Music as a Weapon

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  1. (Warning Final part of this Prologue may be slightly disturbing, just throwing out a warning.)

    "Music is the key literally, perhaps the past 5 years were a failure because we hadn't found the trigger to the other stories. Because at that time, that was all they were stories pasted from person to person. It was sheer luck that we ran across her. But before I get to that I need to shed light on events that also helped us.

    First we were tipped off anonymously which made us both suspicious and skeptical. We figured we were either being toyed with or someone knew too much about the information. So we took the trip, and next came our second hint. Normally when we asked around about the haunting people are very eager to spill what they heard. This became commonplace with the dozen of places we had been. However in the town of Paracrisis, we found out no information from the natives. They refused to speak with us, it was like the phase don't talk to strangers applied to everyone.

    After an internal discussion we agreed that we perhaps had something. We had all taken note of the storms that rolled in almost every single night. The streetlights that flickered during these storms, we suspected was paranormal in nature. Conducting a formal study we found that outside lights reacted to thunder not lightning. Yet inside lights never were affected, this puzzled us and made us very excited. Originally we believed that the louder the thunder the greater more affect it would have on the lights, this was proven to be true. But loud thunder coming from the south had little effect. The same rumbles of thunder would affect the northern side more. With this information we came to the conclusion that the lights were giving away the source, our objective.

    With the whole operation believing we had found life after death. We sat down to discuss scenarios of an encounter. We had no idea what to expect, and it became clear quickly that preparing for the unknown was pointless. All we had were theories, and rumors. All of which came from books, and superstisous townsfolk we had talked to in our past defunct hauntings. So we went back into full swing of finding our entity. All the while wondering about what we would come face to face with.

    We searched the northern side of town at night and we found nothing. We flirted with the idea that it was buried or at least underground. The Cemetery was located southeast of town. So that was a clear waste of time. But it could have been an unmarked grave. But that didn't make any sense cause, yet in a way it did. Cause anything was possible at this point. That was the mindset we had developed. Expect the unexpected, look for what isn't there. Who said we ever had to follow a book, or a rumor, we had something, in this isolated town. But the cause was elusive, until we found the broken road. We call it the broken road because it was the only road in town that look ill kept. What I mean is sure you have some streets that are cracked, some that are really new and everything in between but this road that led out from town seemed to have been forgotten about.

    We had followed some stupid ideas in our search but when it was pointed out by a few of our agents it was apparent this street should have been repaved 2 decades ago. We had driven over this road several times and never for a moment noticed that this road went north outside of town. At least we thought the road used to head out of town. If there was a road here at one time, it was no longer noticeable without really paying attention.

    At night during one of the storms we took the broken road north into the forests that isolated Paracrisis. It didn't take long to notice the decay of human civilization. This road was at one time part of the town. We had entered a graveyard that wasn't for people but for part of the town itself. Nothing was standing just piles of collapsed roofing, barely noticeable fencing and at the end where the road became a dead end was what we had been searching for. It had stood the test of time the forest seemed to have been kept at bay, while the rest of the area was in a manner of speaking eaten alive. A dark bricked building that was huge about that size of their current private highschool. It was at least 3 stories high in the front. As we circled the building and took notes we came to upon the idea that this building must have once been the location of Paracrisis Private Highschool.

    Being here all of us couldn't help but want to venture inside, this had to be the place. This was where our ghost would be. But it was night time and we didn’t know what to expect. So in our finest hour we retreated and prepared mentally for the next day. I believe subconsciously we knew what was coming.
    At dawn we were gathered at the entrance with every paranormal piece of equipment on the planet. We would test electromagnet fields, drops in temperature, ultrasound, infrared cameras, and regular cameras to capture the events inside. A lot of the men were nervous. Those agents were in charge of recovering documents about this place. We didn’t want someone freaking out so we also put everyone into groups of 4 to offset the eeriness of an abandoned structure we believe to house a something unnatural. Entering the front doors we found a hallway littered with debris broken desks, papers, and clothing. I sent a group into the front office and they began to immediately rifle through records and documents. Two survey groups went down the hallway to draw the layout of the building. From there the paranormal teams spread out to set up equipment and cameras. The whole day we ran test and discovered some back history.

