Mrs. Victoria’s Bad-Tempered Tale about Czarina in the Age of Steam and Occasional Magical Occurrenc

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Ms. Victoria’s Bad-Tempered Tale about Czarina in the Age of Steam and Occasional Magical Occurrences

A Short Introduction by the Author, Miss Victoria: What country do you love the best? Well, I would most certainly hope you would say it was yours; I know I most certainly do! This is a tale about my ordeal in the most backwards eastern nation I have ever been too, Czarina. It focuses on my dealings with rude brutes and how I tried to civilize them, while merely trying to buy something for my hobby of machine building.

Welcome friends!

Deep in the valleys of the world, there are a places of steam and magic, airships that roam the skies, with pirates and other tales of such romanticism.


Now, we know some say that such a land is just a fairytale, and it's just an image in every kid's head but that’s not the case here!

Our world is made up of vast amounts of seas, mountains, and other obstacles. However, we’ve found ways of amending this issue! With the invention of airships with a constant supply of a magical energy called Unattainium, we cantravel long distances over short periods of time. It’s simply impressive!


The heroine of this story is named Victoria, be sure to address her as Miss. It is very prudent that you do!

You may have heard of the exploits of her two famous siblings Sir William of Pondbridge and Sir Hector of Rosemoor. Miss Victoria is not vain enough to say that she is anything like her brothers, but she is always looking for people to help her out on her quests. Miss Victoria is on a journey looking for parts and machines to create a new kind of steam powered machine that the world has never seen before.

You may join her if you like, or you may be her foe. But you will not stop her.


Yes, She knows there’s 'issues' happening in Czarina. Some evil doctor and his group of scoundrels, dead beats, thugs, and wankers that goes by the name of the Q Syndicate have been waging a conflict with the imperial court of Czarina.

Miss Victoria and her team have to head down that way to get what she is searching for. Figures, doesn’t?

This journey will not be easy. You will have to face dangers, but, as long as you believe in your dreams, no one can stop you!
Setting:Miss Victoria takes place in a Victorian steampunk world. Specifically, Steampunk involves an era or world where steam power is still widely used – usually the 19th century and often Victorian-era Britain. It incorporates prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy and works of Steampunk often feature anachronistic technology or futuristic innovations as Victorians may have envisioned them.

Plot: You are a member of Miss Victoria's team. Your goal is find various parts to build a machine that only the Misses knows about. You have to do this before the Q's attack and attempt steal said parts!

RP Style: Steampunk Fantasy set in a future past that never was. The basic feel of the RP is along the lines of Full Metal Alchemist, Last Exile, Howl's Moving Castle, etc.

Game Masters: Rory, Co-GM Zypher

Number of Players Allowed: Five (Not counting GMs)

Number of Characters: One to Two, please PM if you want more than two. Amends will be put into consideration.

Posts per week: Please aim for one or two.

Genre: Sci Fi Fantasy, Adventure, Quest, War, Machines, Steampunk

Rating:Older Teen, 16+. There will be violence, some adult themes, and crude humor.

Ask my Maid Mandy! But seriously though, you have any questions or there is anything I have left out, just go ahead and ask me (in this thread or PM)

Well, if you've gotten through my entire badly-lain plot and you still want to RP, here's the sheet.

Character Name:
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History:

Character Name: Gaspard Renard
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Alchemist
Age: 35

General Appearance:

His eyes are a deep set with hazel irises. A clock work gears is fixed to the front of his top hat.
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General Goal/Purpose:
Gaspard Renard is on a quest just like any scientist. To see the world and learn how things work and why they do. However being an alchemist, he wonders what other applications there can be for alchemy. He's always looking for the chance to apply his science.

General Personality: Gaspard is good willed and benevolent. He's always more than happy to help somebody out however they must be of civilized people. When it comes to brutes well like any pompous person, he is down right scared but doesn't show it. He really isn't the social type however he doesn't mind conversing as long as it is a meaningful conversation and not just idle chit chat. When it comes to machines and formulas, Gaspard is always curious and wiling to learn about them. He is patient and not prone to anger. He is also well mannered and proper but not to a fault.

