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    Five people, all from different trades of life, board the midnight traid to Endicott City. Each in a different car, each with their own burdens and secrets. In car one sat Evan Florence, a student from France.
    EVAN FLORENCE: Crescent (open)


    Student (senior)


    Being relatively fair-skinned with a lithe and flexible body, he stands at a full height of 5'8''. Reaching to his shoulders, his hair is a fluffy white with long, straight bangs hanging like a curtain over one of his grey eyes. His choice of clothing usually ends up being a pair of dark ankle boots, dark trousers, a grey or white shirt, a black tie and a long flowing black coat.

    As a child, Evan was always curious and eager to learn about everything and everyone. It was quite frankly a challenge to keep him from wandering off somewhere. Having been born into a middle-class family in Marseille, France, the education his parents provided him was of good quality and his life in general was comfortable. One dark evening, all of this changed. Being twelve years old at that time, he was sitting in the backseat of his parents' car as they drove him home from a late class in the middle of a snowstorm. Not a single person in that vehicle could have anticipated that another car would have appeared from nowhere, slamming into theirs. It had been a fatal car crash. With both parents dead, Evan was left as an orphan, needing several months to recover from that incident. Fortunately for him, his grandmother had been willing to take him in, but Evan...he was a changed person forever.

    Caucasian, French heritage.

    • Agile runner
    • Strategic thinking
    • Knife fighting
    • Capable of noticing small details

    Bold in moments of fear, clever, loyal to people worthy of it

    Sharp-mouthed when angry, can be naive, may be too forgiving for his own good

    After the car incident, Evan was left with a heightened intuition.

    The second car was occupied by a young girl, left all by her lonesome. This little girl was known as Aries Casey.
    ARIES CASEY: Kitt (open)




    Aries was blessed with a flawless complexion and fair skin, paired with shimmering blue/purple eyes and platinum blonde hair. Her lips are a pale nude color, and her nose is child-like and upturned. She towers at 5'4" and has a scar across her stomach. Aries tends to dress according to her mood; if she's feeling depressed, a midnight blue blouse with a black skirt and leggings would show it.



    As a young child, Aries was subject to abuse from her mother, who was constantly venting her anger out on her only child. Her father, a timid, busy man, did nothing to stop her, which, over the years, led to a build-up of spiteful feelings in Aries towards her mother. Aries did, however, have one defense; a pistol that was locked in her father's desk, one which she had been instructed to use if her mother got too violent.

    Eventually, her mother took it too far. She had been caught cheating by her husband, which led to him suggesting divorce. In a fit of anger, she took a kitchen knife and stabbed him several times and slicing his ear open. Aries, who was 9 at that time, was horrified, and did the only thing she thought to do; she went and got the pistol, shooting and killing her mother. The death was ruled a suicide, as the gunshot wound was in her head, but the event has turned Aries into what she is now.

    Caucasian/Korean mix.

    -Basic gun knowledge (i.e how to operate a gun).
    -Quick reflexes.
    -Very observant, with a good memory.

    -Rational and quick thinker, intelligent.
    -Trustworthy, unlikely to share secrets, etc.

    -Bold and loud, quick to speak her mind on things.
    -Unstable, due to the encounter with her mother that lead to Mrs. Casey's death.

    She has a habit of becoming attatched to certain people and sees them as mother figures, sometimes referring to them as motherly titles such as "Mommy" or "Mama."

    In the third car, swinging her feet and scribbling in a notebook furiously was the aspiring author Elise Katar.
    ELISE KATAR: Kitt (open)


    Aspiring Author

    Elise has a strikvintage style, with her signature hair clips and bright blue hair. Between the sailor style clothing and shorts, Elise easily makes a statement. Her dark blue eyes and pale skin compliment these fashion choices, but she's easy to flush. Her noise is small, and her lips are a dark red. Her hair is cut in a short bob-like style, usually clipped or tucked behind her ear.


