"Move over SOPA & PIPA: Here comes CISPA"

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  1. In a nutshell, members in the United States congress are looking at passing another bill about the internet, The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). I haven't had much time to look over it, as I just heard about it an hour ago. But here are some links, maybe someone can find out more about it. Not quite sure how this is different than much of what is already done.

    A short quote on what CISPA is from what I've found.

    Here are some links



  2. Not this again....fuuuuuuck.
  3. I thought they did this anyway.
  4. So what does all this seriously mean for us? They're gonna see what we're looking at and send us spam advertising? They're gonna arrest us if we're threatening to blow shit up? They're gonna realise we look at monkey porn?

    Surely these are the risks we all take on the internet.

    Or have I made a schoolboy error by wading into this debate with no prior knowledge? >__>
  5. Talk about redundancy. This sort of thing is going to take effect on 1 July 2012 by various large ISPs (Comcast, Time Warner, Cablevision, etc). Why is this being legislated? What a waste of time.
  6. The main outrage against SOPA/PIPA was that the US gov. could arbitrarily shut down websites, since most of the nameservers reside in the States. Not sure about this one, but I'm betting it's the same thing.
  7. This sounds like something we've already been "warned" about. Something which seems like just a co-operation between government and private market to reach the customers for companies through e-mails/facebook and whatever?


    Thanks for bringing up the topic, Woody.

    Ron Paul forever....people.
  8. Basically from what I'm seeing is that the government is going to get information from companies about every detail they can provide about your acitivies online. In that they can ascertain what would have been considered a breach in privacy. With the broad range of monitored acitvities it seems that we lose, in essence, all of our privacy in the efforts to stop "terrorism." Hmm I'd have to say nay to this simply because this blindfold full of patriotic bullshit is really starting to tick me off. Honestly terrorism happens, it is not uncommon for a human being from an entirely different culture to hate those that don't believe in his taught from birth. This fear they try to strike with it is down right ridiculous.

    However, this is about the bill CISPA, not man's struggle for survival. What it entails seems to be the breaching of that private network ie the e-mails, private messages, stuff that requires passwords and such. It pretty much gives these companies the abilities the authorities have in reporting "suspicious" activity about certain valued information, still, I have yet to see much of anything about them acting upon it without permission from the authorities. The bill will increase monitoring and has a potential of destroying certain bits of free-speech, and that in itself causes me to vote against it. After all think about it, they are trying to draw that line, the line that you are willing to cross so they can get you to hop over more and more. PIPA and SOPA are just past this line, and if they realize they can make the American public jump over a shorter line what is the point of not jumping over all of them? This brings us back to what free-speech is all about, either everything is okay to say or nothing is.

    There are several facts here I'd like to point out that are more related to copyright. Even though there are pirates out there giving away the information for their "product" they still somehow manage to make enough money to launch a newer version of said product. Think about all these celeberties with their big ass houses, yeah I'm sure you need that extra ten thousand you lost due to piracy. To sum the ridiculousness of these bills I'd like to paraphrase my Art Teacher. Do not create in hopes to be famous be famous because you hope to create, those words always are with me when I make some form of media. If someone steals it claims it as theirs and gets credit for it, I am not bothered one bit, simply because I know where it came from and I am happy they enjoy it. Copyright you just got owned by the humbleness that each human has the possibility of owning.