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  1. The air was rife with the pungent scent of blood and the buzzing of flies that insisted on doing circles around the middle-aged man, bumping into him and making the male swat them away in annoyance. Starting off, the worst thing was always the bodies, the sight of a person, probably once innocent, defiled, mutilated, or both.​
    Often the thoughts that ran through his head were of those who died and how much they must have suffered before everything ended for them in a single, brutal, foul swoop. The worst ones were the cases involving children, even after having most of his career behind him, those never stopped wrenching at his conscious. The other thought that came into mind were those left behind and the grief they suffered, that would probably never go away. The last thought had always been towards who was capable of such a thing, and why. Sometimes it was hard to discern which ones were more sick, the ones that had a motive, or the ones who killed simply to kill, with no reason. He supposed neither could be measured, and each was equally wrong, but of course regard for Right and Wrong weren't a forthcoming trait in murderers.​
    After a while though, a person started to harden and numb to the sight of the bodies. Dealing with corpses became the easy part, after a few years. It became easier the longer the years dragged on, and the world seemed colder, or maybe it was just him that had grown cold. When he was early into his career, he would've wretched at the sight, and the mere thought, at what a human being was capable of doing to another. Even now, though, the smell made him want to gage. The smell was one thing that he never quite got used to, or the pesky flies. Those irritating, damn, buzzing insects that felt the need to get right up in his face. He just didn't have time for flies.​
    Swatting another away with a grimace of irritation, he surveye the scene of the alley with a guarded expression that gave away nothing as he shoved his hands back into the large pockets of his long coat. If he felt anything at all, it was impossible to tell. Sometimes he even had to question himself if he did feel anything, but he supposed it wasn't important. The more one felt, the harder his job became.​
    It had been a reoccuring event in the last few years, believed to be the work of some new, so far unidentified gang. The body was already ravaged and ripped apart by scavengers. A few rows and clusters of black birds hung above on wires or ledges with blood-stained feathers and beaks, some croaking in protest of their disturbed meal, but he ignored them. It was hard to tell where the intial murder wounds began and ended as opposed to what areas were simply pickings from the crows and other animals. Blood pooled on the stone of the street around the human corpse and painted on the walls in congealing red was the word Murder. He was certain they'd find the same word carved somewhere on the body as well, as they always had before.​
    Taking the cigarette hanging loosely from his lips away, he blew out a breath of gray smoke in something of a sigh, frustration bubbling under the surface of his perfect poker face.​
    "Smug, twisted bastards..." he muttered. "As if we don't already know it's a murder scene." These words weren't really meant for anyone in particular and more just his thoughts spoken aloud. Eighteen years of this job hardly seemed worth it when cases like these kept glaring him in the face, but he was determined to unravel the mystery behind these mysterious strings of murders. He'd already set to work on trying to pull together a team of reputable detectives to help him with it since, much to his chagrin, he wasn't having much luck on his own. Everything was shadowed in total secret and up in the air.​
    Already he'd brought two others who seemed promising to work with him.​
    One was a woman about his own age, with excellent marks in her career, being an FBI detective. She was very close to his own age, but still with youthful spunk and enthusiastic to help make a difference, much the opposite of him. They needed someone upbeat and ready to take on the world, but she was also old enough that she probably wouldn't be too jeuvanile or make as many mistakes as a newer or fresh-from-the-academy detective or police would've likely been. Hopefully though, she was prepared for a hard and emotionally taxing job like this one.​
    The other was noticably younger than either of them, but she was reputable for having a hard-hitter, no-nonsense demeanor. The type of person who never settled for anthing less than perfection, as he understood it. That was good, he needed someone sharp and ready to step up to bat in such a case as this one.​
    Both voluntarily wanted to work on this case already, so it was to his favor when he had first called them up on the offer of a partnership. Of course reputations were all well and good, but he wouldn't make any final judgment calls until he met them in the flesh and saw how they did, being one to live by the motto Believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see. Today would be the real deal, where he'd get to see them in teh field and be able to assess what sort of help they would be to the case. The only matter now was to wait for them to arrive, the area already sectioned off and being monitored by police on the street and other side of the alley.​
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  2. I sighed and scanned the whole room with the ARI glasses. I added a comment about raven's eating the bodies and spoke up with a slight hint of a joke in my voice. "Huh. It's a murder of crows. Thats what it's called right?" I shrugged and the glasses finished their 3D downloading of the area. I put them away and slipped the gloves off and turned my eyes off of the crows. I looked at the body, it was gruesome to say the least. I had seen dead bodies, mutilated dead bodies, bloody dead bodies but nothing like this. It was awful in a way I couldn't lay my finger on.

