Mr Mann's Lighthouse

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  1. It might be said, this story has its start at a place and at a time, where another had its end. Where the soft green grass no longer needs mowing.

    Where the garden, once so lovingly tended, has grown relentlessly beyond their strict borders. Where the excited squeals of delightful youth, have long since been silent… no longer can be heard the comforting measured murmurs of peace.

    A time where the love dwelling there was so vast, it could not be contained. This place. The very ground that supported it. All of it was special. Because of those who once called it their home.

    Now, all that remains is the tangled, overgrown vines that have turned into the appearance of leafless ropes. Near the back gate, now frozen with rust, stands an ancient garden structure. Long since standing erect, and tilting against the harsh north wind, it defies being forgotten.

    ((NOTE: I wanted to post this one for a while. I also want to make this a group RP. Is there a place for Mature Group roleplays? ))

    This is going to be a strange roleplay, and I believe a very original plot.

    Mr Mann (Face Claim Charles Dance) is the owner of a Lighthouse, surrounded by a small village There's no real pay or rent needed, to stay at his complex/town. This place is a commune, a safe haven for lost souls. He only requires his tents follow the rules and pitch in, to help their small little community.
    Mr Mann is open to play, contacted me. As I have special requirements, as I plan to have him hook up with my Character Marzipan. (or more he wants too) A young virgin of 26, who has never been kissed. Who is scared to spread her wings and take flight, with may fears. All he sees a pretty intelligent miss who is wasting her potential. But things happen and the two find themselves drawn to one another. Mr Mann worries for her, not sure how long he can keep his primal needs at obey, scared of hurting hurt For that he keeps himself just few steps away and a head of her..coming to her aid, WHEN HE HAS TO! Not when he wants to

    THIS RP AS HUGE TWIST! Why I said above ' I believe a very original plot. '
    If I get enough people asking, I will drop the twist/secret. And we can go from there.
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