Morning Routine!

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  1. What do you do have to do every morning, no matter what? Aside from the brushing teeth/shower part. :P

    I HAVE to have some of makeup on my eyes mascara or liner or shadow! XD
  2. I wake up for school, go downstairs, once I get there I feel I really need my cereal. I proceed to the bus stop where I am met by friends who conveniently have a convertible. After mulling over my choices of cornholing a stick shifter in the front, or sitting comfortably in the back, I'll eventually decide to sit in the back with a pair of stupid girls who are really just there in case I get into a side-on collision. After that it gets monotonous.
  3. Wake up.


    Go to the shower.

    Throw cat out of shower that always follows me in and close door quickly.




    Get dressed and get laptop from upstairs to shove into bag.

    Brush teeth/shave.

    Grab jacket and helmet.

    Go to Work.
  4. I loled

    I eat a banana, drink a cup of coffee and then exercise.
  5. Peter, I adore you.

    I just usually get up, brush my teefs and shower, get dressed and then it really depends on the day and what I'm doing! It usually involves heading to the subway.
  6. Wake up at 8 AM. Grunt at the alarm clock and go back to sleep. Wake up about 45 minutes later. Angrily get myself dressed. Get some coffee and creamer into my thermos. Turn coffee maker off. Fish out my keys, while grumbling swear words to myself. Walk out the door. Lock the door. Walk to the bus stop. Pretend to be happy to see the strangers at the bus stop. Board the bus. Pretend to be texting people on my phone so no one bothers me. Get off the bus when it stops at the post office. Walk to the office I work at. When my boss asks how I'm doing, I lie by saying "I'm doing well." and make the most fake smile ever. Work until 12:30.

    Yep, that's pretty much it. If you couldn't tell, I hate mornings. :3
  7. **********

    No - but honestly. The one thing I have to do every morning right as I open my eyes is either A - turn on the tv for the noise to prevent from falling back asleep or B - put the MP3 player on to prevent me from falling back asleep. Than - I have to check my cell phone for missed texts from friends who have different days off than I who force me to mute my phone so I can ignore there random calls. Than - I must eat, something, within range to shrug off the grogginess from my medication. After that - depending on if I work or not its game and eventually get dressed or get dressed and ready to work and game.
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  9. Wake up

    Morning PT




  10. Wake up.

    Push snooze for 30 min

    Actually get up



    Grab food to go

  11. Precisely, friend.
  12. lol! IDK what thats from but it is hilarious! XD
  13. Alarm clock. 6am if I have folk I wanna talk to/MMO to play, 7am if I need a shower, 8am if I showered the last night and just need a decent wash.
    Dressed. Fling on whatever's available, while complaining that there's nothing decent there. When it's wet and cold, wish it was warmer. I miss wearing skirts.
    Procrastinate on laptop.
    Eventually realise I need to leave or I'll be late. Pack up everything in a huge hurry. Normally forget something trivial.
    Run down stairs, nearly trip over a cat or dog on the way down. No time for breakfast normally.
    Out the door, usually forgetting my keys and having to ring the bell so I can run back in and get them, then hurry down to the train station.

    ...yeah. I think I need to start doing my mornings better.
  14. 1. Wake up
    2. Stare at the wall for 10 minutes while my brain boots up
    3. Grab something caffeinated and drink until my eyes can stay open by themselves.
    4. Brush my teeth & shower.
    5. Get dressed.
    6. Depending on how much time I have until I have to go I either eat or fire up my PC to check my usual news sites.
    7. Get in my car.
    8. Pray I don't hit anybody that day. Coincidentally, I also pray that anybody who hits me kills me on impact, lest I climb out of the wreck of my car and jam the windshield wipers up their ass.
    9. Start up my car and go to work.
    10. Drink caffeine until my eyes can hold themselves open while en route.
  15. 1. wake up at 5 for on location days, 6 for shop days.
    2. Watch a porn
    3. get dressed.
    4. eat breakfast.
    5 go to work by 6 or 7 depending.
  16. Hey - I'm not the only person in the world that likes a little wake up porn.