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  1. So after watching some more..... musical anime and shows (Angel Beats!, Shigatsu wa kimi no Uso, ect) I decided that I wanted to have a more music based rp, but I only have a very small thought as to how it would work. Anyone interested?
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  2. It sounds like fun~
  3. Sweet, I'll give it maybe a day or so for others (if they are interested) to join, then we can start fleshing it out?
  4. Of course~! ^v^
  5. Yay music! Consider my interest my friend!
  6. Sweet, that makes three!
  7. I might be interested.
  8. I could get into this, if we have details. Like, what role does Music play in the setting? Like, just being a musical is one thing but that doesn't tend to work so well in a written format (quick, raise your hand if you ever skipped over the songs in a book), unless you tie it in thematically to everything else.
  9. Well, what I had planned (and this is the very loose idea that I had) is that we all have one reason or another that music controls us in one way or form (playing/always listening) and this causes us to separate ourselves from everyone else, thus drawing us together. From there, I don't really know.
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  10. So like, music is like a drug idea? Or am I not understanding you? >_<
  11. I'm in. I have been playing a few music based games, Symphony, Polynomial, Audiosurf to name a few. And I love the music is a drug idea. but how about pushing it to another level, like somehow the music allows us to go somewhere, or do something other 'normal' people can't do. Like maybe it lets us acess some sort of alternate world, or lets us power some kind of weapon. who knows. but something like that. that way players can provide music and give it different attributes and thus abilites?
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  12. Eddi, reading yours, it makes me feel like that would be amazing. So like in the Zelda franchise?

    @Ay-Ex, yeah, pretty much sums it up
  13. Not quite zelda like. more....Like the char's would put their headphones on and they would vanish from the real world and re-appear in some other world. something that looks like this


    and maybe the music they are listening to determines the power they have on that 'dive' as it were, and over time the people are slowly drawn towards each other in the real world as the meet in this world.
    Ad for what they are doing in this world, maybe its abandoned? or maybe the people that did live there are now gone, or mutated due to modern music? I'll leave the rest up to you. but yeah, that also means players personal music taste could effect on the roleplay. Like lets say you like classical maybe your char has the ability to dive for longer but the impact they can make is less, or they can heal or something, where as a char who likes lets say heavy metal has more destructive power but can only dive for less time. actually thats a bad idea. different music genre's = different powers. thats way more fun!
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  14. That sounds rad! Would it be like an open world where anybody can listen to a genre and get that power, or would it be more, people have a specific genre which gives them powers? Like, they'd be gangs:P like Rock would stick together and Classical could stick together? There is a lot of segregation in music today so maybe it could work?

    Idk just throwing ideas out there:>
  15. I was more thinking it was individual based, like only specific people can get in, those who listen to music more than socialise, and then you can listen to any genre, but clearly you will listen mostly to your favorite genre, and all the char's have to work together to find out what the fuck happened. also they clearly wouldn't look like themselves in the 'music world'
  16. Eddi, I'm glad you decided to join us. That sounds amazing. While I'm doing nothing today, I'll try to think of a good way to introduce it and what abilities would hold, then I'll get them on here (may be as the thought comes) to discuss it.
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  17. To keep you all updated: I was forced into being grounded for something stupid, but I was able to write down my thoughts on a word document, I'll probably have the Sign-ups ready to go hopefully by Saturday....
  18. welp. that sucks. Glad to see your back, If you need any help just drop me a PM.
  19. I will, I may end up being gone again, and the next time, I will be very limited as to what I can and can't do....
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