"Mr. And Mrs. Smith" RP Idea

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  1. HELLO.
    I had this here idea.
    While chilling out this Mother's Day, watching movies with da mama before we begin moving for the day, a certain movie from 2005 came on.
    Mr. And Mrs. Smith.
    Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie.

    o wo
    I recall this movie when I was younger in the theatre. And watching it, I just thought -
    This would make the BEST onexone roleplay! >:C
    DA BEST.

    The main idea I thought of based on this was:
    A man and woman are engaged, freshly engaged. They are planning the wedding and all, and seem like the happiest couple. Nothing seems to be between them, all is grand and dandy fine. But,
    they both hide a huge secret:
    they both work as secret agents for rivaling secret service companies.
    Both of them are actually the most recommended in their headquarters, and they are at the top of the ladder - most requested as well for work.
    A big project comes up for one of them, a new target. By taking down this target, the company will rise above all others, and this would bring in a huge amount of pay, as well as success for the coworkers, and their name.
    The target, however, is their fiance - revealing that their fiance works for the rivaling company.

    It would all tumble in to some fighting in the home, while trying to hide who they are at the same time, and then going after each other undercover. Like cat and mouse, if the mouse could fight back and chase down the cat. >:C
    So yeah.
    - w- ~
    It plays out in my head nicely.

    I would like to play the female. Because, I have a personality in mind already, and it is just stellar. * ^* ~ Hella stella! or something. YEAH.
    sosososo yeah.
    NPC's would consist of other agents, maybe best friends for the man, and the woman each, the bosses, parents, wedding planner, etc. You know?
    I figure this would be a longterm thing. -nod.-
    But yeah.

    I DUNNO.
    I take PM's, as well as just talk it out here. c:

  2. If no one else is interested INTERESTED :D
    I remember watching this film <3
  3. >:D WOOOOOO.

    It is a very good film, now that I look back and see it again. o wo And I see A LOT of films. - w- <3

    Wanna talk here, or in pms?
  4. It is! :D I love it when they..destroy their house and they have their weopans just hidden everywhere x3
    I don't mind pm or here- whichever's easier.
  5. ^^~ We can here. >:3 CUZ I MADE THIS HUR THREAD. >>
    And it's easy right now.

    So, you would like to play the male? o wo
  6. Sorry I didn't reply earlier! Yes, I wouldn't mind playing the male :)
  7. :D yaaaay. n0w we just need t0 figure 0ut the details.
  8. I feel bad about not replying sooner. To be honest it just got lost amongst my exams x_x
    But yess...details.
  9. :3 n0 w0rries at all.
    0nce my keyb0ard gets fixed, I shall be m0re int0 answering as well. - w-
  10. Ah. That's why you're doing this o 0.
    Hope it gets fixed soon, my kitten managed to break my laptop so it keeps shutting down randomly :/
    But anyway- details. Does that mean you want a structured plot and for me to post my char sheet in the thread when we start?
    To be honest I'm not sure of the deatils but you seem like you know what you want to happen so hit me. :)

    we CAN do character sheets if you WANT.
    But we also could just put a picture in the intro posts of our characters, and then just type the intros to be reflecting them, while also getting into the scene.
    I imagine the first scene could either be sweet and normal,
    like just them waking up the next morning after he had proposed the day before.
    And it's all sweet and normal and such.
    So for a bit, it would mebbe feel kinda slow and normal life. But then they go to work where its all BAM SECRET AGENT KILLERS etc. >>
    and eventually when coming back home, planning wedding, skip to next day at work - getting the assignment to take down the enemy company lead agent, which would be each other.
    And then the typical Mr. and Mrs. Smith type scenes occur.
    Get what I'm sayin?~
  12. I indeed get what you're saying x3
    I would prefer picture+intro post instead of character sheet- I like to let their personality and background, etc., just unfold as I go along.
    This will all be fun :3