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  1. I've had moving on the brain for a good time now​
    What can you guys say about moving and your experiences with it.​
    Were you the one to always move around or help friends move? Did you have fun with it or hated it with all your might?​
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  2. I haaaate moving. Or just packing in general. I hate putting all my possession into suitcases, and then I hate having to pull it all out again. I've had to do it a couple times since i've been in the military, and I always dread it.
  3. I don't mind moving so long as it's a move that I made of my own will. I didn't like moving when I was a little kid because I didn't get a say in where we went. However when I moved to Texas, I was pretty excited about it. I still hate packing and unpacking, but I think I wouldn't mind it so much when I finally move into my own place.
  4. Phase one of moving: I'm going to do it right and organized, this time. *puts a few pots and pans in a box* OK, K-I-T-C-H-E-N
    Phase two: Fuck it! *throws all random bric-a-brac-- clothes, plates, random paper bits, leftover sandwich--into boxes*
    Phase three: I can just pack stuff into trash bags.
    Phase four: You know what, I don't need some of this stuff, I'll just leave it and my landlord will take maybe $50 off my security deposit.
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  5. I usually start my moving practices with phase 5.
  6. Well, lately I've never lived at a place for more than three years. I feel oddly used to moving in that I don't feel like I put down roots anywhere. Nowhere is "home" to me any more. It's just the place I'm living at now. My parents have a homestead they plan to retire on, that they lived in for twenty years, so they probably feel like that's home, but we moved from there when I was about ten. I don't care about the place.

    I think moving is a great way to shed your excess stuff, especially when you're downsizing. You never realize just how much you don't want or don't need until you have to pack it all into a box and carry it somewhere.

    I wouldn't say I particularly like moving. But for my teenage years I've either changed houses or changed school systems every few years so I don't feel like I have any roots or any ties to a place. Still moving often. Still have nowhere as home.
  7. I've always been the one moving. I have bittersweet feelings towards it. When I was a kid, we moved around a lot because my step-dad would get job promotions that required us to relocate. At the time, I didn't give a rat's ass about getting to know different parts of the USA. I was forced away from the places and people I knew. As a result, I have problems making friends, and I get very threatened by events I can't control. ><

    Here in my adult age though, I get excited about moving because I'm the one making the decisions. I've been living in shitty environments the past few years too, so every time I move, no matter how far, it's an upgrade. Right now, in fact, I'm house hunting so my little family can finally live under its own roof. @__@ The moving goal after this one is to move away from this rotten town. I hate Eastern Oregon. Anywhere else would be pleasant.

    I belong in the state of Washington. Particularly, I'd like to move back to Bellingham! My family is my heart, though. "Home is where the heart is." :] My boyfriend and my son are my home.

    Gawd though, I hate packing and unpacking with a passion.......
  8. I never moved very far when I was young so when I moved to Phoenix from east Tennessee it was a big change! But since I was flying here I couldn't take much of anything with me so I just abandoned nearly everything. Over the years my family has sent bits and pieces of my old life to me. I usually have to beg, honestly. Like if they keep my stuff I'll come back. Or at least that's how it used to be. I think they all realize that I'm never going back there. I'm too used to the city now. I'm so spoiled.

    Moving to our new house from the apartment was such a chore! Like Tegan, first we tried to logically pack and then we went to frantic 'throw everything in everything' and then there was garbage bags and then it was like 'fuccck this!' but we took all our stuff or threw it away because we lived in a big complex.

    Also. Stairs. Narrow little concrete stairs and flimsy plastic tubs of boxes make for a most harrowing adventure. No more stairs for me. (Unless we eventually upgrade to one of the cute little townhouses in the next ten or so years! They are so so cute!)

    That being said, now that I've done the real moving thing once I've decided I don't much like it. At all. Our friends offered to help but we didn't take them up on it because we ran out of time. Also, tiny trucks... Next time we move we'll be renting a van, not climbing stairs, and getting every single bit of help offered.

  9. Oh yeah... Packing and moving stuff in the heat, when the air conditioner is broken is not fun.

    Especially when it's hotter inside the house than it is outside. That's just awful.
  10. I moved a couple times when I was a kid, but in the same state. It was pretty hard, since the first time was when I was in elementary school and I'd known all the kids there and been in classes with them for years, but the teachers that I had at the new school made up for it (they were far kinder and more willing to let me move at my own pace instead of the class's crawl). Previously, it had been just my mother and myself with very few belongings, so the packing and all that wasn't too hard.

    We moved again in the middle of junior high for me and it was something of a blessing, I'd been having a hard time of things and the fresh start was welcome and helped me move on a lot. This move, however, there were suddenly two small children and an extra person from before, waaay more stuff... moving was a nightmare! It took ages to get everything boxed up and we kept having to take stuff out of boxes because we realized we'd packed something we needed, etc.

    Now, the thought of moving excites me, again because I'd be making the choices. I'd honestly enjoy seeing somewhere new and experiencing it (though I love it here and would probably end up being at least somewhat homesick for what I know).
  11. I'm a bit of a freak, I guess. I actually like packing and unpacking. It helps me to see what I have, and what I need or don't need. It's a long process with me though, because I tend to keep a lot of things I don't need, so it's a combination packing, sorting and disposing, and then unpacking and purchasing all at once. Not that I'm able to right now, though I dearly wish I could. I don't really move a lot equal parts because I'm broke, and I want to go to school, but hopefully this whole deal I'm getting into with work means I'll get to travel sometimes. I have too much gypsy in my soul to stay moved to other countries, because I love Canada to pieces, but I want to travel. So bad.
  12. I absolutely love moving, but I can see why others would hate it.

    My mother was always a super control-freak about packing and whatnot, so I've come out of that being a sloppy, happy mover. When I moved to Ohio from Georgia, I only had one hour to pack, so I threw everything I owned in a big suitcase and just left whatever couldn't fit for my mother to sell or do whatever she wanted with. :D I hope to move sometime soon, too long in one place leads me to feel stagnant and depressed.