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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Yaoi Master Gavin, May 27, 2016.

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  1. I'm not sure how many others have had this happen to them but just now I find that two more of my threads have slipped into the graveyard. While this is typical to happen, what should not be typical is that these threads get moved ahead of the posted time. Now, maybe the one month policy has changed, but at last I read it's one month, not one month minus a day or two.

    Now, on a normal happening, I wouldn't be that miffed. A little inconvenienced, but that's all. But let's factor in that I've been dealing with moving across the country with little to no internet for the past two weeks, and previously graduation, finals, grad school apps, and trying to get my services and stuff set up here in Oregon. So, considering that I have more on my plate than your average nine-to-five like most on here, I haven't had loads of spare time to sit down and type out a reply and I haven't had such for a couple of months now. But I make do as I can. Sometimes I can get to it before thirty days, sometimes on the barest end cusp.

    Such as today, when I intended to sit down after having to run a few errands to type out a post before I have to go out again. Instead, I'm now having to fill out a request for thread moderation and make this complaint/suggestion while I wait, probably just to have to post in a few more hours when I get back home at the earliest.

    I'm not sure exactly how many times this has happened thus far, but it's enough to make me annoyed enough to make this thread. So, here's my suggestion: why not stick with the published guideline of a month before moving a thread instead of jumping the gun and inconveniencing both of us?
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  2. It might be the new staff members o.o People are still in training and may be "move happy" because they want to keep up on their duties. But yes, the archive date should be exactly thirty days from the last post date.
  3. The move time is 30 days!

    It's also important to understand that we are constantly rotating mods in and out and training new people. New people make mistakes. Sometimes they count wrong, sometimes they accidentally click one too many threads for moderation. This is going to happen forever until the end of time.

    If you are frequently having issues where you're unable to post in a thread for almost 30 days, you might considering doing an occasional bump (donators have this ability to do it themselves) OR requesting someone with mod controls to do a bump for you so your thread doesn't get archived. You can use the Thread Moderation form to this, all you have to do is write down why you need the bump!
  4. OR maybe if you have a partner with thread moderation abilities just hit them up ;)
  5. Seems it happens every so often. I sometimes go to do my weekly maintenance and see somebody's nuked the upcoming 27-29 day old threads already. Doesn't happen too much though.
  6. Still, I think our staff needs to be reminded not to start archiving until the thirty days are up .-.
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