Mudkip Cosplay - Not that good, but not that horrible?

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  2. That's cute! XD I think it's adorable and a fun way to dress up when you can't afford "the whole shebang". It's like those human versions of pokemon pics that go around... >>

    If we ever go to anime cons again, I'm gonna be like that sonic guy. >:D Dress up as adorable giant plushie mascots.
  3. n.n
    Thank you Diana-San!!
    <3<3 -Gives a giant cookie, almost falling over from the weight and size of the thing.- @. @. . . enjoooy.
  4. I've actually seen people do drawings where they take a pokemon or whatever and make a person wearing a thematic outfit. Sometimes they actually look quite nice. For cosplay, sometimes it's a nice middle ground. You don't have to go full blown character/mascot mode and it gives you a bit more creative freedom. I think the changes you're going to make will be fine. You could jazz it up a bit more (the accessories are nice), but it's not necessary. Cons are for having fun and embracing your inner fan-person. Unless you're entering a costume contest I think you'll be fine.
  5. Oh, nah. No contest. >.> People go all out. I'd lose for suresies.
    I don't have many accessories to add.. Tried making the tail, but it just flopped around. So.. mama and I gave up. v.v; -twiddles thumbs.-
    Thank you. n.n
  6. Man, you guys make me wish I wasn't living in Singapore. What with all the Halloween costume pics etc.
  7. Sprout some wings and fly away, man.
    It can happen.
  8. Try putting wire in the tail :) It worked for me - I used garden wire for a cat tail in my school play. Pretty cool.

    Your costume is really nice! Sometimes less is more in that respect :)
  9. n.n Good idea.
    We tried that, plus a belt to tie it to.
    I'd bump into people anyways.
    I hear this con in particular is huuuuge for this state.
    No one would look for a tail anyways. >:D It's me. My headband will get the stares.
    Well. Headphones.
  10. Cooolnesss. You look pretty, Staci : )

    I love the Mario one too.
  11. True, true! I wore a tail to a con once and kept hitting people with it XD They were not impressed. Not as bad as the Zelda cosplayer who hit my sis with her hat loads!!

    Tail cosplay:

    As long as you're vaguely recognisable as the character, it doesn't matter much :) Cons are just fun!
    I like the costumes.. n.n AND plushies.
    * w*
    I need a plushie..
    Just yell out a random one you would want.

    Thank you Oct-san. n.n ~