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  1. I've had this thought in my head for a while now to just create a huge fantasy world or a kingdom with different races and everything like that, there would be a king/queen/ruler or something and just make up storylines and conflicts as we go. Its just a big project I want to start on :t any ideas? or anybody interested?
  2. You idea is very vague but it's that simplicity that attracts me. Because it leaves so much open to build upon. I have been DYING for an epic long term story. I'm down for working on this with you. :3 What type of fantasy were you thinking? Like horse riding, knights, dragons and mages? That type of thing? Or something with a little more technology? I personally love the though of air ships powered by crystals infused with magic. That sort of thing.

    And as far as races, how many were you thinking? Traditional? Dwarves, humans, elves, etc? Or original races created by the player? So many possibilities. :3
  3. Yes!!! :3 and yeah, stereotypical fantasy with all that you mentioned. but maybe incorperate a little steam punk into it, like you said with air ships. that sounds pretty cool! and with races, i like the idea of people being able to create whatever kind of race their heart desires. because for me, i find it kind of irritating when I find a great RP with an awesome storyline, but then the characters aren't too great. I like being able to customize every aspect of characters.
  4. Yay magic and dragons and other forms of magical stuff!! :D I like the idea as well of people able to create their own races as well. Less restricting that way. And yes I know exactly what you mean with the great idea but bland characters. -_-

    Alright so a steam punk fantasy role play. Sounds pretty awesome to me. So you mentioned a ruler, should there be other kingdoms as well? Possibly an enemy kingdom that adds that ever present threat of war?

  5. Yes! Or maybe One big kingdom where certain groups of people disagree about something, maybe there could be a civil war brewing. I was thinking there would Be a very specific social structure, with lower class and higher class and royalty. Maybe the lower class wants to be treated differently and there's a revolution. Or it could be a sort of industrial revolution thing, where most of the kingdom want to move to bigger things but others just think it will bring trouble. Sound too cliche?
  6. Ooooooh revolutions~ <3 No it doesn't sound cliche at all. That's better than an enemy kingdom. And different races might also be treated differently than others. Perchance some races are automatically thrust into the lower class. An industrial revolution sounds most certainly interesting. Especially when you add in magic.
  7. Oooo. Hope you guys don't mind me hopping in here. I love where this is going. Steampunk + any race ever = fantastic.
  8. No, I don't mind at all, Folly ^-^ anyone is welcome.
    And I like where this is going how the races are automatically put into different classses.. maybe when two people of different races mate its like the lowest of the low. That could also be a conflict in the kingdom, one person of one race is in love with someone else who's a different race. That sounds like a Romeo and Juliet sort of thing haha.
  9. The more the merrier!! I love those ideas Malice.

    But this plot is better because it has FANTASY + Steampunk + any race ever. Which ='s awesome sauce. :D

    Should we have a background as to why this kingdom is treating various races like this and why there all coming to this place? I was thinking it could be like America back in the day when immigration from European countries was at it's highest. This kingdom has so much to offer but when they get there they are quickly sorted into 'classes' and obviously treated much differently.

    This would also allow the creator of the race to have their own reason their character is in this kingdom.
  10. I'd love, love, love to have a slave-like race which is anthropomorphic. The other peoples of the kingdom could view animals as working creatures as most do today therefore the half animal bipedal could be shoved into a lower, working class. :3
  11. both of your ideas are awesome, i really like the anthro race idea. :) I actually wrote a story once where this city was divided into different sections, one of them being cat people, which i called half-furs. xD This is coming along very well. what about laws of the kingdom? would there be certain laws against/for the different races?
  12. I believe there should totally be laws that affect different races. I also like the idea of treating the anthro races as animals, not as people. Heck they could even have certain areas of the city where certain races are not allowed. Shops might change their prices according to the customer and what not.
  13. that sounds like an idea. :3
  14. Should we start posting character sheets? Or plot out a few more things first?
  15. I think we could make character sheets. ^-^ I already have a character in mind that i want to play as. Should there be a profile skeleton?o.o
  16. If I'm not mistaken, I believe Folly in on hiatus. :/ So it might be back down to the two of us again. However I believe we should post a profile post (the basic idea of the story and land) in hopes that more people will become interested. And sorry for not replying yesterday, I was away all day at the beach. :P
  17. Have you made the post yet? Because reading this, I can't wait to start in on it. The whole idea of it just makes me shake with excitement.
  18. No we haven't posted yet! Still in the brain storming stages to you can totally just on the band wagon.