Murder in the Dark



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It's 1912 and the Countess and Earl of Devon are hosting a weekend long event at their home in celebration of the New Year. Many members of society are invited, along with family and close friends. On the first night, they hold a masquerade ball, everything appears to be going fine, that is until a scream is heard from the study of the manor. The Earl's mother, the Dowager Countess has been murdered, hit over the head with a lamp from the desk. The police are quickly called for, only problem is, all the guests have a reason for killing the woman, making finding her killer twice as hard to find. But can the detective put the pieces together and find her killer before the end of the weekend?


A number of differnet characters will be needed. We need guests and the detective, no one will need to play the Dowager Countess. I will not play the detective, though I will pick the killer, if you are strongly against playing the killer, please include that with your character form, otherwise your character may end up the killer. I will PM the person informing them that it's their character, they are not allowed to tell anyone it's them, even more so the detective, who must place the pieces together. If you would like to be the detective, please make slight changes to the profile and also include in block letters at the top of your profile 'Detective'

Also, you'll need to come up with a good reason as for why your character would want to get rid of the Dowager Countess, remember, it does need to be believable.



Character Name: The name of your character.
Gender: Male or Female.
Age: How old is your character.
Birthplace/World: Where the character comes from.
Occupation/School/Grade: Their job or their school grade.

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General History: Childhood and important events that helped make your character who they are today.

Present Life: The events in the present life that tie them to the current plot!

Relationship with the Dowager Countess: Niece/Daughter/Friend
Reason to kill the Dowager Countess:

If you would like to play the detective, the section titled 'Other' does not need to be included.

If you have any questions, please just PM me, I don't bite


Character Name: Elise Elizabeth Anastasia, Countess of Devon
Gender: Female.
Age: 34
Birthplace/World: London, England
Occupation/School/Grade: Housewife. Countess of Devon
More: Mother of three. Erik, Christine and Elizabeth [8, 6 and 2 respectively]



General History: Elise grew up in London, England as the daughter of a Baron and Baroness. She did not attend school, instead being taught at home by private tutors. She lost her mother at a young age so is extremly close to her father. She spent much of her time between France and England, spending summers in France with her later mother's family. She was a keen horsewoman, spending much of her time with the stabls as a little girl, owning multiple race horses and often accompanying her father to races where their own horses would often take part. She was close to her governess, whom she considered a second mother, to the point where she hired the woman as her housekeeper when she married her husband. She met her husband, the Earl of Devon at a ball in London and since then, her life has changed dramatically, for the better some would say.

Present Life: Elise now lives in the country side at her husbands luxurious manor, spending much of her time with her children, finding almost no time for her old passion of riding. Her time is now taken up by her children, her charity work and the time she spends planning events and dinners like this weekend. Her relationship with her husband is stronger than ever and her three children couldn't be anymore perfect in her eyes

Relationship with the Dowager Countess: Daughter in Law
Reason to kill the Dowager Countess: She and her mother in law have never gotten on. The Dowager Countess wants her to put her father's money into the estate, something Elise wouldn't dare too do, the money is for her children, not the estate. But the Dowager Countess has promised to stop at nothing to get Elise's family's money into the estate