    She's quick, calm, generous and perhaps a little too rash. This isn't surprising considering for someone with her position. Elise was born in a high class family in a large town. She lived free of worries until she was about 17 years old, but at that point things began to change.

    She went to college and was slowly improving upon existing skills, with aspirations of becoming an author. Having overcome plenty of obstacles, she struggles to make it in a strange world. At the age of 21, she was drugged while clubbing with her friend. Luckily, nothing bad happened before her friend returned, but the event has scarred her and she refuses to return to the 'club scene.' She's currently trying to publish her first book to no avail.


    -Able to defend herself and others.

    -She was educated in a prestigious private school, which instilled a hunger for knowledge in her.
    -Has an endless imagination.
    -Quick to react.

    -Belittles other people's problems.



    In the fourth car of this shaking train was Ineas Linhann, a part-time teacher with Russian roots.
    INEAS LINHANN: Crescent (open)


    Part-time teacher

    Standing at the height of 6'2'', his body is at most lean and fairly muscular. His straight, platinum blonde hair is generally well-kept, reaching to his jawline as it contrasts his ice blue eyes. His usual clothing tend to be a pair of tall boots, dark trousers, black shirts and depending on his mood, either a dark fur-trimmed coat or a beige longcoat.

    During his childhood and adolescence, Ineas had always been an extremely withdrawn person. Being born in the outskirts of a medium-sized town, he avoided other people like the plague and tended to keep close to his mother, helping her with everyday chores. To an outsider's eye, he would have been seen as an unusually attached and dependent teenager, someone who was just a little bit "different". But who would have thought that he was actually being there for his mother's own protection? His mother was a gentle woman with a kind heart, a person easily taken advantage of by those of ill intentions. Unfortunately, his father was one of those people, a person Ineas hated with a burning passion. The man was mentally unstable and was often abusive towards his mother, leaving Ineas to endure the many gruesome things that occurred. As he reached the age of nineteen, he finally had enough. When his father had gone on yet another abusive rampage, Ineas had been able to incapacitate the man, soon having him arrested as he finally managed to call for the police. With his mother being badly injured, she was left disabled. As Ineas went on to become a teacher, he regularly visited her at the hospital during his free time.

    Caucasian, russian family roots

    • Fast reflexes
    • Knife throwing + knife fighting
    • Stealth
    • Coercion

    Intelligent, observant of his surroundings, may become protective of others

    Deceptive and manipulative, potentially intimidating, bossy and controlling

    With his father being completely deranged, there is a slight risk of Ineas ending up in a similar way.

    The fifth was occupied by the final contestant in Death's game, a Japanese student by the name of Aoi Shibata.
    AOI SHIBATA: Crescent (open)


    Student (junior)

    At a height of 5'7'', his skin tone is light-medium with his body type leaning towards the frail side. He has short and wavy dark hair with messy bangs hanging over his ocean blue eyes. As for clothing, he generally tends to wear dark blue sneakers, blue trousers, a stripy turtleneck shirt and a white hoodie.

    Born in Nagoya, Japan, Aoi had a fairly regular childhood consisting of several friendships and after-school club participating. With his parents both being successful people, father being a physician and mother being a journalist, it had been expected of him to follow in one of their steps. A family feud occurred, resulting with his father having him aim towards a field of work in the medical sector. Aoi was a fast learner with his visual memory and personally didn't mind the lack of choice as he saw his father as a role model. All was well until the day when his mother became involved in a scandal. Embarrassed and humiliated, his father had the whole family move away from Nagoya. Suffering from the inevitable stress and heartbreak from the loss of his friends, Aoi's friendly and sociable personality saw a steady decrease, the teenager ending up as a quiet and distant ghost of his former self.

    Asian, japanese heritage

    • Knowledge of how to handle injuries ranging from minor to moderate
    • Lying and pretending
    • Photographic memory
    • Sensitive hearing

    Composed under pressure, courageous in difficult situations, willing to lend a helping hand

    Secretly judging people, distant and daydreamy, unintentionally blunt

    Nothing of importance.

