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    The plane of Avalon once was a shining realm, many kingdoms united under the banner of the High King, Aeldred. Served by his Thanes, Aeldred united the many lands and people of the realm and ruled from his seat at Crown's Rest.

    Aeldred's death by poison has plunged Avalon into an age of strife and conflict. The High King's assassin is unknown, his throne without a clear heir. Old rivalries and grudges reignite. The Thanes fight amongst themselves over the fate of the Kingdom while the Kings reassert their sovereignty over their realms and begin to secede from the union. War is inevitable.

    It is in this time of conflict that you find yourselves. Something special lingers within you, some spark of power you are aware of but do not yet fully control. You draw upon mana, of one sort or another, to control the world around you. You wield the power of magic and with it you will shape the history of this troubled realm.


    Flames of War is a game based off of the trading card game Magic: The Gathering. Knowledge of the lore won't be necessary as it will take place in an new and original dimension, Avalon. Avalon is a plane based somewhat off of Arthurian myth, home to great warriors, powerful wizards and great beasts. Many kingdoms were united under the banner of one High King, the mighty knight-king Aeldred. Stories of the deeds he and his fellow-adventurers the Thanes are many, slaying great beasts and questing for powerful relics.

    Flames of War will be something between a Nation RP and a normal one, with the main focus of the plot being the civil war that breaks out in Avalon following Aeldred's death. Players can control both the actions of a kingdom in the intrigue and war and a person pursuing their own agenda during that time period. Or, if they like, just the one and not the other. Each person can draw on one or two colours of mana, while a kingdom might have as many as three colours.

    The Colours of Magic (open)
    Magic is fueled by mana, which is generated by the land and comes in five different colours. These varieties of mana create different effects when used in magic spells. Each colour of magic has different specialties, different aspects and associations. Some species are strongly associated with one colour or another, while humans might fall anywhere on the colour specturm. These are as follows:

    White magic comes from Plains. It is associated with light, justice and order. At it's best, white is the colour of healing, community and protection. At it's worst, white is the colour of restriction, totalitarianism and tyranny. Creatures strongly associated with white include angels and the leonin (lion-folk). Classes associated with white magic are knights, paladins and clerics. White magic is often defensive and healing, bolstering creatures associated with it. It rarely deals direct damage but imposes restrictions on the enemy.

    Blue magic comes from Islands. It is the element of air and water, associated with knowledge. At it's best, blue is logical, rational and wise. At worst it is deceptive, scheming and manipulative. Creatures strongly associated with blue include merfolk and kraken. Classes associated with blue magic are wizards and rogues. Blue magic is often based around illusions and evasion, getting around enemy defenses. Its creatures are often lack physical staying power but have some way around being targeted or blocked.

    Black magic comes from Swamps. It is the colour of power, disease and sacrifice. At it's best, black is relentless and ambitious, achieving its goals at any cost. At worst it is cruel, selfish and corrupt. Creatures strongly associated with black include vampires, demons and zombies. Classes associated with black include necromancers and assassins. Black magic is based around achieving victory at any cost to yourself, often powering spells with your own life force. Many who choose black magic often lose themselves to it, swallowed by the power they thought they could control.

    Red magic comes from Mountains. It is associated with the elements of fire and lightning, with energy. At it's best, red is passionate, fast and free. At it's worst it is unthinking, impulsive and chaotic. Creatures strongly associated with red include orcs and goblins, as well as dragons. Classes associated with red include barbarians and sorcerors. Red magic is fast, simple and aggressive, built around doing as much damage as quickly as possible. However, it lacks staying power long-term and will often burn through it's own resources too fast to hold up the pace.

    Green magic comes from Forests. It is associated with nature and the wild, with growth and prosperity. At it's best, green is evolving, strong and supportive. At it's worst it is brutish, instinctive and savage. Creatures strongly associated with green include elves, wurms and centaurs. Classes associated with green include hunters and shamans. Green magic is based around growth and gathering resources, including getting more mana faster; green creatures tend to be the most powerful and green magic makes them even stronger and tougher. However, this focus on creatures leaves it deficient in other areas, such as spell defense.

    People don't have to stick to one sort of mana exclusively. There are many possible combinations based on common ideas within the different kinds of mana. For instance, white and green go well together because they both work around growth and prosperity, while red and black go well together for their common themes of destruction and victory-at-a-price. On the other hand, you might not be drawing on both sorts of mana equally; you might have a primarily green character who splashes into blue to primarily have great strength but have some intelligence and evasiveness as well.

    Character Sheet (open)
    Race: (Fantasy setting, so basically anything goes)
    Colours: (Up to two; for instance Red or Red/Green but not Red/Green/Blue)
    Appearance: (Pictures acceptable)
    Skills: (What non-magical talents do you have?)
    Magic: (How do you use your mana?)
    Personality: (One or two paragraphs at least)
    Biography: (Doesn't need to be a novel, but at least a paraphs)

    Kingdom CS (open)
    Common Races:
    Colours: (Up to three)
    Lands: (What region of Avalon does this Kingdom control? This should be influenced by your Colours; for instance, a Green/White kingdom will have plains and forests)
    Strongholds: (The capital of your kingdom and any notable castles)
    Important People: (Figureheads, generals etc.)
    Military: (How do they do battle? What is their army like?)
    Magic: (In general, how do they use magic?)
    Description: (Brief history and how things are going there.)

    Rules (open)
    1. Basic rules of conduct apply. No godmodding, metagaming etc.
    2. You can have as many characters as you like, but only one kingdom per player.
    3. No posting schedule, but please let us know if you're going to be away for a while.
    4. No, you can't be a planeswalker. The focus is on this plane, not any other.
    5. Kingdoms move and react slower than characters; you get three character posts for every one kingdom post
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