Motivational Drought

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  1. So....wasn't really sure where to place this, so why not the place that is titled "Roleplay Help?"

    Here's the deal...I have been trying to get myself motivated to RP again and I can't seem to do it. I want to still RP, but everytime I try to tell myself I'm gonna go find some new RPs to fill my empty inbox just doesn't happen...I can't find motivation to RP anymore...I don't like that...and it's obvious I can't fix this alone....please PM me.
  2. happens to everyone! Motivational Drought is a close relative of Writer's Block, and while everyone deals with it differently. For me, I find the following seem to work

    • go Nike and Just Do It. Sometimes forcing it in the beginning works for a start and it gets easier once you've just gotten the ball rolling.

    • hype yourself. Indulge in books and TV shows in the genres you like to roleplay. Doodle your characters, read other people's roleplays, play pretend. Even just hanging around the content boards chatting about roleplay and worldbuilding can get you excited to jump in

    • Tinker. Go over your established characters and plots and build on them; polish them, analyze for shortcomings and problems and fix them. Editing is just as valid a part of the creative process as writing is.

    • Take your time. This may just be a part of your life when other things are more important, and that's okay! Roleplay isn't going anywhere, and neither is Iwaku. Tell your partners you may need a bit of a break, and if they're down to put the roleplay on hold, drop a line when you return. Stay in touch, too; you can talk about stuff beyond the roleplay (how was your day, school is balls, the weather is way too hot lately, etc) and it makes it easier to come back later.
  3. I second this. I recommend chatting up the people you plan on RPing with, and just talk about plans you have in mind. Toss around cool ideas and just get yourself excited for it! I know I can never seem to get into an RP when I keep my thoughts to myself and don't talk about it with anyone.

    Inspiration is like a tiny flame. Sometimes you don't need any help to feel inspired, and that flame grows big and strong on its own. But, inspiration can't always be like that 100% of the time. Sometimes you need someone else to help that fire along, or else it'll die. Talking to people, bouncing ideas off of them, and just allowing yourself to get hyped are great ways to fan the flame!! ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.