    Above in his abode, Death laughs. Each of these people were hand-picked with care for his game, one which he will be running. There was only one obsticle left; their lives. To participate, they must be one of the deceased. Using one of his own would be no fun, no no. He would much rather take the lives of fresh, new bodies, not those of rotted founding father and tyrannical leaders. Death grinned. He would cause an accident, killing each and every contestant. Then, he would play his wild card and the game would begin.

    Death held a box in his hand; intricately crafted, the golden box had a crank on its side, which Death turned. A wheel on the top had several images on them; demonic creatures, boulders, massives waves, illnesses. Letting go of the crank, the wheel spun, its brightly colored images of death blurring together until it slowed to a stop. The image that was underneath the ticker was the chosen method of death; massive, gruesome creatures, with gangly limbs and scarred faces.

    "I see, I see! I guess it's demons for them!"
    He lifted a pale hand, and a mini version of the creature illustrated on Death's wheel of doom appeared. The Archangel blew on the figurine, giving it life. It bumbled around for a moment, then stopped, looking up intently onto Death's pallor face.

    "Go, my creature of mayhem, and bring your brothers. Tonight, you shall feast!"
    The creature nodded, and then disappeared in black shadowy wisps. Death leaned back in his seat, chuckling to himself.

    "They won't know what hit them."

    When the creatures arrived, one each would've been dispensed to cars one, two, and three. Three of the gangly monsters would've been given to Mr. Linhann, and two would've been found in Aoi's car. Death awaited each of his contestants reactions gleefully.

    OTHER CHARACTERS [Not included in introduction]:

    RENAT DEMYAN: Kitt (open)




    Renat's face maintains the look of a young child, yet his eerie eyes are mismatched, one black with a red pupil, the other red with a normal pupil. His face has a blood red scar, starting at the bottom of his eye and continuing down to his lower left cheek. His hair is stark white, as is his skin. He stands at 5'7" and usually wears either a pure white suit, or black casual clothing. His messy hair is styled in a short, choppy bob.





    -Emits a kind aura.
    -Good with weapons.

    -Extravagent and grand.


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  2. .:Evan:.
    The sound of a page being flipped echoed through the car as the boy read in silence.

    "It's not good for you to stay cooped up like this, Evan," his grandmother had said. "You should go outside more often, make a friend or two."

    His brows furrowed.

    His grandmother was always worrying about him, constantly speaking as if he was a fragile doll the slightest touch could break. She wasn't the only one either. Over the years, there had been a plethora of teachers doing that same thing, every single one of them wanting to "help". Evan didn't need any help, nor had he asked for any. He didn't need to be reminded of...of that evening.

    The book closed, a quiet sigh escaping from him as he reached for his bag, but his fingers never touched it. Pupils dilating, he sat frozen in his seat as a towering creature stood at the other end of the car. Sickly limbs hung off its protruding joints as a pair of empty eyes met his own. It lurched forward, spreading its rancid stench as two sets of claws scraped after it against the floor. In a heartbeat, the boy had flown up from his seat, straight to the door leading to the adjacent train car. Snatching the handle, Evan pulled wildly, but the door barely moved. It was jammed! Spotting the creature's reflection in the door window, his head was yanked back, claws digging into his scalp. Gasping, Evan had grasped a scaly wrist as he twisted, ripping himself free of its hold before diving under the thing's legs. Stumbling away, warm liquid trickled down his forehead as drops of blood trailed after him.

    The creature strained its head after him as Evan turned to a window, hands banging against the surface as he frantically searched for a handle, anything. Heavy steps came closer and closer. Turning around, his trembling hands clenched into fists. His breaths picked up a notch as the youth launched himself towards the creature, landing a blow on its abdomen. It hardly reacted, swinging an arm back before slamming him against a wall with a loud crack.

    A choked cry came from Evan as blood spluttered out of his mouth, the student slumping down. Wheezing shakily, grey eyes had darted towards the creature.