    "So. How many similar murders have there been?" I knelt down near the body inspecting it. I saw something carved into the body. The flesh was mangled but the words were clear enough. I sighed and muttered looking away. "Just like the stories." I had been wearing my usual, suit, no tie and blue collar shirt. It was an okay suit, better than most other officers get or can afford. I always forget my troubles when I look at a dead body and they always rush back as soon as I look away.

    It made me feel guilty, almost as if I truly didn't appreciate or respect the dead. It has only been getting worse, the more corpses you see the more they turn into corpses and not people. However that tangy tingling feeling never left me around the dead. I looked to Maverick. I wondered what he thought of me so far. My first day here, I heard once that first impressions mean everything, I definitely didn't want to mess this up. I knew getting my own big office at the station wasn't helping me. Then I felt it, the feeling of hand crawling up my back.

    I held still and stood up slowing turning around, the body was still there, motionless as ever. I've been watching to much TV. Helped me take my mind off of my daughter. God she hadn't moved from her room all week. It was really getting to me, I had to force my way into her room to make her eat breakfast. She's never acted like this. I know I did for a few days after I lost my husband, ex husband I suppose. I hoped whatever she was dealing with that she would get through it.

    Slowing down I shook my head, my thoughts were trailing off. Funny how in just a few seconds your mind can think hundreds of thoughts. I had figured with as many murders as there have been lately that it was a group or a few people have been inspired by the first to do the Murder thing. The latter made the most sense, in my experience, smart men murder more often than stupid men and a smart man would figure that if he copied someone else, less chance of them finding him right? Sadly, they were usually right, the murderer we catch turns out to only have done a fourth of the similar murders in total but it's not like we have jurisdiction to go after someone else.
  3. The scene was already pretty lively when Ana arrived but she noticed nothing past the lifeless form a little ways past the police tape. She flashed her detective's badge at an officer then put it back into her pocket as she went in under the yellow border. The smell was now stronger than before- the smell of death. Ana walked up to the body. She ignored the person next to her for a moment as she looked over the body. It was a gruesome sight, but then so where a lot of things. It was merely another clue, a hint, left by the murderer or murderers. There were rumors floating around that it was a gang committing the murders. Ana remained silent on the matter. She had worn long pants, flats and a short sleeved dress shirt for this scene all for the sake of maneuverability.

    She walked back the way she had come and stopped when she reached the yellow tape. Things always looked different once seeing the main point of focus. When she first walked through it was jut a crime scene, now she had scene the body and it's damage. The entire area was now vulnerable; any one thing out of place or set strangely was a hint at this case. From her investigation of other sites she found that most things were actually untouched. The only blatant clue were the writing of "Murder" in blood on a nearby surface and carved on the body of the victim. Beyond that was, of course, the gathering of crows at every crime scene. She looked to the ones currently cawing their disapproval of the attention to their latest meal.

    That's when she allowed herself the observation of two other detectives on the scene. She recognize done as an older man she saw often at the same scene as it happened around the city. The other was a woman she also recognized. The man was obviously older than her and she could assume for the other woman. She would have to step up her A-game so as not to be a bother for them. Partnerships weren't her best area, but, the more people she had working with her the better in this case. Ana took out a small notepad and wrote down a few details about the scene. The same markings were there as always. Not much new to add to her journal. She walked back up to the man standing near the body looking rather stoic. She looked back at the corpse and sighed. "There's never much of anything linking these murders to each other beyond the obvious. Have you noticed anything yet?"
  4. Comedy was not one of Maverick's strongest personality traits, rather he was quite lacking in that regard, and when he was feeling comedic it was usually dry, dark humor. He supposed nearly two decades of working brutal murder cases would do that to a person. There wasn't much comedy or bright side to be found in a murder case, the only ones less tragic being the death of known big-time criminals that a court couldn't be convinced to lock away. Still, the tossed joke about the relation of the label on flocks of crows and the crime scene at least told him that the blond detective helping work the case would likely be able to handle the job. Some people just dealed with trauma and stress in their own ways, some held it in and accepted it such as himself, some reacted badly and lost their composure, others laughed it off even if it seemed inappropriate for the circumstances.