    But we discovered no paranormal activity, discouraged we left. But the cameras remained under constant surveillance of the hallways. As we sifted through our findings and discussed, we decided to try again but with only one team and at night. Back at our makeshift base of operations we watched as they reentered the school with small cameras attached to their uniforms. They took all the equipment from the time before as well. The rain and thunder echoed through the building. They set up shop in the underground swimming pool. Before I continue I must remind you of what I had said about music being the key. In their boredom and dissatisfaction still not being able to receive anything one of the men, Agent Douglas pulled out a small mp3 player that had a built in speaker. It wasn’t loud, but the effect began quickly apparent. I will now play the audio for everyone to hear because the video is far too graphic. *Music begins playing in the back ground* “Douglas turn that off man we are trying to work.” “No this this is helping me work this place gives me the creeps.” “We were just here a few hours ago.” “Yeah in the daylight, Kevin,” Douglas is right…”What the FUCK!” in the water Oh my GOD!!” *A high pitched scream is accompanied by the yells of the team. It echoes which is followed by the sound of a male voice screaming in agony.* “Douglas help me I can’t move my legs!” “Someone turn on a light!” “Where..Where is she, Arghh!” *Water Splashes, water continues to thrash around. *Then something hits a hard surface with a bone wrenching crunch.* “I can’t move my legs someone help me it…hurts so bad..” *The music rhythm gets faster but doesn’t increase in volume* “Joseph? Is that you, Yeah where’s Kevin?” There short pause. “AHH It’s standing over me I can’t move hel..” *Something there a series of violent smacks followed by the ripping of flesh, and crying*

    “Carlos? Kevin? Louis?” Don’t talk to me! you asshole she is gonna fi..” *Faster paced footsteps are followed someone being beaten Louis’ voice screams as flesh and bone can clearly be heard coming lose in a sickening fashion. Then there is click and someone in boots is shift franticly in place. “Oh god there is…..blood everywhere they….are all dead. “ *Douglas’ breathing is erratic* “Where is it? Where?” *boots shifting in place.* “The sound someone throwing up a lot of excrement echoes….” *Douglas coughs* ”God….I can’t see it…I can’t see! it is all over me.” There’s the soft wet sound of someone’s barefeet moving. She’s coming I got to get it out of my eyes.” *Douglas’ boots move a few steps.* “Oh my god it’s holding the spinal cord of someone. “You gotta help me! send help!” Douglas begins to cry and the barefeet continue to move until his screams drown out everything else. After it goes quiet all that can be heard is the music and the soft footsteps moving around. Before the song ends it is cut off abruptly as there is a single loud crash, the audio ends.

    “Now let me explain a few things in each camera the men had on them you can watch how they die. And I don’t know the idea behind this is sickening but the girl yes it is a girl, was standing on the ceiling her hair inches from touching Douglas and he happened to look up and she threw up on him. I wanted to explain that part because; even though you didn’t see it without me saying anything you wouldn’t understand. I don’t know if she was playing with him or not. But this ghost is dangerous, very dangerous she slaughtered those 4 men in less time than it took for the song For Whom the Bell Tolls to finish.” But I assure you, we are committed to this project, with this said I leave this conference and return to Paracrisis."


    Yes this is a r.p, or an attempt at one. This is set in a universe that I have spent alot of time creating and I wanted to let out a few minor details to maybe spark someone's interest. I chose this route because you get to introduced to her and sort of visualize the brutality...that word actually isn't the right way to put it. It is straight F&*^ed up. But this is my character my creation, anyone who wishes to go up against her will have alot of plot twists and OMFG moments. But it isn't just all about her. It has alot to do about your character and the decisions you have to make. So if you are interested in a rollercoaster ride from hell please let me know and I'll be happy to introduce you to Paracrisis.

    Yes ideas are encouraged, yes romance is allowed. Feel free to ask questions. (^_^)