Music Challenge #3

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  1. Music Challenge #3
    Welcome to my third music challenge!
    Song: Better Than Revenge by Taylor Swift
    Lyrics are provided in the video.
    Helpful Character sheet:
    Ultimate Goals:
    Intelligence Level:
    You can use this CS or edit it or make your own.
    Thank you!
    If you have any helpful tips for future challenges, I am open for advice! Just PM me.
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  2. Name: Jade Edmund

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Personality: Jade is an interesting young lady, to say the least. She tends to be quite posessive of anything or anyone, and when she loses it for good she becomes exceptionally jealous and vengeful. Even worse is when she knows wjho took her things, then she focuses all her power on bringing them down, sometimes forgetting about the thing that was taken from her. When not possessive, Jade is a bit odd, usually enjoying singing or rhyming people's names. She acts like a girl on drugs-minus the drugs.

    History: Jade was born into your every day middle class family, to loving parents and an older sister, who bulloed her constantly and took whatever she wanted. It wasn't until a ten-year-old Jade read The Count of Monte Christo that she discovered revenge, and started to use it on her sister. It was so nice, feeling the power, that when a little brother was born the next year she became a bit paranoid about her things. Then she met a boy in middle school and they dated until he broke up with her, and soon she started to humiliate him so badly that he transferred out of their school. Now, in her sophomore year, Jade has just lost a boyfriend to a popular girl in the drama club, and is ready to bring her down.

    Appearance: Jade has curly red hair that looks like copper wires springing lut of her head, and jade green eyes. Her body is literally crawling with freckles, and her pale skin is easily sunburned. She's about 5'2", thin and wiry, which starkly contrasts her massive head of hair. She usually wears an old band T-shirt under a flannel button-up, and jeans. She has a big nose, and her nails are almost always bitten down to the finger.

    Ultimate Goals: To bring down the most popular girl at her school for stealing what was hers; to find a boy that won't dare to leave her again.

    Location: Resides in a suburb found within Ankeny, Iowa, a small, yet beautiful, tkwn in the Midwest.

    Occupation: Jade is a full-time student, thkugh she has a part time job selling ticket's in the box office of the movie theater near home.

    Intelligence Level: Jade is an above-average student, often making As or Bs in every subject-that isn't Math or Science, whivh are two subjects she hates. Her strongest points are Literature and Psychology.