Music Of The Night

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  1. Music Of The Night

    "We must hurry! The show will be starting in 5 minutes sharp! Chop, chop!" The conductors hands clapped together as his players readied their instruments. People were seated in the grand opera house, talking among themselves while waiting for the grand show to start. Singers and dancers rushed around behind the curtains, placing props and applying last minute make up to their powdered faces while hair spraying their wigs. The singers did vocal warm ups, the dancers practicing along the sidelines with their instructor. Little did they know, a male 19 years of age watched from above, a mask hiding away half his face.

    Peter Whilf, the son of a the legendary Phantom Of The Opera, Erik, and talented vocalist Winnie Whilf. He was a man of great curiosity for the plays and operas that happened on stage, where he listened to or sometimes watched from his hidden door up above. He was a man of great taste as well, knowing what he liked and what he did not like. And what he liked, was a beautiful singer. A singer that held a physical beauty as well, and knew how to portray herself. Yes, Peter knew just what he liked, and he hated when he couldn't get it. So every show he watched and watched, waiting for the beauty to come along. And tonight, It was sure to come.

    The curtains began to rise, and on the center of the stage stood a female with long dark hair and a pale complexion. She was a gorgeous young lady at that, and Peter's attention was trained directly on her. With lips pink and plump, she opened them and filled the opera house with a voice like silk, snaking it's way along the people as they watched with wonder. For this girl was the daughter of Christine, the famous opera singer that had fallen in love with Peter's father, but only in vain. For the woman had chosen Raoul, and had gotten married. Peter did indeed have a bitter hate for this girl's mother, but for the girl...Peter had other things in mind.

    (( I really hope this is alright, and that you don't mind me placing your character in the play. If you don't like it, notify my right away and I will edit it~ ))
  2. Shade looked around as they finished getting her ready, as Well as getting her voice ready. She went center stage. She started singing, beauty in the vibrato. She kept singing until finally the end. She then went over to a chair prop and sat down. The play kept going on as she said her lines and sang. She smiled. This was What she was made for. Her mother, Christine Daae, was an amazing singer, actress, and dancer. Her father, Raoul Chagney, was a wealthy man who put his time and money into Opera houses.
  3. Peter Whilf
    A grand spectacle this show was growing to be, catching Peter's interest quickly as the girl continued to sing, dancers twirling around and about behind her as a voice of beauty filled the whole room. The conductor was vigorously conducting the players, the violins playing an elegant tune as the cellos backed them up with a hearty and rich tone. Peter tapped his foot along with each sway of a bow, with each down beat of a measure in the music. He could practically feel the room buzzing with the excitement from the crowd, their eager eyes watching every move on stage. The play was a love story, a tale of heart break and woe, of romance and honesty. It was sure to capture the hearts of everyone in the crowd. Peter watched intently, his eyes following every movement the gorgeous female made, every measure she sang with her voice of honey. New actors entered the stage, taking their lines as the stringed instruments went down an octave, the mood of the play shifting into the song of heart break.
  4. Shade finally got off the stage, for she wasn't in the scene. She sighed as she went to her dressing room for the next costume. She got in it and had her makeup and such redone. She finally was finished up with and went to go get ready for her scene. She looked around.
  5. Peter Whilf
    As the girl rushed off stage during intermission, Peter felt his heart give a leap as he hopped up. With a flurry he tossed his cape behind him and closed the door, rushing down the stairs and hidden passages until seeing the girl walking to her dressing room. He quickly hid behind a corner, peeking out to see her enter the dressing room. Knowing every crook and cranny of the opera house was awfully helpful in times like this. He went back up the way he came, and this time took a different route that lead to the very dressing room the girl was in. There was a mirror that he could see her through, but she couldn't see him. A one sided mirror. Though... Peter did have his manners, and let the girl change in peace, averting his eyes to the ground. When he was sure she was done, he gave a knock on the glass, smiling to himself as she looked around.
  6. She gasped. She looked around, confused. She hear the knock but didn't know where it came from. "Yes?"she called out.
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