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  1. This site is so big I was wondering if there was a Multiverse section or anything like it. (This is a copy and paste from a msg I sent to someone earlier today)

    A multiverse as someone once described to me is "the goings-on of itinerant characters in an ever-evolving world", meaning a universe where all characters coexist but in somewhat different solar systems and dimensions. Similar to the Roleplayers Realm on a once popular site Anime League its simply a section where it makes it easy for people who roleplay with the same characters in a high fantasy/Scifi setting to rp under one roof. Mostly there were groups of Roleplayers who'd eventually interact with other groups whether they planned for it or not. Alot of invasions of threads. exploration of foreign lands and in character rp wars developed there to peoples delight because you couldn't predict who would show up next. That quality of it might seem a bit asshole-ish to a degree I admit but its pretty fun when done with the right people.

    The way the sub-forum would be set up would be something like

    Multiverse (Or what ever new name deemed appropriate)

    Subforum Sections:

    OCC: (OCC threads and signups)

    Groups and Places: (Where Factions and Clans Place details about their group so people and sign up to join them and show their Locations, planets, Ships. dimensions, NPCS)

    Roleplaying Realm, (Where Rping is actually done)

    Profiles: (Place to drop all your character bios and stuff.)

    Would anyone be interested in starting one?
  2. Thank you for your input!

    Starting a new roleplay forum section is a bit difficult... Only the admins can do that, and they're very selective about it. First of all, starting a new section needs a lot of interest, and I'm afraid I don't think too many people are interested in having their RP's invaded frequently. I imagined it would be quite hard to moderate, and there would probably be a lot of reports by people who feel like they've been unrightfully hijacked O__O Also, you'll find that any new sections will most likely follow the same standard as the other sections, meaning one OOC sub-section for chatting and character sheets, and one IC sub-section for the roleplaying. If you want, though, you could begin with starting up a single multiverse RP in one of our already existing sections, and if you get a lot of interest, eventually the mods might make a new section for it!

    For future reference, threads like this should be posted in the Help Desk: labeled as "IDEA" ^^
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  3. In the meantime though, you can always set up a multiverse roleplay in the miscellaneous section of the group roleplay or create a partner request for one on one in the various partner request section.
  4. Well the invasions were consensual 90 percent of the time and you do have to accept their invasion or not and you could always delete the post in the thread or tell them now isn't a right time. Also people roleplaying in this section would be knowingly entering this world so most likely they'd be open to it. The point is to create a huge network of characters that on this site have in character history with one another. Imagine it like comic books in the sense that there may be a Spiderman comic or Xmen but throughout those you'd see characters like Daredevil and Punisher show up in both.

    The emphasis on this style of roleplaying is its unpredictability and creating environments to see how other people approach your created areas and on going characters in canon. Its not only about fighting

    For example if I were a spy in a city you created who was trying to gather intel and like a James bond I try to escape as you and friends chase me out the city. In part of the conflict a national monument gets destroyed in the city and will forever be broken and noted unless otherwise fixed in a later post. The same thing goes with Injuries. If I were to lose an arm while encountering some sort of wild beast on a foreign planet or something crazy like that my character wouldn't have one of his arms in any of the threads hes in afterwards if he survived.
  5. We LOVE the idea of a Multiverse section made special for Iwaku. O__O At one time we had the Iwaku Mythos roleplays which is a very similar concept, but that era is over.

    Right now we don't have the time and resources to put this together. :( We have some other projects and issues that are the top priority and need to be taken care of first before we can dive fully in to something like this.

    But we do hope to do it in the future. :D
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