Murder In The Dark. [Intrest check.]



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It was late that night; and Ellie Barrington had plans to go out with friends. Of course a Saturday night and all; the plans had seemed to change a bit. They were supposed to meet up on the football field at eight pm, though one of the groups friends never bothered to show, or couldn't call and let them know if he wasn't coming. They waited long enough and then took off to whatever they had planned. When they realized their buddy never showed up to school on Monday, they became a little worried; not only for him, but for themselves as well.

They continued throughout the week and students they've been friends with have been missing as well since the weekend. The ones who are left, are terrified and unsure if they are safe anymore. They've been told to stay in their dorms until further notice; and once able to leave they had to be buddies with someone. Also within that time, there was a curfew. The curfew was at nine pm, and they had to check in, each time they left, and when they returned and who they were with. Ellie hated the idea of the curfew. It always meant that she was unable to go and come back when she pleased, and if she wasn't able to do that, she was going to go crazy. She needed to figure something out, and quick.


All right guys, here it is. I'm really rough at this, but if you're interested; please let me know. I'm not going to have character sheets only because I hate them. But please... in your post DESCRIBE your character, and your characters background. That is ALL that I ASK. It's not much. I don't want 3 lines... and that's it. I want descriptive people. Please be creative with your posts. And please PLEASE PLEASE for the love of GOD... check your grammar before POSTING. Also, no speed posting. I need to remind people that I'm not always on or available, but when I am, I'd like to not read like 5 billion posts, when I've only had one. Please go at a decent pace. Also, no GOD MODDING. If none of the rules apply to you, then welcome aboard.

And one more thing... HAVE FUN.