General History: Gaspard comes from a minor noble family in France. They had enough money to give him the best that education could offer. He spent his childhood mostly studying and researching all he could about almost anything. He had a drive for knowledge, for one sip from the cup of knowledge and your thirst would never be quenched. His uncle was an alchemist but not one of the many famous ones that could grace the majesty's court. His family advise him not pursue the study of alchemy, thinking that such a science would get him nowhere. However against their wishes, Gaspard spent the rest of his teenage life and a little of his adult life under the wing of his uncle learning about the science. When there was a ball, Gaspard usually stowed into the library researching alchemy. Gaspard wasn't seen in the public a lot. Before his uncle passed away, he taught Gaspard the most important lesson he would ever learn, humility. Although he was from a noble family, Gaspard never thought of himself any higher than the person next to him even if that person was poor. His uncle died when Gaspard was 25 years old. In the next 10 years Gaspard went from city to city learning what little he could from local alchemist, if they would have him. However one day roaming around the city, Gaspard bumped into Miss Victoria. He apologized and was about to leave however that would be rude so he introduce himself and mention he was an alchemist. Surprisingly, this interested Miss Victoria who then offer him a job. Gaspard graciously accepted.

Character Name: Yulia Morozov
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Mechanic/Grease Monkey
Age: 19
General Appearance:
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Usually with blots of oil here and there.

Current Goal/Purpose: "Eh, as long as you're paying what else needs to be said comrade?" Yulia has been working on repairing airships since she was a little girl so anything to get her out of the garage and into some adventure is welcomed. Plus if she gets a cut of the treasure then that just means more food on the family table. Her crush on Miss Victoria doesn't help matters either.

General Personality: Despite her being brash and free spirited, she is very tied to her family. Her family comes first before she does. She is not afraid to speak her mind and well that ends up getting her in trouble or hurting someone's feelings. When it comes to most things, she is very much a tomboy. She is somebody that is very easy to butt heads with since she doesn't give up on a fight unless the other person agrees with her or that they can prove their words. She isn't out to make friends or a lover but if it happens that's great. Being raised in a poor family has taught her to be charitable though so she is a nice person even if she doesn't show it.

General History: Growing up in a poor Russian family wasn't easy. The hardships of how to get food and the occasional "hunting trip" her dad went on in order to put food on the table, was the more than usual poor life in Russia it would seem. However her older brother worked as a mechanic as to put food on the table as well. Yulia's mother had died at child birth, making Yulia the only female in the house. Accompanying her brother to his jobs was always the highlight of her day. At the garage he worked at, she learned not only how machines work like airships and how to repair them, but also different languages. In the garage where her older brother worked, Yulia felt the most comfortable. Through the years she studied how to be a mechanic and at an early age she was already fixing up parts of airships. A girl wanting to be a mechanic was for the most part unheard of however her father and older brother were proud of her. When she became of age, hardly any boy asked her to her beau but Yulia was so focused on family and being a mechanic that she denied any sort of romance. However one day a beautiful woman with blonde hair walked into the garage looking for a capable mechanic to join her team. Yulia was smitten by the attractive woman and didn't hear her brother referring her to this woman. The woman introduced herself to Yulia and quickly Yulia recomposed herself and introduce herself to the woman whose name was Miss Victoria. After Yulia demostrated her abilities to Miss Victoria, she was offered to join and Yulia wasted no time to accept.

Character Name: Miss Victoria

Gender: Female

Job/Role: Adventurer, Anthropologist/Scientist Extraordinaire, Machine Collector

Age: A proper woman never reveals her age. However, she is 21.

General Appearance: Victoria likes to wear a lot of whites, enough though it's not a good color choice with all the coal involved with steam but then again she is not the one shoveling it...She always has a pistol on her side and grenade or two hidden in pockets. She wears high boots, since that is the fashion for officers in military. Of course, since Victoria is a lady of class she will not wear men's clothing; however she tries to keep things but practicable and well defined for her gender.

Current Goal/Purpose: Her goal is to collect rare ancient artifacts that were stolen from the Ottomans in the 1500s. If she can add them too her collections, she will be able to create a new machine that she has been dreaming of making for years.

General Personality: She is not a Distressed Damsel. She doesn't sit around waiting to be rescued. She doesn't only plan how to rescue herself but others as well. She doesn't talk/manipulate/charm her way out of problems. It is unlikely that she would ever use her own hands to defeat an opponet since that is too brutish. It has to be a refined weapon, like a bow or rapier. However, Ms. Victoria is more likely to prefer a revolver with deadly aim, as opposed to an automatic since it is more graceful than an automatic. Basically, Miss Victoria retains an air of grace and reserve not usually associated with violence. She does have her own charm in a cool, collected, Nicole Kidman way. Miss Victoria can be seen as arrogant and prissy, but she is not an ice queen.

