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  1. What soundtracks do you like to listen to?

    I like listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtracks, but when I'm in the mood for lyrics, Evita will also work :)
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  2. I really like the Gladiator soundtrack. Hans Zimmer is an amazing composer!

    Although it's too bad that a lot of his actiony tracks sound so similar (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Rock, Gladiator, all have really similar musical stings for heavy action tracks).
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  3. My favorite movie soundtrack of all time is the soundtrack for Queen of the Damned.
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  4. All of the Matrix themes are good to me. They always pumped me up.
  5. I love Hans Zimmer.

    I've listened to Inception's, Interstellar's, The Da Vinci Code's, and The Thin Red Line's soundtracks.

    Lately, I recently discovered the film Akira, which has a kickass soundtrack.
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  6. My favorite is the soundtrack for the movie Underworld.

    Other great ones include Lost Highway, Queen of the Damned, and Spawn.
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  7. The Lord of the Rings soundtracks are great, awesome background music for writing anything fantasy.

    Can't go wrong with Hans Zimmer's work either. My favorites are probably the soundtracks he made for for The Dark Knight, Sherlock Holmes, and Gladiator.

    Also, to name something a bit older that nobody else has mentioned, the soundtrack for Schindler's List is amazing. Not very upbeat, of course, but that doesn't detract from the quality at all.
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  8. Hans Zimmer for sure which includes Man of Steel, Dark Knight, Gladiator, Inception.

    Other movies I've borrowed some songs from are Kick Ass 2 (Mother Russias theme specifically), The Karate Kid (Original and Re-make), Lord of the Rings, Star Wars.

    The rest of my mp3 is either from video games or TV Shows.
  9. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Coraline, Titanic, Disney
  10. Hans Zimmer is my favourite composer tied with John Williams. For Hans' work I do love Broken Arrow, Interstellar, Dark Knight, Man of Steel, The Lion King, Mission Impossible 2 and Inception, and for John I love Jurassic Park, Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

    The Lord of the Rings soundtrack is also awesome ^_^
  11. I absolutely love the Inception sound track. Most Hans Zimmer will do :P
  12. Star Wars has the best soundtrack of all time.

    After that, I love The Illusionist soundtrack by Philip Glass. I'd want to make a movie just to have him compose the soundtrack for it.
  13. Dose into the woods count ?
    I also loved homes soundtrack
    The hunger games soundtrack
    Puella magi madoka the movie's track

    And a few others that I can't remember the name to.
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