Music Challenge #1

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  1. Music Challenge #1
    The following challenge is for you to listen to the following song and for you to write whatever comes to the top of your head. Whether that be a character, a poem, a plot, a setting, whatever you think fits the mood with the song. Remember that this is a creative challenge and so no matter what comes out from it, it's art.
    The Song Choice:
    Prelude to Cataclysm by Cinetrax​
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  2. The video was eliminated. I "youtube-d" the song, is it this one: ?

    Well.. Here what i came up with...

    *Please read slowly. If possible, even imagine what i wrote... XD*

    year 2030.....

    The commander started his speech before the fight:

    "We..... the weak and poor, were left alone in this world.
    The rich and important people were evacuated to another planet. to live a comfortable and safe life.

    Now we are at war, against the drones, we lead ourselves to despair and destruction.
    But! We will fight for what was once ours, our grandparents lands... It is time!! For humans to fight!
    Drones shall fall and we will rise the flag again!
    Once again, the wind will blow, and we, once again will reign! Not to destroy but to live in peace, for the first time in 100 years.

    WE ARE STRONG!!!!!


    Everyone started running, following the commander. the sun rised, the drones detected us and the fight started. What would happen? We don't know.
    Drones were coming, ready for a fight, a thousand humans against hundreds of drones...
    Could we win? ? We have an strategy. We just have to hang on for a few minutes, yet many of us are already dead. I have hope. I know we can do it, just distract drones, and then hide. I looked up at the sky, here it came, our final and last hope, what will make us win. Everyone started running, to their hideouts, finally it happened......

    Well that's what i came up with as i listened to the song, and well.. after XD
    I know it's not really good.... XD
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  3. The rain was so loud pounding against the rubble, and the clouds covered the moon. This night is perfect. I thought to myself, and It made me smirk. As i looked at there fake throne. To think that our planet Kya was helping us defeat our fake god. I glanced at my H.U.D. (Heads Up Display) it was 21:30 and time to execute.
    I whispered "Desertdogs move up." We raised ourselves from the mud and started making our way through the rubble. Hugging our bodies over every ledge, and crouching through the shadows. We were almost 200 meters out from the gate. When Taylor came over the coms "Kaylie and i are in position." I looked at Jeff and he nodded his head. We split up and headed for our targets. I was in a trench next to the driveway leading into the complex. When I set the count from five on everyone's HUD. My target was above me, And 10 meters down. Standing in direct light. I Charged my short burst E.M.P.(electric magnetic pulse) to knock it out. The counter hit Zero. the light went out, and my target was down with a swift knife to the throat. Jeff followed like a mirror on the other side. We got into Position as Taylor and Kaylie sniped the man up top.
    Jeff and I waited as Taylor and Kaylie made their way over to us. To stack up on the door. We were in position as the light flickered back on. Jeff swiped the key card and opened door as we rushed in. Two men drinking coffee at the sign in desk jumped to their feet but were soon sat back down by silenced 45. bullets to the skull. Kaylie rushed to the computer to check if any alarms were tripped. Thankfully we were in the clear.
    The blue prints we spent weeks memorizing showed that there was a courtyard outside this room. Where they did their loading and unloading of supplies for the building. We need to cross the courtyard. To make it to the service elevator that would take us to the private kitchen that prepared the food for that disgusting pig. Than we would head down a corridor located at the southeast corner of the kitchen. That would take us directly to the fake gods throne room. It was guaranteed that it was heavily fortified, and we were not going to be here as a secret very much longer.
    I scanned outside of the door using a flex-cam under the door gap. I marked their locations for everyone to see, and put 30 seconds up on the HUD. I whispered to the team "Desertdogs weapon's and ammo check." They all chimed in with a "green light ready and waiting." We booted the door, opening fire. There was a strobe light effect coming from our muzzles. That made there bodies fall with grace. We rushed to the elevator and started the lift to the kitchen. "Jeff flashbang at the ready." He unclipped one from his vest, and released the safety holding down the spoon with his hand. The lift stopped, and as soon as the door cracked the flashbang released from Jeff's hands. We stepped out heading in different direction. Bodies dropping as we headed to meet up in the southeast corner. We met and stacked on each other, while reloading. This was the final push.
    I took a deep breath as i patted on Jeff's shoulder to let him know we are all ready. He slapped on a charge, and blew the door. As soon as Jeff took a step he was firing to the left. I followed shooting to the right. As Taylor came in he took a bullet at the door, and fell instantly. Kaylie entered unloading her Magazine soon after. We would come back for Taylor, but right now we need to rush. Jeff made it to the door first, and with out hesitating booted the door.
    I was at his side, and Kaylie was watching our six outside the door. When we saw our target. He had four men guarding him as he wept in the corner. I threw a concussion grenade as we ran to cover. The loud bang shook the room, as I turned around the corner opening fire. All i could see through my scope was victory, as the bodies protecting there fake prophet was ripped to pieces. By unrelenting metal flying through the air. The click of emptied magazines echoed through the room, As Jeff yelled "He is ours, Humanities proof that he was no god!" He begged and I smiled as I put a pistol to his head, and pulled the trigger.
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