    The creature turned its head as its body followed, moving closer to the boy as a massive hand shoved his head down to the point of crushing it. A bony arm was arched back.


    His breaths became ragged and shallow, his unfocused eyes reflecting the creature as its claws raced down towards his form.

    Thump....The squelching sound of his abdomen being torn open as a piercing scream filled the car.

    Surrounded by assignments, the sound of his pen was deafening in the silence. After a while, the pen had been lowered, a hand rubbing at his eyes. Life wasn't easy for him. Not only was his mother paralyzed from the hip down, now he also had to worry about his job because of some over-sensitive parent. His crime? He had been too strict. What next? Will he be prohibited from teaching for frowning too much? Either way, that kid would benefit from a little telling off every now and then. Perhaps some reality would find its way into that head of his.

    Spotting sharp movements from the corner of his eye, sheets flew into the air as he instinctively dove down, a set of claws swishing past the spot his head had been in. Yanking himself up, he spun around...and he almost wished he hadn't. Leering at him, there were two skeletal creatures that couldn't be called anything else but demons.

    Retreating towards one of the car doors, both creatures mirrored his movements, stalking him like predators to a prey. With little warning, one leapt towards him, mouth opening to reveal a nasty set of rotten teeth. Adrenaline-fuelled, the teacher darted forward, slamming his shoulder into it. Stunned from the impact, the creature staggered backwards.

    Before he could recover, the most unholy of shrieks rung in his ears as its accomplice had flung itself onto him. Struggling, hands grasped at claws as they dug into his shoulders. "Get...OFF Me, you filthy-!" Ineas slammed his head into the creature's chest, temper raging as he kicked, stomped on the thing's deformed legs and feet.

    A snarl was heard, Ineas shoved forward straight into a third creature. Yanked up by his hair, the man was struck in the face, teeth clicking involuntarily as blood trickled down. Stunned, he felt his arm twist backwards, an awful popping sound heard as it dislocated from the socket. His choked breathing turned into restrained gasps as pain overwhelmed him.

    The first creature leered down at him, slashing his face as long gashes spread across it. Then it did it again, and again. With ragged breathing, his eyes were forced shut as his flesh was shredded into hanging pieces. And then the man had released an agonising cry as two of them pulled and pulled, cracking sounds from his neck. Writhing, he was barely aware when it snapped.

    Vision a searing white, blood rushed in his ears. And then it was silent.

    Deep blue eyes stared out of the window as the rhythmic sound of the train lulled him into the beginnings of sleep. His father had wanted to prepare him for medical school, sending Aoi to one of his colleagues to gain experience for his future studies. The stay would likely be longer than a month. Aoi wasn't fond of the idea of travelling alone, but perhaps it was for the best. His parents were busy enough as it is.

    A cry had echoed, jerking the boy awake. Eyes darting around, they widened into huge orbs. Inches from his face was the most horrifying thing he had ever seen.

    "Monsters don't exist, Aoi."

    Feeling claws wrap around his neck, he was lifted high in the air by the creature, gagging from its stench. Gasping, he hung like a ragdoll as he was carried towards yet another creature.

    "Monsters...don't exist."

    Feeling the second creature take hold of his shoulders, his shaky breaths turned into screams as sharp teeth buried into his neck. He went wild, fingernails frantically scratching at the bony hand choking him. As the monster ripped out a chunk of his flesh, his screams were cut off as pain overwhelmed his senses.

    Tears and blood streamed from him as he felt the monster behind him reposition itself, a second scarred head revealing itself. Vision blurred, he could only watch as its jaws opened. "N-No..."

    Searing pain exploded, numbing the boy's senses as the second creature had returned for more, biting into him once again. No longer aware of the pain, his unseeing eyes had shifted towards the ceiling. Nagoya, his friends laughing in the park, his parents smiling at him when he had received his first award from school - all of it flashed before him.


