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  1. There was a time where Hiru was creating havoc upon multiple cities and town in search for salvation and power, being influenced by Nosfentor changed Hiru and caused him to not only be loosing control slowly of himself, but his sanity was on the edge as well. He had done this for so long that, major cities had put a price on his head to kill the evil within him or, to kill him but whoever was up for the task, would need to be prepared for the worse as, Hiru was unpredictable at times and sometimes had assailants/mercenaries with him.

    (Hiru) *Hiru was on the run to find a solution, hearing voices in his head and seeing things in the shadow caused his paranoia to act up, along side the discovery of his past was a devastating blow to his consciousness. A mutant with a manipulative demon wasn't something that had a manual to deal with, along side the tortures that the mind and soul deals with along the way. So far the only salvation to the torture and insanity was to cause death and destruction but he wouldn't be allowed to realize the consequences as, Nosfentor restricted that.*

    Everywhere there was posters about trying to take him down. This is what they said. ""Is there someone that can either shine a light in his dark moment, or put him out of his misery? anyone out there? If so, then report to the lord of the city hat the poster is in to be briefed on what to expect!""
  2. Himeko walked through the middle of the street at night which was completely danderous to do with Hiru around. Unfortunately she didn't have much of a choice, her grandma was I'll and she needs to get medicine for her. The most simple noises made her spin around.
  3. "Just put him out of his misery my dear and report back to me. He's causing havoc upon the lands, and it's best for his sake that he's put down now. Otherwise entire Shinobi villages will be forced to get involved, and the poor soul won't stand a chance." The kazekage explained, handing her a case file of the man.

    Briefly checking the case file, she nodded to the kazakage. Then slowly walked out of the door, stepping into the blistering heat once more. Sand knocked into her skin, bouncing off and flying down the paths of the hidden sand village.

    And so she walked the miles and miles towards Hiru's last sighting location. Walking through her hot desert with a huge gourd on her back, purple slim battle coat and black trousers. Ninja trainers coursed her feet through rivers, crunching paths, leading to the city.

    By this time the heat had died down. A glorious sliver moon pushed light onto the city. A clear silver night, stars sparkling over ahead, a small warm breeze pushed her gently towards the sleeping city. An owl hooted in the background somewhere as she approached the guard. Simple handing him the case file, he nodded and let her in.

    It was quiet inside the city. A few street lights lighted paths down ahead, a person drunk here and there stumbled to their homes. But overall as her feet guides her down one path... It was a sleepy quiet night.

    There had been a reason why she had been picked for this mission. Why in all of the high ranking Shinobi, she was picked. The reason was simple. She was just like Hiru Wong. Long long ago, when she was only 5. Her father out of love, sealed a tailed beast inside her. His name was Narak, and even though he was not a demon... He was still fierce and as evil as one. A mark lay on her neck, a dragon, which often caused havoc for herself-once people knew of what she was. To have a tailed beast inside, these people had a special name. Jinurakii... But unlike Hiru, she had some control....

    To those blessed with sensory, they could Immediately feel the dread deep deep inside her. As if stepping into hell itself....Naraks psyche was dark. And yet sky's was light and warm...
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  4. *All the posters had links to his last known location but it was unknown as to how many had actually tried to find him. many had tried and some was found dead, burnt to just a skeleton or left with a green infected mark on their skin, slowly draining them of any essence ( Life force ) within them. There was chatter in many towns and villages of people who would band together and try to get him, they would just need more people but some groups had already gone to get him. ( Meaning I will DM some people as well )

    (Hiru) *Hiru started walking through a big clear grass field, seeing complete darkness everywhere as, Nosfentor had messed around with his vision so, Hiru saw everything different than it actually was. Although it was just windy clear field, Hiru saw it as a ashfield with bodies around the area, showing a battle once fought here. He then hovered in this field for a while as, he was unsure why there was a battle here.*
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