Movies you may have missed

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  1. Movies you may have missed

    So I was watching this movie called 'Hardware' last night. It's a little on the B side, but it was awesome!

    So tell me, Iwaku. What lesser known can you recommend for us? Good movies, that for whatever reason, have slipped through the cracks.
  2. I really enjoyed TiMER, it was part of a film festival and all so there wasn't much to-do about it, but it has a really interesting story and the acting is pretty good.
  3. Funny Kitti, I think that's the only movie I can think of that I've seen that's out of the mainstream. Good movie though!
  4. Moon is such a good movie.

    Black Dynamite is quite possibly the funniest movie ever made. It's the only movie I can ever think of when I'm asked to suggest one.
  5. Did I watch this once because you recommended it? I'm surprised that I know half the movies listed so far.
  6. Mr Nobody was awesome. Pretty trippy, but awesome. Despite being in English, it only recently got a DVD release in America, god knows why.
  7. Thank you for the cool movies! I am going to check these out for sure.

    Anyone else?