Most Life-Changing Experience?

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  1. When I was 15, I got held back in Secondary Three. From there on, I was consecutively held back for two years, till I'm 17. That's why I didn't graduate from Secondary School till I was 18 the following year. But it didn't get that day overnight. I could had been kicked out of school for being held back in the same grade for two years, but I didn't, because of a life-changing experience.


    So, when I was 15, I started slacking in Secondary School. I didn't feel like doing work. I was bullied a lot, so that made it worse. I started escaping to my own little world, eating breakfast alone. It was quite the life, and I got used to it. For two years.

    Man, it was fun, now that I think about it. I didn't so shit. Some parts of me tried and hand in my homework in time, but most parts just got me to sleep and ignore. Phew!

    Then came along the end of sweet 16. "I don't know when, I don't know how, but I knew something's starting right then..." Ahem.

    So, yeah. Just when I was going to end up as a homeless hobo for the rest of my life, I felt... well, motivated. Probably because I was getting too bored from slacking, but, at that time, I believed it was divine intervention.

    Now, I know what you're saying, "Don't get into religion, Flare!" But, well, that's how it was back then. I told my school counselor that I've been seeing throughout that time that God had helped me, and I was thankful for it. I started working so hard for my third year of Sec 3...

    ...and ended up second to the top of the class. :) To me, that was like winning the Nobel Prize. Yep. That felt awesome. That feeling of... success.

    Too bad the slacking continues today. Ah well, maybe I'll have another life story to tell in the future.

    So what about you? Any life-changing stories to tell?
  2. As stupid as it sounds, I started watching Sailor Moon. x____X I loved the show so much I got on the internet to find out more about it. From there I joined my first chat community. Through that one tiny little thing, it connected me with people that eventually became my best friends, lovers, family. Helped me get through suicidal years, build up a sense of selfworth and confidence, supported me during some of the worse years of my life and provided me with some of the best. Took me from a poisonous situation and helped me get somewhere better!

    I seriously don't believe I would be alive right now had that not happened. .__. I'm now really happy and have a bright future! Thanks Sailor Moon! :D

    Otherwise, a lot of stuff that happened when I was 14 also had a huge life-impact on me. I won't mention some of it, but that was my freshman year in highschool. c___c My uncle died from Aids that year, we had a lot of bad family drama, some health problems. I met influential people, that still have effect on me today. 14/15 were really rough years.
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  3. For me, it was when I was sent to a Level 5 school after I got into a really bad fight in middle school where I slammed a kids head against a tailgate.

    That school taught me a lot about self restraint, and about thinking beyond the moment. Had it not been for the life lessons I learned in that institution, I could very well be in prison or dead right now.

    It also taught me that it's ok to think about myself some of the times, and that I shouldn't spend my entire life trying to help everyone else because I'll just end up burning myself out, and end up as miserable as some of the people I help.
  4. Oh, yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I always tried helping people before Secondary 3, before I hit 15, and I ended up being bullied for being a noseybody. In fact, I ended up much worse than the people I tried helping.

    So, I gave up. Survival of the fittest. People didn't look out much for me during those times anyway.