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    Helpful General Information
    About me:

    - I prefer FXM
    - I prefer playing the female as my main character; however, I can do either gender as come and go secondary characters.
    - Thread or PM is fine with me.
    - I’m quite laid back when it comes to rping.
    - I only use anime pictures or written description for looks though what my partner wants to use does not matter to me.
    To potential partners:

    - I’m not particular on spelling and grammar as long as I can read it. I’m not always the best at grammar myself.
    - Length isn’t important to me whether short or long as long as I have something to work with which I can do pretty easily.
    - I like working together to create the rp, both coming up with ideas for it.

    RP Ideas
    Bold: Roles I want to play
    Struck-through: Taken

    *First come first serve for Rp ideas, it's only fair.
    * PM me or post here if interested in any plots.

    - One woman has always seemed to have bad luck. She had to drop out of high school because her parents needed her to work instead. Years went on and all of a sudden she was fired from her job. Plus, her longtime boyfriend just broke up with her. Unhappy with her, her parents kicked her out of the house. Now she’s stuck on the streets. However, someone was walking by her, a very handsome man. He offered her a place to live if she came to work for him. He was a very rich young man living in a large mansion by himself. So, this woman became his housekeeper, doing the cooking, cleaning, laundry. But romance seems to be in the air with the two trying to deny it. The woman is afraid to let anyone in and fall in love again. The man is a rich womanizer who doesn’t quite get why he’s been feeling that way to this one common girl. Yet, even with those thoughts they still find they’re drawn to each other.

    - HeroXvillian

    - Romance coach: A girl gets the most popular guy in school to coach her in romance but what will happen when romance sparks between them as the lessons go on.

    - PrinceXMaid: (Fantasy/modern and medieval time period mix.) The prince gets a new maid to wait on him.

    - JockXPunk

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  2. I like the Romance Coach Idea :bsmile:
  3. Great, I'll PM you and we can discuss it.
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