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  3. |Aries Casey|
    |A New Friend!|
    |Now Playing: 008|​

    Aries was intently reading her favorite book, violet eyes darting from right to left, her earbuds blasting music from her phone. When the demonic creatures descended upon the small girl, she almost didn't notice. However, the gutteral moaning that the creature was producing pulled her out of her game as it approached her. Looking up, her curly blonde hair bouncing, she smiled happily. "A friend!" she laughed. She pulled out her earbuds and turned to the demon. "Hi, my name is Aries, what's yours?" She stuck her hand out for the demon to shake. The gangly clown looked at her in confusion, its claws scraping the ground as it came closer. And closer. And even closer. Finally, they were face to face, Aries' face still captured in the gleeful smile, the monster eyeing her curiously. She closed her eyes cheefully and tilted her head to the left a little.

    The monster didn't like this. No, not at all. In fact, the creature didn't like anything that was new to him. No, sirrie. So, when the girl whom Death had tasked him to kill closed her eyes, he raised his claws and impaled her, his bony arm coming out of the other side of her torso.


    Aries' eyes flew open in shock and pain, a small 'oh' being emitted from her mouth. Looking down at the arm inside of her, she frowned. the creature ripped its arm out from her body, and she collapsed on the metal floor. Blood dripped on the ground, and she looked up blankly at the demon before her, who's disgusting mouth had formed into a grin. "P-play nicely, n-now..."

    Her eyes shone in the stark artificial light of the train car, then glazed over.

    She saw nothing.

    |Elise Katar|
    |This Reminds Me...|
    |Now Playing: N/A|​

    The darkness of the night outside seemed to be leeching into the car, as Elise felt like utter crap. She couldn't write today, as writers' block was kicking her ass. So there she sat on the train, scribbling madly in the margins, doodling, waiting for an idea to emerge from the storm of words swirling in her mind. Suddenly, a thudding noise cleared her mind instantly. Elise looked up, and what she saw horrified her.

    A tall, gangly creature just like the ones that, not to her knowledge, had killed the other occupants. "O-oh my..." she stammered, clutching her notebook tightly and backing away. Her back pressed up against the wall of the car, and the monster reached her in no time. She was an easy target, and the clown raised its arm once more, bringing it down upon Elise's pale face. Lines of crimson blood bloomed from the incisions that the monster had begun to create not only on her face, but her entire body. When it was done, she was unrecognizable. Her notebook, bloodstained and ripped, lay just beyond her outstretched fingertips.

    She saw nothing.

    |A Wonderful Game|
    |Now Playing: No One In Sight |​

    Death stood in front of the now-dead contestants in the endless void. His face was not visible; instead, he wore a long, draping cloak made of material just as dark as the world surrounding them. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! You've all been subject to terrible fate, haven't you?"
    This cued a fit of laughter from the faceless man that lasted for several minutes. "I did that. It was quite hilarious, watching your reactions. Why, Aoi here even tried to tell himself it wasn't real! And--and Ineas, he fought them! That one was a laugh. Aries tried ever so hard to befriend the hostile creature, but in the end her request was met with a rather negative answer. The rest of you did alright, not too shabby."
    Taking a breath, he changed tracks. "But, that's not why we're here today. We're here to play...a game! My game, to be exact. Who likes fighting here? Well, you get to fight! To the death, actually. And the winner gets a chance to live again! No repercussions, no memory of the games. But, the losers will be erased from existence itself. Got it?"

    Aries raised her hand quietly. "Yes?" Death said, amusement seeping into his words. "So we're dead?" she asked bluntly. Death chuckled; "Of course! You have to be, or I'd be breaking the rules. Any more questions?"
  4. .:Aoi:.
    Playing: The Girl in the Dream

    Darkness stretched out across him, surrounding him in complete nothingness as it seemed to continue for all eternity. Staring blankly, the boy was only partly aware of what was occurring around him. "Is...Is this...? What...?" Blinking, a hand had gone to his head. This made no sense to him. He...He got attacked by monsters, two monsters, and now he was dead? This must be a dream, he was sure of it. He likely fell asleep on the train and became stuck in some really, really crazy dream.