General History: She is the daughter of nobility in Britain and sums up her early life. Miss Victoria is well educated in modern sciences and is therefore often hired by world musuems to help add to their collections. Victoria is the youngest sister in a set of four siblings. Her eldest twin brothers, Sir William of Pondbridge and Sir Hector of Rosemoorare well known explorers in the world. Her current shop was built upon her father’s old clock repair shop, where she learned the basic concepts of gears and moving parts. Expanding upon this knowledge, she decided to learn how to operate larger machines since the interchangeable parts system is very much similar to what she was used to doing. As of late, she is being funded by a branch of the British military that wishes for her to create a "new machine of great power."

Character Name: Monsieur Tomas Tailleur

Gender: Please, shouldn't it be obvious? Male.

Job/Role: Fashion Consultant for Miss Victoria/Adventurer

Age: 23 (Although he appears to be much younger)

General Appearance: Being a fashion consultant, Tomas is always at the height of fashion! His favorite color to wear is blue because it accentuates his beautiful eyes. He is rarely seen without a kit for quickly repairing bits of clothing (of course in the service of Miss Victoria). Usually strapped to his side is a rapier, though it appears to be more decorative in his hands it is still quite deadly. His hair is usually a mess of loose blond curls, neatly trimmed to be just a touch out of style to make himself seem more creative and wild, but still professional enough that people respect him.

Current Goal/Purpose: He is content with working with Miss Victoria and getting a cut of the treasure.

General Personality: Fabulous! Tomas is flamboyant and outgoing. He has a fair amount of sass and isn't shy about making snarky comments or chewing someone out. Even though he's sassy he's also very protective of Miss Victoria. He is slow to anger but can hold a grudge for years and will do his best to get revenge on those he wants revenge on. Patience is also one of his stronger virtues, willing to wait for long periods of time for whatever it is that he needs.

General History: Tomas was raised in the northern part of France, where he is descended from a long line of fashion-forward tailors who worked closely with French nobility and have made outfits for the kings and queens! Growing with his family he took to the family occupation rather naturally and he became the fashionista he is today.

He was married shortly before meeting Miss Victoria and being added into her service. For some time Tomas and his husband traveled together with her but soon they parted ways and his husband returned to Tomas' family estate to continue working for the nobles and the royal family and Tomas continued on with Miss Victoria as her personal fashion consultant.
Um would you want the second character app separate from the first app or would you like it if they're both combined?
Doesn't matter to me. For sake of "organization" it might be better to just edit your post to add the secondary character sheet.
Cool cool, well I'll get to working on a second character then. :)
Sounds good.
I got a question though, given this is steam punk, there are mechanics to work on machines and whatnot correct?
Yes there would be. Any sort of impression you want your character to be is allowed more or less. We're not big into politics. lol :D
Character Name: Hades
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Riotist
Age: unknown
General Appearance: Check avatar
Current Goal/Purpose: Start a war against the rulling class, I belive the amchine may eb they key so I wanna help.
General Personality: Mysterious with unknown porpuses
General History: People don't know much about me, but I an aura of fear surrounds me letting people know I am capable of great things, so they rather have me on their side even if they don't trust me.
Your secondary character looks good Kuro.

Hades, I apologize, at this time I cannot accept the character. I will need more detail about who he is. As it stands, a rioter that is looking to overthrow the status quo really doesn't fit in with the overall theme of the RP since it leans more comedic than dystopic. Since your Resume mentions that you like Sci Fi Tech, I'd recommend taking a look at Eden's Graveyard, Trigger, or School for Fighters.

Character Name: Captain David E. Wyes


Job/Role:British Military Contractor that has been summoned to join the crew in order to make sure that her adventure occurs in a timely manner. He is a British Cavalry Officer in the Regular Army and has held command in British Egypt and India.


General Appearance: As best described by Miss Victoria. "I would have thought that this man’s face was rather aristocratic looking; except for that awful looking facial hair. This gentleman wore small spectacles that covered up his shark-like gunmetal eyes. His hair was coal black and he had stupid looking muttonchops to cover up scars on his hollow cheeks.

