Music Pirates: The Adventure Of Da and his crew on Earth

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  1. Music Pirates

    The Adventure Of Da and his crew on Earth​


    Aliens Suck at Music, It's not for the lack of trying. They've been at it for a long long time, but yet to produce anything that could be called music. IF they could carry a tune, actually make a good song, we would of detected long ago. We've been looking to sky for decades. But what comes out as good music to them, is so awful that it mistaken for the final days of a dying star. It really, really sucks.

    We humans on the other hand, create the best music in the universe, well at least our galaxy. We owe all this to a freakish set of luck both in evolution and something to do with our planet and the positions of the rest of the heavenly bodies in our solar system.

    The first time aliens heard human music was back in 1995 when a space hauler accidentally clipped the Voyager Probe, the brought in on board and decided to check out the golden disk before they melted it down, when the music came on, such pure ecstasy when through the crew that half of them died before they even got to Chuck Berry and the rest of crew had to be rescued. But soon every track on that golden disk was being played from one end of the galaxy to another, with the same results.

    The Ruling powers that run our galaxy made it a rule that no one but select groups could go to Earth as it was such a primate world, in other words unless you got the okay from the council, it was illegal to got to Earth, this made a lot or races unhappy and the Galactic police destroyed many species of ships, ending up placing a protective energy mesh around the solar system that incapacitated ships


    The Medusans and the more powerful warrior/pirate race in the whole galaxy, their 5G planet of Medusa is the closest thing to a hell planet with a atmosphere, making the Medusans strong, powerful and terrible warriors.

    Unfortunately because of the high gravity most Medusans only grow to a height of 2 to 3 feet tall , their bodies looking pudgy and fat. Lets face it, they look like small human babies, even their language sounds like the cooing sounds babies make, they are a race seriously had to take serious when you first met them , till you see them lift objects in 1G that most creatures would have a problem with, with such ease

    Da is the worst of them all to, he and his crew are even wanted by by their own people with a death penalty warrant on all their heads. So it not surprising he was the one who braved the mesh, his ship barely made it through, all systems starting to fail,

    Da, the Bastard that he was able to crash his ship down in the middle of the Hudson. Now him and his crew are here on Earth, in Manhattan, looking to pirate themselves some human music and get off this low gravity rock

    This is their tale.


    1) Follow the general site and section rules

    2) This is going to be a PG-16 level RP because swearing allowed, but 13 and older can join

    3) All OOC material Discussion and Material MUST STAY IN OOC

    4) GM AND SIC are god no arguing with them

    5) There's no limit to characters, but only play what you can

    Character reservations and Sheet​


    Captain- Da (THeELderEmperor)

    Second in command-

    Chief of Engineering-

    Security (weapons and explosive expert)-

    Ships Doctor-

    Crew Memebers





    Humans (unlimited)

    Character Sheets


    Name: (Medusans name are all two letter Examples are Da, Za, Do, Ra etc.)

    Rank: (SPeacks for itself)

    Age: (118-124)


    Job: (Captain, SIC, ships doctor, Etc)

    Height: (2 to 3 feet)

    Weight: (20-50lbs)

    Appearance: (easy, just find a baby version of your favorite anime character lol)

    Back Ground:

    Personality: you can use traits if you want to, up to 8 max





    Age: (18-24)


    Job: (would prefer something dealing with music)



    Appearance: (please use a anime or manga pic)

    Back Ground:

    Personality: you can use traits if you want to, up to 8 max


  2. I'll Write up My character if interests is shown, I'm new to this place and haven't GM much or played in months so be patient with me
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