Movies that cannot be unseen.

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  1. If you could un-see a movie what would it be?

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    Either because it was SO bad, ruined your childhood, or was just straight up demented.

  2. the human centipede.. it was just.. disturbing -_-' and boring ...
  3. I have no idea what it was call since I was about four or five, but it was on HBO at night and it was animated and it was very very sexual. No not Heavy Metal the Movie, compared to this thing it was tame!
  4. OTTO.

    And the Human Centipede.

    Neither of them I wanted to watch, but I just happened to be in the room and I wish I hadn't. @_____@
  5. Idle Hands.

    I watched it when i was 8. SCARIEST. SHIT. EVER.
  6. The Grudge

    Hands down @______@
  7. The Blair Witch Project.
    I saw it when it was in theaters and it was just so damned boring.
    I WANT MY TIME BACK, HAXAN. And I want to know who you paid to call it "Scary as hell". >(
  8. Paranormal Activity. Yawn.
  9. Watchmen.

    Dear God, Watchmen.
  10. I agree about Paranormal activity and Blair witch project. I mean, those movies were supposed to be scary...and so many people thought they were. My mind was blown, total yawn factor.
  11. How about Cloverfield?
  12. [video=youtube;9KCct4RwLNM][/video]