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Heyyo! I'm moth!
im 20 years old
and autistic
I've been writing for as long as i can remember and have been roleplaying for almost 10 years
I'm always looking for new friends and roleplay buddies!
i apologize im before hand i am very new to posting on iwaku

be 18 years or older
please be understanding that I am neurodivergent and might need some patience from you. Of course I will also be understanding of you and your needs as well!
Grammar and punctuation are not an end all be all for me, as long as i can understand the response we should be fine but i do ask that you try to properly spell things. I myself often have typos so i am also very understanding if you have trouble with that as well or if english is not your first language.
do NOT ignore my hard stops, i do not tolerate blatant disregard for my boundaries
please please communicate with me, if you are not in the mood to rp and need a break let me know, i will be more than happy to wait for you but if you just ghost me i will consider the rp dropped. I understand that peoples schedules are busy but if you do not let me know that you will be busy or are mentally unable to continue or even if you just get bored i will not be able to tell unless you state otherwise.
No mary sue characters, this is a story that we are making together it cannot be all about how great your character is all the time, that does not mean however that they can't be a great or powerful person, they 100% can, they just can't be so powerful and perfect that there is nothing to build off of or create conflict with.
I do not do straight relationships for pairings, they make me feel very uncomfortable and dysphoric
please respond at least once a week if you can, again if you have a very busy schedule i understand and thats okay but i tend to respond very quickly if i'm in a good mood so i would like it if my partner could match that.
response length isn't that big of a deal as long as i have something to work off of, i tend to send a paragraph or a few per response but there is no need to try and match me. as long as it isn't a one liner i'm fine with it

Hard stops
pedophilia, necrophilia, graphic depictions of r*pe, bestiality, incest, extreme BDSM

Genres i enjoy
dark acedemia
historical periods

Pairings i enjoy (italicized are my preferred roles)
prince x guard
prince x assassin
god x human

mermaid x scientist
x human
alien x human
bully x bullied
scientist x experiment
detective x criminal
monster x human

enemies to lovers
friends to lovers
arranged marriage
villain x hero
villain x prisoner
popular x nerdy
teacher x apprentice
boss x employee
If you have any pairings you quite enjoy please feel free to let me know!

if you have any questions please feel free to ask! if youre interested dm me! I also have discord if thats better for you :)​