Music to Make Love by!

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  1. Be it for having hot sex, or just getting in the moooood for a romantic posty: What is YOUR playlist for songs to make sweet, sweet love by?
  2. Three Days Grace - Riot

    I'm spent.

    (pun intended)
  3. Control - Puddle of Mudd

    Go Down To the Old Pub Instead (Look it up on Youtube, it's for when he's rearing to go and I sure as hell ain't)
  4. Obituary - Chopped In Half

    man I'm getting a woody from just remembering this song.


    1349 - I Am Abomination

    Agalloch - A Desolation Song, for when you're feeling like doing some romantic movie-style lovin'

    Amon Amarth - Ride For Vengeance. :D
  5. Entwine - Closer My Love (Suuuuper Romantic!)

    Duran Duran - Come Undone (Looove this song!)
  6. Owl City's music is art. He is an amazing musician, and such a devout Christian, it's amazing.
  7. I highly recommend his song. Galaxies and In Christ Alone.
  8. Just because the forum is going to die, doesn't mean I can't help support the people that want to try and save it before it's too late.

    Plus... posting is still posting content! These threads will still exist! >:D


    Love songs by Bryan Adams. Like, "Please Forgive Me" and "Anything I do". I love those songs!
  9. Record goes 2 for 2 for lack of music when ever I get lucky.

    So not sure what would be fitting to me.
  10. He is a good cook
    He is 5'8
    He has a childish personality

    I made it a tough one that way people can really think about it
  11. Theme to Brokeback Mountain. :3

    Mona- Max Payne 2: Fall of Max Payne OST
  12. *Wesker takes Ada to a nondescript, empty room where Ant-Man is and tells her to sit.*

    I don't think I like this situation...9
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    Do not question...
  14. I shot the sheriff, but I didn't shoot no deputy!
  15. @Nic: yes you did.

    @Oro: Mighty Morphin power rangers!

    ...Still spent.
  16. I agree with Ryker and say that "Closer" by NIN is the best.

    Although, I also like
    -"Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off" by P!atD
    -"Sex and Candy" by Marcy Playground
  17. "Lick it" Twenty Fingers.

    Just listen to it....
  18. "Bad Girlfriend" Theory of a Deadman.
    "Dirty Little Girl" Burn Halo.
  19. Hmm, looks like I need to relook at this playlist... I only have 5 songs on it.

    The Promise - When In Rome
    Hero - Phil Collins & David Crosby
    The Glory Of Love - Peter Cetera
    Save the Last Dance for Me - Michael Bublé
    The Garden of Everything - Maaya Sakamoto & Steve Conte
  20. [ame=""]YouTube- Erasure Always[/ame]