    As a voice had spoken to a girl, a sinking feeling creeped into his being. Shoulders slumping down slightly, a pitiful smile decorated his face. "...So we truly are dead, then." As the brutal truth gradually settled into his mind, the boy had chosen acceptance. There was nothing he could do but to play along, his mouth a thin line. Hands forming into fists, his blue eyes had swept across the other participants. He really felt sorry for them, especially the little girl.

    Playing: Dining Room

    Standing in the void, the boy's attention had gone to his hands. He was...alive? No, something was definitely different. His suspicions were soon confirmed as the man in front of him had responded to a girl to his left. He died. He was actually dead. Grey eyes had shifted to the cloaked man. "...You enjoyed this."

    The student grew visibly tense. "I was...I was torn into pieces, and you want to play a game?" Breaths shaky, he had released a nervous laugh. "Jesus christ...you are insane, a-a psychopath..." Stepping to the side, he had turned his back to them all, fingers quivering as he had raised a hand to partially cover his mouth. "This can't be happening to me..." he mumbled in french.

    It didn't take long until he felt someone's prying eyes on him. Turning his head slightly, he quickly scanned the group until he spotted the culprit; the blonde man that had been ridiculed earlier. Lowering his hand, he frowned. "...Quoi?"

    Playing: Clinging Terror

    Being gravely injured was one thing, but being openly mocked for it was something entirely else. A tight feeling was in his chest, the teacher glaring daggers at the cloaked man. This person clearly enjoyed the suffering of others. His jaw clenched, Ineas being all too familiar with this scenario.

    An unsteady voice had attacked the concealed man, the teacher looking over to the white-haired youth. The boy seemed as if he was moments away from a panic attack, muttering words Ineas couldn't quite catch. As if sensing him, the youth had soon sent him a frown, questioning him in a language he assumed was french. The tone of his voice had been rude enough, Ineas raising an eyebrow.

    Returning his attention to the cloaked man, he had inhaled deeply. "...As we are ultimately forced into participation, I'm assuming there will be rules for us to abide by?" He would hardly be surprised if there weren't any, considering what had occurred back at the train. His brows furrowed. The price...his life. Ineas wasn't fond of the idea of having to kill, however, he wasn't fond of the idea of being erased either.​
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  5. .:|Death|:.
    |Every Game Has Rules|
    ::|Now Playing: Senkou |::
    "...You enjoyed this. I was...I was torn into pieces, and you want to play a game? Jesus christ...you are insane, a-a psychopath..."

    The french boy stuttered, fear and confusion consuming his emotions. This delightful mixture of emotion cued more insane laughter from the hooded figure.

    "Of course! You lot are my best group yet, best reactions. Yes, indeed, I am a psychopath, but you cannot continue to call me that. No, I prefer to go by..."

    A pause, followed by a creeping chuckle.


    Another voice came from the opposite side. Ineas had spoken, hostility and curiousity mingling like fear and confusion had in the young boy who had spoken previously.

    "...As we are ultimately forced into participation, I'm assuming there will be rules for us to abide by?"

    "Obviously, can't have you running around unmonitered! Every game has its rules, and this one has many. But first, allow me to give a brief overview."

    "You all are dead. That's been established. Now, I get bored. Sometimes. So, to spice up my job, I'm going to throw you all into an arena! Plays on your fears, shifts every night into some horrible mess, you know. So, you're all going to fight each other to the death, along with fighting some regular monster type creatures, such as the ones that ripped you to shreds just a few minutes ago! Now, now, don't you worry about your families and such. To prevent any...problems, they've forgotten about you! Everyone else you ever knew as well, I suppose they forgot. So they won't be worried, either! Doesn't that put your minds at ease?"

    Death chuckled for a moment, then continued to speak.

    "Yes, yes...So, you won't just be left with your wits about you. I'm going to give each of you a gift. It'll contain something to aid you in the arena; but, keep in mind, there are going to be a few drawbacks. For instance,"

    He waved his hand, and a beautiful silver fountain pen materialized in the air.

