Music Challenge #8

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  1. Music Challenge #8
    Song: Mother Murder
    Band: Hollywood Undead
    Lyrics in video..
    Your goal here is to create a halloween character based on this song.
    Is he/she a murder?
    Pysco doctor?
    That is your let your imagination roam..
    And have fun with this challenge!
  2. Name: Robert Anderson
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human/Unholy Angel
    Appearance: (open)

    History: Robert used to be your average guy. Wife, kids and an annoying job, it was a stressful life, but he managed.
    One night, however, he woke up to his wife stabbing him in the chest. He died shortly after, though it seemed like an eternity for both of them. Robert died, and woke up in front of Heaven's gates. He received angelic wings and a halo, befitting of a nice guy like himself, though he refused the halo when he remembered his kids were still with his psychopath wife.

    Robert squeezed through heaven's gates, then jumped down towards Earth. His wings turned darker the closer he got to the sinful planet, but he didn't care. He had to save his children.

    It was a straight drop to his house, for some reason, and due to inexperience with wings, he couldn't stop his fall either. Fortunately, he somehow managed to phase through the roof and land quietly in their bedroom. The visit to Heaven only took a few minutes, it seemed. His wife was dragging the corpse of her husband towards the kitchen, leaving the knife on the bed. Robert grabbed it, snuck up behind her, then slit her throat.

    She didn't fall down, she didn't scream. That woman just turned around, looked at him with her blood spilling out of her neck, and laughed. "You are too late. Your kids are ours." She said, then combusted and vanished. When he went to check on the kids, there were several symbols written in blood on the walls and floor, but no sign of the kids.

    Robert has wandered the Earth for a while, seeking out any information about Hell, and stumbled upon a group of people just like him, calling themselves Unholy Angels. Angels who didn't want to stay in Heaven because they had unfinished business on Earth. Each of them is plagued with an unending pain from their deaths, and vowed not to rest until Hell is conquered.

    Family: His wife and kids now reside in Hell. His only family now are the Unholy Angels.
    Personality: Used to be sweet and helpful. Now he is merciless, easily angered and cares for little other than killing demons.
    Ultimate Goals: Saving his kids.
    Location: Anywhere, looking for clues and pursuing demons. He doesn't need rest, and thus a home. His group has many different hideouts where they plan and discuss.
    Occupation: Demon hunter (?)
    Intelligence Level: Never had a higher education.
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  3. [​IMG]
    [Adopted Name: Twile Androssi Siag]

    [Task Name: The Exile]

    [Former Human Name: Alexandras]

    [Age: Not Provided]

    [Birthplace: Kaav: Northern Icelandic Territory Existing Well Over A Three Hundred Thousand Years Ago. Said To Have Vanished Over The Course Of One Night.

    [Gender: Male]

    [Race: Formerly Human Turned Siag Guardian. Siags are a race of beings capable of possessing anything they come in contact with in order to survive.The Cold/Ice is a weakness against them while Fire seems to give them power. In other words, a demon.]
    [Height: 6'0"]

    [Weight: 189 lbs]

    [Relationship Status: Single. Not Interested In Pursuing One.]

    [Preference: Not Provided.]

    [Personality: Cold. Calculated. Dangerous. Dark. Evil. Manipulative. Distant. Vindictive. Foreboding. Ominous. Devious. Strong-Willed. Not Compassionate. Strongly-Influential. Insensitive. Violent. Uncaring. Harmful. Dishonest. Cruel. Destructive. Chaotic.]

    [Appearance: See Image Please]

    [Clothing/Armor: Blood Red Hooded Cloak Slightly Ripped. Red Pants. Steel Armor Leg And Arm Guards. See Image.

    [Loyalty: Himself.]

    [Weapon: Flame Band Silver Sword. Has black symbolic engraved words in the Siag language *Vartho* meaning Guardian.]

    [Occupation: Siag Guardian. One held with the highest order among the Siag Race. Tasked to make set and execute laws as sought fit. Those with guardianship status are inclined to murder the human race in order for the supreme goal to be met.

    [Good or Bad: Bad. Extremely Bad.]

    [Hair Color: Flame Red And Black. Long.]

    [Eye Color: Red]

    [Family:]: When he was human....
    |Alexandria:| (Daughter): Perished in the tragedy overtaking Kaav. Was approximately 3 years old. When Twile sleeps he remembers her clearly. It brings a painful stab of memories flooding back.
    |Anrires:| (Son): Perished in the tragedy overtaking Kaav many many centuries ago. Anrires was around 8 years old. He succumbed to his injuries dying in Twile's arms. The man has never been able to forgive himself for what happened. He also dreams about his son when he sleeps.

    [Loathes: Humanity. Life in general. Love. Emotions. Heroic gestures. Everything representing good.]

    [Enamored By: Death. Blood. Violence. Flames. Torture. Death's Odor. Destruction. Chaos. Darkness. Hatred. Vile Tendencies. Murder. Crime. Lies. Manipulation. Senseless Acts.]

    [Combat: Physical Hand To Hand]

    [Dominant Hand: Right]

    [Abilities: Master of Fire. Uses Tragic Memories As A Form Of Mind Control To Weaken Enemies.]

    [Background History: A Guardian of the shape shifter Race-Siag-tasked to eliminate the human society by all means necessary and by any means yet this is just the beginning of his story...]

    Other Information: As Alexsandras, when his homeland was thrust into darkness, he came to a world beneath where as the sole survivor of Kaav, he was tortured for 10,000 by an unknown entity. The result born from that torture brought forth the one known as Twile.
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    The person I see in the mirror is not what i want to be. Her life is mine, yet I don't want it.
    I'm anything but perfect. Even though being perfect's all I want.
    "YOU DUMB BITCH WHERE ARE YOU?!" His drunken calls came.
    I sighed, and made one last cut, for now, on my wrist. I watched myself bleed, before grabbing the knife, and walking out.
    I've had enough of him. this was the last straw.
    "Where you trying to kill yourself again?" He taunted, his dark black eyes taunting me. He laughed, and shoved me against the wall, "You didn't do a good job of it!" he laughed again, and I growled.
    I spit in his face, and he slaped me, giving me the freedom of movement I needed to drive the knife below his ribs, and dragging it down. I laughed so hard, as his guts spilled onto the floor. His eyes went wide, and he chocked, and screamed, collapsing, trying to push them back in. He kept coughing, blood comming up. His eyes slowly went dull, and I sliced up some more, and tore apart his ribs. I slowly disectied him until I had a clear view of his heart. It still beat, slowly, and i took it out of his chest. I put it in a jar, and filled another few with his blood that I drained, and went into my room.
    I lit the candles, and cast the circles.
    Now, it is time fore the ritual.
    I spoke the words, in latin, perfectly and fluently as if it was my native langue.
    I bit into the heart, sucking the blood out, and drinking it. It tasted so good....
    I then drank all of the blood, now, I had to die.
    I walked to the livingroom, and called 911, and then slit my wrists, up my viens.

    When I woke, it was dark, and it smelt like earth. I shoved up, and felt dirt. I was burried. And i was so... Hungry, and thristy... My throat was on fire.... Oh god, i crawled out, and cried out in hunger.
    Something moved, my hearing was so acute, and so was my smell. Somethingw as here... And I wanted it. i wanted to kill it, and eat it, it's blood would be so good...