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  1. When creating a town, something detailed and localized, it is often difficult to make certain you’ve covered all the necessities. And while some things go without saying, the more detail you put in, the more people are going to be able to move easily around the town. If you are only going to use the town as a backdrop to a central location such as a single district or building, you don’t need to worry about too many exact details, but if the RP or novel you intend to create occurs all over town, you want to be as complete as possible.

    Information for a town tends to fall under three categories:

    Essential: You must have this, even if you are just playing in a single locale within the town.
    Necessary: This is important if you are going to be playing throughout the town.
    Fluff: Not really necessary but it does lend flavor to the town when you are going to be playing there long term. Thing of it like the flavor text on a collectible card.

    The Essentials
    The following are things to consider, no matter how you are going to utilize your town.

    Leader- Who leads the town? Okay, now who really runs things? You may be in the seat of the kingdom but you better believe there is a magistrate running the town’s daily workings.
    Political system- Have a good idea of the basic political system. Is it a monarchy? Parliament? Theocracy? Democracy? Part of something larger?
    Advancement levels- How advanced is your town in tech and ideology compared to the rest of the world?
    Cultural Composite- Who lives there? By this, I mean what races and species call the place home? Of these, how many are treated fairly and who are treated as second class?
    Town Alignment- You don’t have to go by traditional D&D alignment, but it is important to know how much law to expect in a town.
    Town size- How big is your town? Now, how big is it compared to other towns in the region?

    The following flesh out a town that will be widely played in.

    High ranking NPCs- Who are the other powers in town? Cultural and religious leaders, ranking military officials, leaders of the black market?
    Waste management- How is bodily waste handled? Is there indoor plumbing? Open sewers? Matter reclamation units?
    Town safety- How is the town protected, both by structure and body?
    Town vulnerability- What vulnerabilities can be exploited in the structure of the town for invasion or disruption?
    Major draw- Why do people come do your town? Religion? Trade? Talent?
    Major aversion- What makes people stay away and what kind of people avoid your town?
    Layout- What districts and major buildings are where? If you can, draw a map. If you can’t, just write it out.

    The following are bits of flavor to make the town more alive and interesting.

    Major festivals- what holidays and festivals are celebrated and how?
    Imports and exports- What does your town have to offer? What does it want to get?
    Status symbols- Carriages, mini faerie cats, sunglasses. What do the rich have that shows they are rich?
    Industries- What industries power your town? Is it a manufacturing megapower or a harlot town?
    Legendary figures and monuments- What people and events are important in town heritage? How are they preserved in the hearts of the people?
    Timeline- If you really want to get into it, make a timeline for the history of your town.

    These are just some of the essentials, necessities, and fluffy bits you will need for your town. Can you think of any others? What category do they fall under?
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