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  1. A long time ago a child was born to the name, Seraphine Angeles, her father was a business owner of a very successful magazine so she was raised in a rich environment, this didn't affect her nature though as most have come to expect. She refused expensive clothes, outright, she understood money from a young age and knew she had more than many of her friends in the public schools she chose to go to. She cared about people more than herself, but there was one thing she loved and the only thing she ever wanted the best of, roller blades. These allowed her to fly into people's lives and always put her in movement. This is how she lived her life always, consistently, and moving in and out of lives like a beautiful weaving thread, along that path she had met 3 friends of varying ages and appearances and those three became her very best friends even though one was ten years older than her. She was a bright person with colorful hair that she had bleached and dyed, she wore long sweater dresses in winter and fall and sundresses in summer and spring, that was just her style and it reflected her warm and colorful heart.

    She had a habit of speeding in and out of lives, as a result from a very young age she began slowly amassing a number of followers, by 18 she was really popular and had started chasing after her music career on those roller blades she still wore. That was the day...everything changed, it was her birthday, Seraphine's friends and family came together to celebrate her birthday...she never missed things like that, but she never showed up to the party even though they had just seen her earlier that day. As suddenly as she came into lives she vanished, without a trace, people looked for her for over two years...and then those same people began to slowly forget her, only her 3 best friends kept searching. This went on for five long years, one of those men became a detective to search for her with more tools at his disposal, but still couldn't find her. As suddenly as she vanished she reappeared on the television, black hair, lightless eyes, and without her favorite way to move, she didn't look happy at all, quiet and subdued as night, the only thing that tipped any of them off that it was her at all was her unique eyes, she had heterochromia one green eye and one purple, that was the only way they knew. This made the three friends rush to her house after the program she was on, because it announced her marriage to some old business tycoon, who was 60+ years old while she was only 23, the mystery is...where did she go, and what happened to her? Can one of them save her or is she resigned to this fate?

    (So literally it's a strange mystery forced arranged marriage can you save her sort of idea. Any of the three friends can do this, it'll be a one on one with the others mentioned occasionally and only briefly, the only character I have any details for is the 10 years older than her detective guy.)

    So if you're interested (you can choose to be any of the three best friends, male or female doesn't matter) here's all I want...a bit of history, how you imagine your character would have been with mine in childhood. Personality can come out in roleplay soooo simply put.

    Childhood Memory:

    Cool? Let's see if anyone is interested. ^.^​
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  2. Name: E. J. Walters (only his close friends know the "E" stands for Evelyn.)
    Age: 32
    Appearance: E. J.'s tall and lanky, but not in a healthy way, he just looks skinny and pale. He's often scruffy, messy black hair and he's not so good at shaving. He's relatively good-looking when he can put a little effort into his appearance.
    Occupation: Private Detective, and whatever side jobs he can get.
    Childhood Memory: It wasn't so much a childhood memory, since at the time he was already eighteen years old and crying on a park bench when Seraphine first entered his life. His carefully-planned escape from his narcissistic mother's home had gone wrong and he was alone in a strange city, certain he'd been abandoned just like his mom told him he would be. That was when a little girl roller-skated up to him with a pack of tissues. She asked a lot of questions, and even though E. J. found her annoying at the time, she calmed him down and distracted him from his panic. She didn't leave until his uncle finally arrived to pick him up.
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  3. So you wanna do this idea with me? That makes me happy! So here's a question, do you prefer Threads or a PM to rp in?
  4. Yes, I do--no preference, though are the other two friends going to be other players or just side characters?
  5. No other players just side characters. ^.^ NPCs either of us can control basically. I'll send the starter your way via pm okay? ^w^
  6. Yeah, sounds great!
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