    "This is for Elise. Now, if she writes something in the air, such as...puppy."

    He wrote in the word "puppy" in the air, and the letter swirled together. Soon enough, a puppy was lying on the ground, dead.

    "Yeah, that wouldn't go too well for her. This pen cannot create living items, like puppies."

    Death kicked the small carcass aside and strode to the blue haired woman, bowing before her and placing the pen in her hand. She reluctantly took it and cast a frightened look at the others.

    "Now, the next gift up is...Aries! The youngest one here, yes...a teddy for you!"

    A small brown teddy bear formed in front of Aries, to her delight. She happily ran forward to grab it, but first, Death stopped her. Taking a needle and thread in his hands, he secured Aries to her place.

    "Now, this might hurt a bit..."

    Taking the needle once more, he set to work on her eyes. Sewing and sewing, her beautiful blue eyes were now a mixture of all the colors. Red, orange, green, purple, among others, were all crudely mixed together in Aries' eyes. A black choker formed around her neck; a matching one could be seen on the bear.

    "W-what did you...?"

    The bear stood up and skipped over to Aries' position. She was now free, and could move about as she liked. Her vision was not impaired, but she saw colored outlines, throbbing and pulsing, around each person there. Death did not have one.

    "Fixed your eyesight, that's all. Now you and your bear are connected!"

    He thrust the thread out to Aries.

    "This is yours."

    Aries took it with a shaky hand, and the teddy bear jumped into her arms. Colored tears fell onto the bear, each drop a different color. Red, orange, blue, staining the plush surface as Death moved on to his next victim.

    "Evan! Come over here, boy."
  6. .:Ineas:.


    Grim Reaper.

    Angel of Life and Death.

    So that's how it was. The teacher remained in silence as Death had briefed them. At the mention of those creatures, a hand had subconsciously moved to his neck, fingers trailing where it had been snapped. That bit of information had bothered him, the man reliving the last of his moments on the train. Blood, the swishing claws, the sensations of tendons snapping.

    As Death had continued, informing them that their families had all forgotten about them, his hands had clenched into fists. There was a grim expression on his face. His mother lived on her own and still required assistance every now and then, so how would it be if she had...? Shaking his head, Ineas disliked where his thoughts were heading. It...couldn't be helped. He would only have to comply...until he found a way out of this mess.

    Ineas had looked up as a lifeless puppy had materialized on the ground, it's body soon discarded to the side like mere trash. He didn't feel any better when the small girl had her eyes sewed on, improving her vision. Wherever that would lead, he had a creeping suspicion that he should get used to these kind of things from now on.​


    "Of course! You lot are my best group yet, best reactions. Yes, indeed, I am a psychopath, but you cannot continue to call me that. No, I prefer to go by...Death."


    What the hell...was going on? The way the man had said it had sent shivers down the boy's spine. Crossing his arms, he had looked down towards the endless ground. This shouldn't be possible. It shouldn't be real. Why was he even here?! The boy twitched as he felt something touch his arm gently, silvery eyes darting towards a pair of ocean blue ones.

    "...You shouldn't say such things to people."

    Evan stared at the dark-haired boy. According to what he had heard Death say earlier, his name was Aoi. He looked about his age, so who was he to tell him what to do and what not to do? Frowning, Evan had remained silent. That clearly didn't deter the other, prompting Aoi to shift closer.

    "Listen...you are not alone in this. Take a breath, it will feel better. Go on...deep breaths."

    As he listened, Aoi's voice was strangely soothing. Evan found himself gradually calming down, his racing heartbeats replaced with a steadier rhythm. As Death had continued, informing them about what they would expect, Evan had closed his eyes. Not those creatures again... He obviously wouldn't get a break anytime soon, with dying being the only alternative. He glanced at the other participants. The way this was going, he would either have to become a murderer or someone's victim.

