Most Insane Role-Play You've Ever Been In?

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  1. As the extremely long title implies- what's the most insane role-play you've been in, so far as to say it took you to a place far from your normal comfort zone? Since I couldn't exactly add this to the already stretched title, you can mention crazy parts of a normal role-play or something you just plain didn't like, or even the fact that the role-play itself practically made no sense and was nothing but random. Because, you know. Those can happen sometimes.

    Most certainly, mine I remember clearly.

    So, I was on another site and created a role-play entirely about the undead and survival-based, somewhat like the popular television show, The Walking Dead, but not entirely since I found some ways to make it more creative. One of the members decided to make this insane cannibal by the name of Odd, and to add a dramatic scene, I made this character with a sole purpose of death- specifically for Odd to kill and consume. Easy, right? Not exactly. This member, who, by the way, I never expected to have something like this in her mind, suggested an idea that admittedly almost made me puke. However, because I like to test my role-play boundaries and try new things, I said yes. Long story short, Odd got a hold of the fifteen year old dude I was playing- name was Jake- and well, ate him. Alive. By cutting him open and disemboweling him while he painfully and slowly bled out. Odd seriously cut his organs up into tiny pieces with the knife he slit Jake open with, and ate Jake in front of his dying eyes. That's not even the worst part. This is the part I'd been hesitant about: Odd, while having a piece of Jake's heart within his mouth, kissed the boy and forced him to eat the piece of his own heart by shoving it down his throat.

    The mere remembrance of this is having me gag. Other than this, the role-play was normal. xD

    So, I hope no one has experienced anything THAT insane, but share here with some things that are close!
  2. O.o Horrific, but in an artistic, creative-writing standpoint, also brilliant. But the insane type of brilliant.

    So I was in this one roleplay that was pretty normal. I won't get too into details but it was a very drama-filled roleplay, and everyone hated my character except for the people she was leading- kind of a political 'I hate you because you don't like to listen to me' blahblahblah, and it was really weird in that it wasn't just a hatred in roleplay, it sort of carried outside of the roleplay into OOC. The person who lead the hatefest in question was considerably the GM, but also not really, because several people (me included at the time) were GMing it. It was all weird, but that's not the point. The insane part was this one roleplayer who was kind of crazy. Even though our hatefest was both in and out of OOC, this guy never seemed to tell when he was in character, and when he wasn't.

    He came up to me and another person with this weird storyline about being initiated into being some super secret protectors of the people in the roleplay? And we had to take the place of the old ones?

    It was crazy because it was 100% irrelevant to the roleplay and he just acted really weird.

    Doesn't compare to what you've got though lol.
  3. Heh, it appeared you had a psycho on your hands! I would have just thrown down a smoke bomb and ran away quickly. :PI remember my situation being so damn awkward, though. I could hardly handle it, and I think it was impossible for my character to be alive that long under the circumstances, I believe, but it sure was different! My cousin was in the role-play with me since it was a group thing and she was freaking out and asking me why the hell I agreed to do that. I think it made everyone squeamish in the long run. xD
  5. Hargonstein Asylum

    I opened the roleplay by writing the finale post first, then had all the cast do a musical number.

    I don't think anyone else posted. :(
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  6. My first year roleplaying, I found my perfect rp partner. Our first rp went on and off for a whole year, and it was the only one that ever made me cry. Seriously, I was completely emotionally invested in the three characters I played, and I loved all the characters my partner played, especially the evil one.

    The rp went so that we could insert any plot twist we wanted without stepping on any toes, which was great, because I never knew what was going to happen next. I would daydream about all the possible things my partner could pull on me next, especially when we were in an exciting part.

    I loved this rp and the characters we created so much that sometimes, if something particularly traumatic or crazy happened, I would tear up.

    So I guess I was the insane one in this rp. But I will always love that freaking rp xD
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  7. I was in a role-play where practically two pages in romance was already in flight. It just happened on spur of the moment because I shipped the pairing so bad. I decided to redo it all after I realized what a crazy psycho I'd become.
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  8. Ptttf

    I once did a steam Roleplay (More or less a chat RP) with some friends and anarchy reigned immediately. An absolute clusterfuck. Which was the point of the RP actually. The premise was that characters from all over were at a cross-dimensional party and were in for the night of their lives, and there were no rules. Shit kicks off the moment the roleplay started when the DJ got chainsawed in half and another guy got assassinated by a flying motorcycle. All in the first five seconds. Then the night went on and on, with everyone dicking got more and more over the top. With brutal deaths, unexplained recoveries, graphic sex, and general hardcore debauchery until everyone got into a violin contest with Jesus over the right to party for all eternity. They won. Then someone stuck their dick in a power outlet and knocked out the party.

