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  1. Have any of you ever worked more than one job at once? I recently picked up a second position (just a shift a week or so, doing general cleaning in an apartment building) and it reminded me of times in the past when I worked multiple jobs. At one point, I was working basically three jobs at once!
    • A bookstore (seasonal help)
    • A gas station (knew I would probably get fired soon as I couldn't wrap my head around the lotto system, so I got a job at...)
    • A small-business bakery!
    The gas station was graveyard shifts, too; and my house at the time had an infestation so we were also moving and looking for a new apartment

    That was not a good place in the life and times of Minibit =.=
  2. I worked at a Subway and a gas station (making subs in the deli).

    It was glorious. I was single. Had a hobby I adored (and blew loadsa dosh on). And got free sandwiches ALL THE TIME! It was kinda nice working from 7AM to 10PM because both places had busy work so the day slid by. Except the deli, even on a busy day at most I'd get six customers in one shift. It wasn't strange for a 12 hour shift there on Saturday to go by and I'd make maybe four sandwiches.
  3. Nope. Just had one job that took up most of my day. I like things simple.
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  4. I have two now, not burned out yet but we'll see how long that lasts.
  5. I did, my days consisted;
    • Waking up
    • Four hours of cleaning hostel rooms
    • Make food for the entire day, groceries, etc.
    • Lay half-dead on the beach until my next job started
    • Work a 10 hour night shift,
    • Sleep
    • Repeat

    Backpacking is a funny thing.
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  6. When I was in undergrad years I worked 2 on campus jobs (class tutor and writing center tutor) as well as my back home job as a pharmacy tech. Did that for all 4 years of undergrad. Then got a years break.

    Now I only have 1 job, but I'm doing 3 different areas so it's almost like I have 3 jobs some days X_X

    Out patient pediatrics (along with the occasional adult to fill in for the other therapist)
    Acute care/swing bed admissions
    Longterm Care admissions/treatments

    little crazy and getting burnt out buuut hopefully that'll change a bit soon :D
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