    Upon being told that their families no longer had any memories of them, he tensed, Aoi looking utterly horrified. Forgotten...as if he hadn't even existed. An empty feeling was in his chest. That...That wasn't right.

    Evan watched as a pen had appeared in Death's hand, blinking dumbly as a puppy had materialized dead on the ground. As its body was kicked to the side, the youth was appalled. But at the same time, he was amazed against his will that it even happened. A pen had been able to do that, just a pen.

    As Elise had taken her gift, he then watched as Death had turned to the small girl. A look of horror was on his face as the girl had her eyes modified with a needle. That feeling of dread returned, working its way up inside him until it threatened to take over. Evan almost considered to run away from this madness, but...where would he even run off to? This wasn't like any other place he had been in, not even close. He would undoubtedly be running forever - if even that.

    Forcing down the fear, his eyes had shifted up as Death called for him. Casting a glance to Aoi, the other boy had looked back at him, as if telling him to go onwards. Evan's steps had started out hesitant as he passed the other participants, but as he neared Death, they grew more and more confident. As soon as he had reached the cloaked man, Evan had looked straight at him. His heart instantly began to beat faster, but he stayed quiet this time.
  7. .:;:|Death|:;:.

    Death grinned as Evan approached him, his heart very audible to the Bringer of Despair.

    "Nervous, are we? No need, no need..."

    Taking a deep breath, the hooded figure took several steps around the youth, taking in every inch of him.

    "Hm...now, what should I give you..."

    He trailed off before springing back up, hand in the air.

    "I've got it! A violin."

    Waving his hand once more, a mahogany violin appeared before Evan. If he had taken it, a bow would've appeared beside him as well, floating in mid-air as it waited for Evan to take hold of his new weapon.

    "Now, if you've played this before or not, it doesn't matter. Not only will you be able to play splendidly on this wooden marvel, you can do this."

    A replica of the violin appeared in Death's hands. Taking a bow from his cloak, he began to play. It started out slowly, but it increasingly sped up, until it reached a climax and emitted a large sound wave that would have shaken the ground.

    "Yup, that's for you. Just don't use it too much, or else it just might implode and radiate those waves everywhere, destroying everything in a one mile vicindity!"

    Death chuckled.


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  8. .:Evan:.

    His eyes followed Death's every move as the cloaked figure had circled him, seemingly deep in thought. Whatever was going on inside that man's head, the youth hoped...No, he demanded that he wouldn't face the same treatment the little girl had.

    Nothing could have prepared him for what came next.

    A violin.

    To say that the instrument was beautiful would have been a serious understatement. Every drop of fear washed away from him as Evan reached out, taking the violin and its bow down. He was utterly entranced by it, fingers trailing gently over the strings. This instrument radiated of grace and power.

    As a copy of his own appeared in Death's hands, Evan had watched as his weapon was demonstrated, its sounds resonating through his being as it built up to its peak - a soundwave trembling the ground around him. He was amazed.

    "Yup, that's for you. Just don't use it too much, or else it just might implode and radiate those waves everywhere, destroying everything in a one mile vicinity!"

    Evan gulped, his eyes returning to the wooden instrument in his hands. It could...implode... This instrument was a potential bomb. He felt extremely uneasy about that, but after what Death had said earlier, he should have known. As the hooded figure called out for the next participant, the youth had reluctantly bowed his head before stepping back to the side.

    As Evan's weapon had been demonstrated, the boy twitched and covered his ears as the most painful, wailing sound erupted from Death's replica. Mind blank, he could do nothing else but stand there and wait it out.


    Ears ringing, the boy had opened his eyes at the voice, blinking numbly. It took a little while for him to recover, glancing around at the other participants when no one had stepped forward. That Ineas guy was too busy with staring at Evan, looking as if he was scrutinizing every single part of the violin-bearing youth. So it was decided then.

    With a sigh, Aoi had approached Death, rubbing his head as he felt a migraine not far away from plaguing him. What he would give for some painkillers.

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