    @GwynnRosen From what I can tell, that the writer being was brutal/evil for the sake of being brutal/evil. No other reason than a little bit of shock value, really. That's what the edgy writers don't get. Easily my biggest pet peeve.
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  9. I was in a chat role play where I played as a wise cracking barn owl who took dive bomb shits at the local farmers wherever possible. The farmers died, some other player-animals got married and had weird retarded halfling babies, and my owl was off'd by being eaten by a flying sperm whale ala Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

    Then I came to from my alcohol induced coma, saw the nightmare that had been wrought from drunken revelry, and wiped it from the face of the planet before anyone else woke up from their stupours.
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  10. [​IMG]

  11. Ghost warrior Frank. A story about a third grade fry-cook 24/7 dressing in a gasmask and uniform inhabited by the ghost of a nazi soldier, in his quest to live a normal life in a world of aliens, robotic catgirls and other shit. Ever roleplayed being a packaged home-cooking model with a combat-chip which apparently causes you to launch dish-washing fluids from your stomach? Yeah I didn't think so.
  12. @O|NoSoul and myself have been partners in crime for a long time in running an Elder Scrolls roleplay that lasted a month and a half shy of 3 years. Over the course of the game, there'd been things like concentration camps, graphic torture, dismemberment, and other such flowery pleasantries that are typically associated with elves that enslaved another race of elves, blinded and tortured them into degenerate horrors of the deeps. Fun for the whole family!

    But that's a story for another day. No, we liked to do things like have pop culture references sewn throughout the game, including one notable instance where several NPCs were crushed, dismembered, and partially consumed during a fight with some ogres named after the Wild Thornberrys, including Nigel who threw rocks at people while bellowing, "SMASHING!" and laying down pithy puns like, "It'll all be ogre soon, puny man."

    There was also a goblin king named Jeroth who ended up playing out the Babe With the Power scene with an NPC briefly and at the same time with another group there was a necromancer called Krieger who the players had to try to stop with the help of two Breton agents called Sterling and Lana.

    There was also supposed to be a dwemer Centurion named Optimus Prime, and there was going to be a reenactment of the final battle in The 13th Warrior when the group got to Falkreath, substituting the barbarian cannibals with falmer. I'm sad this never came to pass.

    Another notable instance of mild insanity was one of my characters in another game having two player characters held prisoner. When they came to out of the drug-induced blackout, they were dressed up in a thrift shop dress, a plastic tiara with rhinestones, an ill-fitting blazer and a tie lazily wrapped around his neck (the alien character of mine who was holding them prisoner didn't know how the hell ties worked, so he improvised), and he drew alien-facial tattoos on their faces with lipstick. On top of that, between pitting them against each other by explaining how both of them were responsible for the other getting into this predicament, he was busy reading a stack of pan-sexual alien porn magazines in the same manner one reads a newspaper at the hair dresser. And he's supposed to be one of the best black ops agents in the galaxy.

    Earlier, he also forced two security guards to hold up two radio devices out with their arms, and one of the characters he captured had to shoot one of the guards to decide which radio transmitter would activate a bomb in the building, both with equally horrible outcomes. The character who had to decide instead tried to turn the gun on him, but was overpowered and had her arm broken before she was drugged out. One of the guards' arms gave out shortly after and nothing exploded because they were two off the shelf play walkie-talkies, thus making the potential choice meaningless... especially since he ended up shooting both guards before calling for pick up.
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  13. The role-play didn't get far, but the insanity had been planned and things were gonna be epic.

    The premise was that machines had progressed to the point of intelligence, and they believed the best way to progress even further was to blend humans and machine together. Whether the humans wanted this or not. A war broke out between machine/people, with people losing hard. Those who survived grabbed what they could and fled north, into the arctic. Not so far that it was inhabitable, but far enough that machines had a hard time functioning. You know how if the temperature gets too cold without being plugged in, your vehicle will simply refuse to start? No? Just the Canadians? Well, it's a thing, and that was the logic behind it.

    The craziness was going to come from the group of survivors reaching The Knife (Yellowknife), the supposedly last great human settlement. However, the entire settlement ran on cannibalism. Any outsiders that came caged, the men eaten and the women impregnated to create more food. I got to play the leader of this place, and was so sad when the rp died before I could bring him in.

    Also got to play the first converted human, who'd eventually remember who he was and understand what he'd become. The mindfuckery and emotional trauma~ <3
  14. Most insane? An RP entitled "The Fortress." Said "fortress" the entire planet our characters crashed on after hitting some "anomaly"... our ship part of a force sent to fight our way to and repair this "teleporter" system (on the other side of the planet from where we crashed, so the "actual winning forces" could arrive)... our ship, the only survivor, thanks to that (apparently temporal) anomaly. Oh, yeah. The Enemy? Suffice it to say, this Enemy numbered in the millions (if I remember right), possessed massively powerful weapons, including three floating, pyramidal "tanks" a mile long on each side and... aaand did I mention this RP was "godmodded" by its GM? Every "battle" the Enemy regenerated, our characters, given no chance to ever rest.

    No chance to survive, actually.

    Shame... if not for that, and even despite that, up till the moment we all realized our characters were, for all intents and purposes, dead... well, I have to say, we really had a good thing going. I even had my characters, an alien couple, "adopt" another character after an "incident" that happened during a very small moment where our characters were not under attack. My characters, the male of the pair injured, barely had time for a shower afterwards, and no time to eat, sleep or regain their strength before that "final" attack none of our group's characters could repel.

    So... no choice but to quit. Insane only because the GM himself godmodded and ruined his own roleplay by making it quite clear he intended to kill us all. A handful of exhausted, hungry, injured "warriors" against an Unstoppable Hoard. With half a world yet to cross.