Multiple 1v1 Partners Wanted!

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  1. ^^; So I'm new here and looking to RP. I RP best in 1v1 settings.

    Some genres...

    • Medieval/Historical - realistic.
    • Medieval/Historical - high fantasy.
    • Original World - dystopian/utopian, et.
    • Hunger Games - Original Characters ONLY.
    • Seven Deadly Sins - Original Characters ONLY.
    • Scifi - modern/futuristic, et.
    • Romance - modern/fantasy/et.
    • OTHERS.
    I'm open for many more fandom based RPs than THG and SDS. I just watch so many shows/animes/movies and read so many mangas/books that I cannot list them all here.

    I am open to multiple RPs at once -- even if it is with the same RP partner. I am best at molding ideas by bouncing them off of partners; I plot best via Skype or instant messaging, however. o.e

    ****** Really craving medieval RP right now. ******

    Message me if you're interested. ^^; I post anywhere from 300 words and above depending on the inspiration and description I am given in prior posts to use in my RP. I do RP multiple characters at once, though I prefer my main charrie to be female, I can RP males. ^^;;
  2. Do you watch the flash?
  3. I do not.
  4. What about Arrow? Or vampire diaries?
  5. I've seen like, the first episode of Arrow.
    I've seen TVD. I haven't see the Originals.
    I've seen the 100. Merlin. Seven Deadly Sins.
    Harry Potter. Dance in the Vampire Bund.
    Vampire Knight. Shikibane Hime.
    Uhhh. xD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.