumped through the window, and grabbed onto the cliff side. My hold was slippery, and I almost fell in, but I lifted myself out in a burst of strength, and laid there. I made it. I survived.

    I looked around to see I was in a forest clearing, and amongst the trees, I saw a dome of a building, overgrown with grass and weeds. That seemed like the logical to go, so I began walking. As I walked, I thought to myself, what happened to the others? Am I the only one left? How long was I asleep?

    Here are some songs recommendations of mine, if you need it.

    Bones by The Silent Comedy

    In a House, In a Heartbeat, 28 Days Later Soundtrack

    Uninvited by Alanis Morissette

    Handlebars by Flobot
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