EXERCISE Music Challenge - The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of...

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  1. My music challenges are fairly simple: music is provided to inspire some form of creativity, and you'll use it to create something that could be used in a world of whatever genre and time period you like. So long as you use the music as some kind of inspiration, no matter how directly or how vaguely, go ahead and create whatever feels right.

    For this challenge, create a natural (as in untouched by humans or other sapient beings) location using the music provided. For the very first challenge of this kind, I declare that the hills are alive with the sound of trailer music. Here's your song:

    E.S. Posthumus - Nara

    To make it easier, here are a couple alternative songs if the above doesn't suit you: Two Steps From Hell - To Glory and Audiomachine - The Truth. Or feel free to use multiple songs as inspiration if that's how you want to do it. Please state which song(s) you used for this challenge so everyone can read along with the right music to go with your creation.

    And finally, here are some questions to get you started, but they are by no means comprehensive. Go as crazy as you want with the details.

    What sort of natural location is it? Forest, mountain, canyon, etc.
    What is the first thing a visitor would notice about the location?
    What are the predominant colors that can be seen in this location?
    What kind of plants, if any, inhabit this location?
    What kind of animals, if any, inhabit this location?