Multiple banners needed! (Always open)

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  1. the Worldbuilding Templates project needs some banners made to spread the word about how awesome it is!

    The banners should show the huge variety and creative opportunities that can be found in its subject, and invite viewers to participate in the project to help create amazing settings


    Size: exactly 100 pixels high by 800 pixels wide
    Themes: various needed. Currently wanting banners featuring:
    • A variety of islands and things found on them
    • A variety of firearms/ammo
    • A variety of castles
    • A variety of scifi type things
    • A variety of traditional fantasy type things
    • A variety of modern earth stuff

    Text: (for the first three)
    Worldbuilding Templates Project: Islands(/Castles/Firearms, whichever the banner is for)!
    Contribute your questions today!

    (For the last three)
    Worldbuilding Templates Project!
    Help us make some great Worldbuilding tools!

    The most important thing in the banner's design and the image/images used is that it should show a wide variety of possibilities. For example, in firearms, there could be shotguns, laser blasters, cannons, ancient chinese gunpowder canons, etcetera. I'd like if, when people see the banners, their minds aren't immediately suggested into one idea or genre.
  2. *raises hand*
    I'm willing to do the castle one by tomorrow night ; u ;
  3. Give er!

    Note: banner is still available, I wouldn't mind having multiple versions to rotate
  4. [​IMG]

    How's this?
    I hope it's not too detail-ly ; ;
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  5. [​IMG]

    I got bored.​
  6. Oooh~ I like it when you get bored <3

    Is there any way you're bored enough to alter it a little? I'd like to see some fantasy and sci-fi looking firearms in there, too :P
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  7. [​IMG]
    Tfw when sci-fi weapons look really out of place.
    I tried ; ;​
  8. Hmmm, maybe it's the background colour. That shade goes well with the brown and gray rifles and shotguns, but notsomuch with the neon contrast of the sci-fi big guns. Maybe a gradient, fading from the brown to a different shade about where the scifi ones start? You could use a text with letter outlines to keep the readability from being compromised.

    Muchos gracias! The variety is really the most important part of these banners, I really appreciate it <3

    Edit: Oooh and is there any way you can work these beauties in? They're excellent to represent the fantasy genre <3

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  9. Would changing the colour of the sci fi weapons help? :\
  10. Hmm, possibly. But I feel like the guns being all the same basic colours will make it so you'd have to look closely at the ad to see they're different genres :/

    Also I edited my last post ^

    Would it make it easier to coordinate if there were less, say a pistol, a rifle, the scifi big gun, a smaller laser blaster type thing, and one of the fantasy ones? It'd be less colours to appease.

    If it's too complicated I can wait for someone else to make it, but I appreciate your efforts!
  11. Hm, I might have to change the collage at the back a bit. I'll finish this off some time soon~
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  12. We need the ability to do multiple ratings on a post. I wanna rate Thank, Love, and cookies <3
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