Music Challenge #7

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  1. Music Challenge #7
    Song: Catalyst
    Band: Linkin Park
    Usable Character Sheet:
    Ultimate Goals:
    Intelligence Level:
    You can use/edit this character sheet or create your own.
    Thank you!
    If you have any suggestions for songs or any advice for these challenges, let me know by pm!
  2. Name: Roman Dune

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Spices: Human

    Appearance: [​IMG] Roman is about 5'7. 153 pounds. Mostly seen in black or gray jeans. Sometimes they are blue or a very dirty version of blue. Burgandy t-shirt or dark blue with a gray or black hoodie. Black sneakers that look like they might come untied at any moment. His hood is almost always up as well. He pulls it up over his beanie hat to keep warm. It too is black with a wornout logo.

    History: The Dune family tree is very small and some of it is even unknown. All Roman knows is that he has one thing to live for and that’s his younger sister Sylvia. She is nine and very ill due to her rare blood disease, Maffucci Syndrome. It’s robbed of her of most of her childhood and drain the family of funds. His father losing his job only added to the already tight money problems and with no job the family also lost its health insurance.

    Roman took it upon himself to try and get medication for his sister at any cost. Unable to keep his grades up and always missing classes to take care of little Sylvia it was only a matter of time until Roman just dropped out. Roman and his father fought all the time and with his dad being unemployed he just drank and didn’t care about anything. Life at home became harder and harder for everyone. Roman took to stealing anything he could and then turning around and selling it to get medication for his sister. It’s now only a matter of time until he is caught.

    While trying to save his sister and what’s left of his family Roman’s youth has been shattered. He has a record with the police from the times he has been caught and let go. He now lives on the run and only goes home when he has money or medication to help Sylvia, always praying she is still alive.

    Family: Roman is one of two children. His mother is unknown since he never knew her and its unknown if she is alive or dead. His father is alive and currently in incarcerated.

    Personality: A good kid with a strong and loving heart. Willing to go to great lengths to help those he really cares about. Just a tough exterior to survive.

    Ultimate Goals: Help save his sister from her illness and get her well at all cost.

    Location: The city streets

    Occupation: Theft

    Intelligence level: High School dropout.
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