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  1. Okay so I tried this idea on a different site and the person I was rping with didn't go very far with me on this idea but here's the plot:



    These are the Strange Twins, Alphonse and Elsa. They are orphans and only had each other in their lives. One day, they were both kidnapped and were both experimented on. However not that drastic until one day, Elsa never came back from the lap and Al was dragged to the operating room where he saw his sister's body and all of the blood. He tried to fight for his freedom but in the end, he was put to sleep and the major surgery began.

    The implantation of his sister's reproductive organs...

    And it was successful.

    What Alphonse didn't know was that his sister's womb had been with child when it was removed and it was all according to the mad doctor's plan.

    To get a male pregnant.

    After the surgery, a swat team came and recused the boy and sent him to the hospital and that's where the rp begins...with Alphonse being brought in after all of these events happened
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Thread Status:
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