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  1. So this is a really strange RP idea, and on paper it sounds silly to most people, but I honestly have lots of interest in it. Here goes:

    The basic idea is that it's based around Crossovers, bringing in existing characters from other works (comics, literature, shows, movies, history etc) but bring them into one specific universe, where they all coexist and blend in with the universe we create together. The thing is, when making the characters you have to redesign them with a more serious tone and fit them into this new universe that the characters will fit into.

    This new universe must also be set on a certain premise. Should it be more modern/pre-futuristc or fantasy based?

    Feel free to ask any questions, I'm sorry that this isn't as in depth as it should be, but I find it easier to answer questions than rant on.
  2. I have always found crossovers to be interesting in one way or another so you certainly have my attention good Cthulhu-esque sir. I think if you want a more character focused rp you should make it modern and if you want a more action/fighting based rp it should be fantasy. Personally, I am a big fan of modern but I am also flexible.
  3. I could potentially be interested in this.
  4. Would anime/manga/video game charas be allowed? If so, count me in! >w<
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  5. I am with Yuri, if Anime characters are allowed i am also in.
  6. I would like to claim Will Graham from Hannibal, however! =D
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