    He caught a flicker of movement in his peripheral vision even as the first woman to arrive questioned the number of deaths. Death tolls ranging up towards forty or fifty per year wasn't an unusual occurance in a dirty city like this one, but the numbers had been climbing higher as of late. Cases specifically like this one were the main cause.

    "The numbers started off smaller only a few years ago. Ten, maybe, in the first year, in all cities. We're hitting year six now since this started, and this one makes the thirty-second case just this year in our city alone, and we're only about halfway towards the New Year." He took another deep drag of his quickly dwindling cigarette, blowing out another cloud audibly. "It's hit a few other cities as well. Some have even climbed up into the rankings of most annual homicides. Ours is nearing the top already, and by years end it just might be the number one hotspot for abundance of murders."

    Even as he spoke, his eyes lingered on her to try and gauge how she was taking all of this in...what her thoughts might've been, his gaze also flicking to the other who was trying to survey the scene in silent observation. Chances were the blond woman would be an easier read than the other, have less of a serious pokerface and more open. Not the best trait in such a career field but he could have worse to work with, much worse. She had a good attitude about her job though, which they would probably need. A little bit of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy and depressing practice.

    The other seemed more hard-edged, somewhat unapproachable, but competant. Not that he could talk, he wasn't exactly a social butterfly himself, and usually worked on his own. Sociability wasn't a huge problem though, as long as she was good at her job, he'd find a way to work around any asocial tendencies. So long as they reached their goal and caught the culprit, that was all that mattered, however they reached that end.

    When the other woman, Ana, if he remembered correctly, questioned him about anything they had noticed, he shook his head slightly. "Same as most of the others. Could've been killed by a gun, more than likely though a sharp object such as a knife of some kind. No tools or weapons of murder left behind. No traceable evidence such as fingerprints or DNA that matches anyone in the system. A whole lot of animal contamination and mutilation. Conveniently out of location or sight of any sort of survelliance or cameras. No witnesses that we can find. Not much else to go by than that, I would guess, based upon past occurances, though we won't know for certain until they do a forensics test, would will take a while."

    He sighed and dropped what little stub of cigarette he had left, grinding it under his heel.

    "Our best bet would be if we had a witness or to catch them in the act at this point, but the chances of that are slim at best unless our would-be suspect gets too cocky, but they've been careful up to this point so no telling how long before that happens."
  5. I muttered a curse when he was talking about the numbers, someone at the office had mentioned the gang idea. That definitely seemed more likely than the pyscho with a fan base or the singular suspect idea. I was surprised they still had detectives working on this, by then you would think this place would have military police or martial law in place. I guessed the FBI is just before that. Military policing wasn't good for people, I knew I would have to find these criminals before either of those things happened.

