Murder, ROTG, time travel and visions. (Ideas updated 21st May)

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  1. Searching for a couple of more rp partners :)

    Things you should know:
    1. I’m not a native English speaker, thus I’m not fluent in English. Grammar mistakes might happen.
    2. Be fairly active. I don't like waiting two weeks on a post. But I do understand if RL problems gets in the way sometimes.
    3. NO ONE-LINERS! Preferably 2-6 paragraphs, anything less than that kills my muse and anything more than that might make my replies much slower.
    4. Talk with me about the future of the rp, and throw in your own ideas now and then.
    5. I ONLY rp via iwaku's forum so that I can keep my rp's in one and the same place. No PM, skype, chat, e-mail or other roleplay sites.
    6. Sex is allowed for the characters if it's a romantic rp, BUT, we need to fade out the scene. If that rule isn't obliged then I will create an old grandpa character that will cockblock your character every time they're just thinking about sex! You have been warned.
    7. Gore, blood and torture is allowed if we find the chance to use it.
    8. All ideas are on the planning table, which means they can still be changed.

    My ideas:

    1. Wrapped in lies
    A 17 year old boy has been accused of murdering his own family. The young man is on the run from the guards as he knows he will be executed if they catch him. He saw the man who murdered his family, one of the kings most trusted generals. No one would believe him if he told them, so what other choice did he have than to run? He needed to find a way to prove his innocence. But first he had to survive. A man found the starving boy in the forest where he had been hiding for weeks, he said that he would help the boy, but he had a hidden agenda. He was a guard in disguise and would take the boy back to town and throw him into prison so justice could be served. But will he be able to go through with it? Will he be able to believe that the boy is the cold blooded murderer people says he is? Or will he end up helping the boy instead?

    -I play the 17 year old boy.
    -Can be romance or non-romance
    -Medieval time period

    2. Fandom: Rise of the guardians (Jack/Pitch pairing, Father(guardian)/son relationship)
    Pitch Black was there when the moon changed Jack into a winter spirit. He let Jack be for some days so that he could take him in once the boy had realized how lonely he was in that strange new world. They lived together, having a relationship as that of a father and son, sometimes fighting and sometimes getting along. When Pitch starts his plan of bringing nightmares to all children, the guardians gets the message from the man in the moon that Jack Frost shall be the new guardian. Will they be able to convince the winter spirit to stand up against the man he sees as a father figure? Or will he be joining the dark side and fight together with Pitch?

    -I play Jack
    -Needs someone to play Pitch.
    -The characters involved once we get to present time would be Toothiana, Sandman, Pitch Black, Jack Frost, Bunnymund and North, so those will be divided between us. MIM can be played by both of us whenever we feel like using him, and character’s like Jamie will most likely make an appearance eventually, but we don’t have to decide whom plays the children before they become part of the story.
    -No romance

    3. Time’s on our side
    Character A has just invented a time machine and takes a trip with it. A lands in the Victorian era and meets B whom then becomes A’s companion for a few time jumps (Either by sneaking on the time machine after A said no, or by asking and getting a yes from A). They travel to different time periods, gets into dangerous situations, meets new friends and have to deal with getting separated and needing to find each other again.

    - I'll play a female, preferably character B but that's discussable. You can choose whichever gender you want to be.
    - Be able to play multiple characters (preferably of both genders) as they will meet other people during their journey (non will come with them when they leave that time period though, if we don't change the plans)
    - Can be romance or non-romance. If romance then it can be between the two main characters, or between the main characters and some characters they meet later on, or between two characters they meet but whom we won't stay with for very long. So romance doesn't have to occur between the two main characters if we decide to put romance into it.
    - While I don’t mind to time jump into the future, I’m not very good at describing futuristic stuff or aliens (if those has come to earth then), so I might not be very useful in the description department if we do that.
    -We'll discuss together which time periods we want them to discover. (Ex. Ancient Egypt, The victorian era, the dinosaurs time period) And which events we want them to be part of (example: Titanic, Pompeii, other less tragic things maybe?)
    -Kidnapping, stolen time machine, enslavement, disasters & drama will most likely happen. If they make friends then those friends might die!

    -Time travel/Adventure/Friendship/Possibly romance/Tragedy/drama/

    4. That which cannot be seen Character A has been able to see the future for as long as she can remember. She has tried to hide it to the best of her ability, but now people have started to notice. People whom absolutely can’t know. Both the maffia and the government knew about her, and both wanted to obtain the power she possessed. Character B meets A while she is on the run, and oddly enough, A can’t see him in her visions. Unkown to A, B has been sent out by one of those groups (or a third legal or illegal group) to lure her in after she successfully escaped them.

    -I play character A
    -Character B can be either gender
    -It can be romance or non-romance
    -My idea is that at first the spy will try to get close to A because of B’s work, but slowly B realize that B might not want to trick her and instead wants to help. This can also be realized after B have betrayed A and given her to the organization.
    - If the two characters doesn’t connect in that kind of way, then A could either be captured by them and meet another person at the facility she is taken to, and then they escape together, or A might meet someone else after having realized B’s plan and escaped before it happened. We can discuss that as the rp progressess.
    -Also, when it comes to powers they shouldn’t be on the x-men level where some have wings and some can change form etc. The powers humans have in this world is mainly stuff that has to do with the brain and not the body. Telekinesis, illusions, seeing the future, the past, reading minds, etc.
    - There will be lots of chances to throw in side stories, characters and conflicts.-Modern/Adventure with drama/possible tragedy/possible future romance.

    (I won't take on more than two partners right now, as I don't know if I'll be able to handle more than that with all the rp's already going on. After having started two I might consider taking on more if I feel that I can handle it.)
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  2. (Things you should know section updated and extra info added to wrapped in lies)
  3. (Update #2: New idea added rules added, and edits on idea 2 and 3)
  4. You still looking for a partner? I might be interested in idea #3 if we can go back and forth with it. :)
  5. Yes I am :)

    With back and forth, do you mean that the time machine can both jump forward and backwards in time and they can do it multiple times? Then yes, that's what I thought ^^

    I don't know though if we should make it a bit realistic and make them unable to understand languages when they arrive at other places or if we should do like in movies and comic books, all the world speaks English haha. Or if we want to skip the language barrier smoothly then the scientist could have built something that could translate all known languages to his/her own and make the hearer hear everyone they say in their own languages too. (Cheating in Doctor who style?). Though a language barrier could be fun to work with too, though maybe it might become a bit too repetitive if it happens in almost every time jump they make. So they could have the machine that translate languages, but maybe they loose it at some point during their trip and doesn't understand what anyone is saying which creates misunderstandings and bad situations.
    What do you think?
  6. I'm going to PM you. LOL