Multiple Ideas (For both Males and Females!)

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  1. Okay so I've been thinking and maybe I should put multiple ideas into one thread. (Cuz it's like every time I post one thread, I think of another...)

    So, here we go. If you take interest in any of these, be you male or female, PM me, ok? Ok.

    And, on these roleplays, you can chose any character you want! I'll just play whoever is left, lol.

    1.) The Darling Secretary View attachment 9440 View attachment 9441
    She was a gorgeous new employee, fresh from internship. The boss was a sex-starved, handsome middle-aged man. The moment he saw her, he knew he had to have her. The only problem was, she was newly married. He had to find a way to make her his, one way or another. (You can be the boss or the secretary, you chose!)

    2.) His Brother's Daughter View attachment 9442 View attachment 9443
    He had been secretly lustin after his niece for years, and this year was her 18th birthday. He gave her gifts, said sweet things, did everything a man could do to make a girl want him. Now, all he had to do was get her.

    3.) The Perfect Student View attachment 9445 View attachment 9444
    She was new, didn't know anyone, but she quickly made friends with her History teacher. They would talk after school about politics, the world and students being dumb, and she quickly found a way into his heart. He couldn't admit he wanted her, but soon, he couldn't bear the desire.

    4.) The Princess's Shape-Shifter View attachment 9450 View attachment 9451
    It was The Princess's 18th birthday. Her gift? A necklace in the mail from an unknown sender that was told to "bring true love together". Now in the night, a man sneaks in through her window to pleasure her and whisper sweet nothings in her ear. During the daytime, a small dog follows her around, seemingly protecting her. It is later revealed to her that the dog isn't just any kind of dog. Love is very mysterious.

    5.) The Vampire's Plaything View attachment 9452 View attachment 9453
    She was just a normal girl. She had a normal boring job, and went to normal boring school. One day, a new boy arrived at school. He never made eye contact and ignored everyone like they weren't even there. Everyone except her. He seemed to follow her wherever she went, just watching. When she got into trouble, he was there to get her out. Until he was the trouble. Now her neck hurts and he has a living drinking fountain.

    6.) Bad Girl's Club View attachment 9454 ("Bitch") View attachment 9455 (New Girl)
    She was a new girl at the school and immediately put in her place by the "popular" girls. What she didn't know was that the biggest "bitch" there was falling for her, hard. They invited her to a slumber party and ended up locking her and the "bitch" in a bedroom together, expecting a fight, but instead, the "bitch" convinced the girl to give her a kiss, and from then on, they had a relationship that they had to keep hidden from the world.

    7.) The Hunter's Victim View attachment 9484 (Hunter) View attachment 9485 (Victim)
    He had been hunting for years now and had never come across something like this. It was a particularly dark night and he didn't see the kid, just his ears and tail. He didn't mean to shoot the poor kid, he was just lucky it was just his shoulder and not fatal. Now he needed to take care of the little guy until everything was healed... But there was something odd about this one. Something that pulled him in and made him feel... odd.

    8.) Innapropriate Love View attachment 9494 ("The Rookie") View attachment 9495 ("The Badge")
    They were two police officers in Chicago in 1951. Back then, gay/bi relationships were frowned upon. So very much so that gangs killed if there were any thoughts of them. The Rookie was of course learning the ropes. The Badge, married, had of course been there for years and was set to train the new kid. Little did they know, after nights of getting to know each other out alone on their shift, they would get closer than was socially acceptable.

    9.) Furry's First Time Sold View attachment 9496 View attachment 9497
    She was the next "object" up for auction. The lovely, virgin furry willing to go to the highest bidder. He just happened to be the man with millions. He wasn't there to buy, only watch, but when he saw how scared she was, he knew he had to save her.

    10.) Phantom of the Opera View attachment 9498
    Well... You know, the basic P.o.t.O story...

    11.) Fantasy Suite View attachment 9516 View attachment 9517
    There's a special room above even the penthouse in the Hotel Du'vaal. It's a place to fulfill your wildest fantasies, Sexual or Non-Sexual. Just ask the man behind the main counter for Madame Agusta and give him a measly ten thousand dollars, and you've bought yourself one night of anything you desire. So please, visit us soon, and bring your

    12.) Sibling Love View attachment 9563 View attachment 9564
    He had recently come home from college, looking older, wiser, and more handsome than ever. His little sister had always idolized him, telling everyone she was going to grow up as wonderful as her big brother. Now, she was a sophomore in high school. Fully bloomed and built like a beautiful woman. She had always loved him a bit more than she let on, but now that he was home and their parents were usually off at work, she could have him.
  2. I'm interested in number four. Will it be smutty sort of pleasure or?
  3. I am sooo interested in number 11 and 5 :DD
  4. Alright then, step into my office and we shall discuss. (In other words, PM me, k?)