Moving a Jump-In RP to the appropriate Forum.

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  1. Hell. Oh.

    So thinking that the Jump-in RP Fie runs is going to get rather inappropriate for public view soon enough and saw that 'Mature Content' is not allowed in Jump-Ins.

    So Fie would like to know how to move her Jump-In RP and OOC to the appropriate Forum. Fie is noobs to Iwaku and would love some help/answers please:

    • If the RP and OOC is moved will all the content/posts be preserved in the move?
    • Fie sees the required spoiler for sexual content. Does this apply to violent/disturbing description as well?
    • The RP type is listed as 'GrimDark.' Would Fie need to change the RP type to 'Urban Paranormal Fantasy' or some other type of label?

    Any help or guidance is very welcome. Thank you.

  2. Are all your players in the same age catagory? If yes, then just contact a mod that's currently online and give them the link to both IC & OOC. Or just put it in this thread. All content will be preserved. If you were not having your RP moved spoilers would be considerate for extreme violence. If the Mature section doesn't have GrimDark label poking a close enough one from the ones listed in there would be a good idea.
  3. -Ocha- Thank you for responding. Nah, shit. Did not think to ask the RPers age for this but looks like Fie will have to do this. And shall hit up a mod for answers then. As for the label, Fie shall leaf through them if she can re-label the RP type during the move. Very well then. Thank you for your advice and shall take this up with mods tomorrow. ^^
  4. You only need to move your roleplay to Mature if there is sexual content in it. If it's just a like of violence and gore all you need to do is put a warning tag and spoiler it!

    To have it moved just contact me or Vay or any staffer online with a purple name! Everything will stay exactly as it is, it'll just be in the new forum.
  5. Thaank you for clarifying Diana. Thininking that the RP can stay in the Jump in area. Urshums.