    "Have you started intercepting calls or emails?" I knew that could possibly be a start, this kind of murder seemed highly planned. "Also can we get someone to identify the guy? Figure out if he was some kind of drug dealer or something?" Drug dealer made sense, rival gangs always wanted the other dead. I turned to one of the beat cops. "Whats the address?" He gave it to me and I nodded putting on the glasses, I marked the address and added a note jotting down my previous ideas. "Okay. If we start recording phone calls and emails, once we get the address of the murder we can try and figure out if it was in any of the emails or calls and then trace back the murderer." I knew that was a little long term. "From the stories you've I've heard and what you told me, there won't be much left for us here."
  6. "It's a big city, it'd take more manpower than we have to intercept every phone call and email that passes in and out, especially if you consider most people have multiple emails and the rate at which emails and phone calls are made, and if our suspect is really smart, they'll know not to send emails, write down, or leave any evidence. The actual content of phone calls can only be traced from when you start tapping and recording them, not before." He paused a moment as he surveyed the scene with a keen eye, trying to wrack his brain for something that might help. "Besides, we still don't know who exactly is responsible. The best lead we have is to start trying to weedle information from either witnesses or gangs in the area somehow, but that provides a whole new set of problems to work through as well." Questioning the gangs was one of those things that he hadn't done yet, having tried a variety of other things to try and uncover the culprits, but he had been working alone before. It was also risky, and more guaranteed to end the day with a bit of spit in the face, or something equally as unpleasant, than it was to get them answers.
  7. Ana listened to his answer intently, nodding when she agreed with something he said. So he basically knew just as much as she did. She hook her head in disbelief. No markings besides those left on the body, no DNA traces, no clumsy trail to follow, nothing. Regardless it's not a gang. She looked to the other woman when she spoke up about intercepting calls. That was when Detective Maverick spoke again. She only listened to the exchange, her eyes scrutinized the area around the dead body once more for some type of something to pop out at her and help all of this make even an inkling of sense.
    She just couldn't believe the gang theory. Gangs were prone to using force to get their way and taking each other out was not uncommon either, but that wasn't strong enough a detail to link them to the case. Writing "Murder" near the bodies was reminiscent of gang activity but not a street gang. "I just can't go for the gang theory," she said with a sigh. "Especially if they're dealing with drugs. The crime scene is always too clean and the way it happens... It just wouldn't make enough sense." She shook her head.
  8. "A good guess," Maverick perceived as he heard Ana give her theory. "But let's not rule anything out too soon. I don't believe any of the pre-existing gangs are responsible, going by the same logic of what you just said - it's too clean and thorough - unless there's been some sort of massive upheavel that we haven't heard about, but a newer group...gang, organized crime, cult, whatever it may be, might still be responsible. At any rate, the ones who would notice such a presence first and most would be two groups, the law enforcement, us - and the street gangs. We might find absolutely nothing with them, but it's a starting point at any rate."
  9. "I agree with that, I just can't look at them as anything more than witnesses and possible sources," she said, looking between the detectives. "It's a good thing we're on the same page. I was starting to think I'd have to race to keep up with you and Detective Victoria. Don't hold back on my account." She gave a small smile as she folded her arms. This case was pretty tight so it was only fair that they were on the same page, but if the circumstances were different then they might certainly have surpassed her with their experience. Ana was grateful then for the level playing field. "So, where do we start then?" Jokes aside, Detective Maverick had contacted her so she would be willing to sit back and take orders in this case. It wouldn't do any good to be stepping on toes within this case.
  10. "We start poking our noses around the gang's and anyone that might seem promising. I'll have a word with the media coverage too, get just enough word out that we might find some leads that way without giving ourselves away too much. If we're any kind of lucky, we might have one solid lead by the end of the week. If not...well, then we'll just have to wait and see how long until we can uncover something helpful." He decided aloud, watching to gauge both of the two womens reactions.
  11. Akatsuki drowned a shot of whatever it is he was given in one go. He simply asked for the hardest liquor the bartender could offer. It tasted fruity, Cointreu, he guessed. Not bad.

    Nothing beats a nice drink after the day's kill. Best part is, the Elders still have no leads. He wasn't even half worried about the mundanes, pretty certain that they'll take much longer if they'll ever figure anything out. He enjoyed how it messed all of their heads. It was simply his way of letting out some steam...and sending a message.
  12. Ana nodded as she listened to the detective's plan. It was an agreeable mode of action, no doubt; simple but agreeable. She sighed heavily and crossed her arms. "Sounds good to me. I'm shooting for a lead by the end of the week though with a case like this it doesn't seem likely. I like to stay optimistic." She took a look back over the scene with a careful eye and camera. It had been going on for to long all ready, she really wanted to end it before things grew too drastic. She was no stranger to complaints from citizens on the police's job of finding thieves or serial killers. Be it weeks or months - sometimes days- it was never fast enough for them. "We'll just have to pace ourselves with this one," she mumbled as she snapped a picture of the dead body.
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  13. Luna smiled happily as her black gloved hands wrote across the walls of the trashed apartment of her victim in his own blood. He had been causing a bit of trouble in the area so she had been sent to take care of him. The poor fool had simply let her into his home through the window, thinking her simply to be an interesting bird. She nearly felt bad for him, but it had made her job easier for her. It had been a quick killing, and there were no witnesses. The elders would be pleased.

    Having finished with her work, she turned towards the window and started to change. Her totally black wardrobe that covered her body was replaced with white feathers as she began to shrink towards the floor. Seconds later, she was a pure white crow. The window was still open. She flew up to it, pushed past the curtains, then flew out into the chill night air. Her feathers reflected the moon’s light beautifully, making her appear to glow like a star against the black sky. As she flew, she noticed another crow flying nearby. She suspected that they were a part of Murder, and as she flew a bit closer she noticed that she was indeed correct, though she wasn't sure which member they were. They were both headed towards the Headquarters. She cawed out to them.

    "You returning from a mission?" she asked.
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