Current Goal/Purpose:Same as job.

General Personality:He is a nationalist foremost and believes that Britain will one day rule the globe. He is characteristically arrogant and aristocratic. This is partly because it usually is more expensive to serve in the British cavalry than in other arms of service because they wore more glamourous dress and had to pay for their own horses. Add to this a tendency of cavalry officers to look upon themselves as a continuation of of the knights of old in more modern times, he tends to be more strict in the appliance of military rituals and codes of honour and also more likely to indulge in a spendthrift "aristocratic" lifestyle including gambling, womanizing, racing and various eccentricities to a larger extent than officers of other services. In this context it is worth recalling that both the positive "chivalrous" and the negative "cavalier" are derived from a French root meaning "horseman".

General History: The ever classic soldier for life. Since his father was a Major in the British military during the British invasion of Egypt in 1882, David had continued his father's legacy. He has little love for adventures with civilians but since it is a time of peace in Europe, the government has assigned him to keep tabs on machinery advancements especially with items that could one day replace the horse. This makes him all the more unhappy to be involved with this mission. He would much rather battle the rebellious Boers in South Africa than travel to Eastern Europe.
Thanks I'll check those out!
I'm new here and I was trying to find something on the beggining so I won't have to do alot of back reading, lol.
Okay, since it doesn't seem like we are going to have many people joining up, I'll start the RP. My style involves doing "Episodes" which generally last 20-30 posts. I also follow narratives so we have a "battle plan" to making an effective plot that we can all enjoy.
Character Name: Folke of Bickheath
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Master Gunner
Age: 47

Current Goal/Purpose: Kill pirates and see The lady safe on her journey of exploration.
General Personality: A harsh father to his men and the devil to the enemy. He seems out of place in private employ, because he is. As soon as theres an airship in her majesty's navy he is sure to be recalled to service but until then he is a loyal employee and an example of an upstanding officer.

General History: Folke, proudly, has fought every kind of warfare in the name of her majesty the queen. After being groomed in one of the many officers' academies he insisted on being put on the line with a rifle in his hands. Fortune favored him and there a gorilla war broke out in one of her majesty's colonies in Africa. He was deployed as a line infantryman before, after a bullet almost killed him ricocheting off of the biscuit tin in his shirt pocket he was instated in a rank fitting of his training and found himself fighting a far more civilized war, surely artillery was the way to do things.

Yet the troubles in the colonies are a small matter compared to the threat of sky pirates and the best men are needed in the skies, there are however too few of her majesty's ships in the air so many have to look for private employment, he found Mrs. Victoria's.

Will finish soon.
Reserved for GMK

Character Name: Cailean
Gender: None, created with a masculine personality
Job/Role: Philosopher, Doctor, Priest
Age: 12
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose: To learn what it means to be Human
General Personality: Inquisitive, Curious, somewhat Naive
General History: Cailean was built by a scientist, obsessed with to concept of creating life and unable to have a son of his own. His "Father" as he refers to him took decades until he finally succeeded, he died a few short months after, leaving his "son" everything he owned. Since Then Cailean has held many professions, and traveled many places, to satisfy his curiosity of what it means to be human.
Character Name: Myra Lightwind.

Gender: Female.

Job/Role: Blacksmith/Gunsmith.

Age: 29.

General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose:
Myra's only goal is to perfect her work as a Blacksmith and a Gunsmith, and to provide weapons of no finer quality throughout this journey.

General Personality:
Myra possesses quite the upbeat personality, and prefers to be an optimist rather than a pessimist. She does however, tend flicker between personalities whilst she works if what she designs and forges is not up to her incredibly high standards. If not to her liking, she can be known to swing into a full-blown rage within a matter of moments and return to her calm state in a flash. People have often questioned her sanity because of such, but Myra is simply one of those odd people.

General History:
Myra grew up within the small country of Wales beside England. Her family never stayed in one town, port or village for too long due to their line of work. She comes from a line of fairly renowned blacksmiths and gunsmiths, her father being a gunsmith whilst her mother was a blacksmith. She began to learn how to design and craft melee weaponry and firearms from a young age, however she could never decide between the two professions, and so took them both on. Myra Lightwind followed after the lady Victoria in hopes of impressing with her work and perhaps boosting her renown in her profession. As well as her skill in her job, Myra has shown to possess skill with both melee weapons and firearms, making her a reliable fighter.